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“I bur!ed my son early because tradition demands it, I still want a DNA test to be conducted on Liam because I suspect foul play from Wunmi’s end” – Mohbad’s Dad reveals in a recent interview (VIDEO)

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The father of late Nigerian singer Mohbad has in a recent interview with Arise News shared why he buried his son early.

Joseph Aloba who is fixated on getting justice for his son who died under unknown circumstances said it’s his tradition to bury the deceased early.
Recall that Mohbad’s dad had hurriedly buried the singer after he was pronounced dead which was suspicious to many.

To clear his name, the singer’s dad revealed his reason for taking such a decision, adding why he is insisting on a DNA test to be conducted on Liam.
He also added that apart from the fact that tradition demands that his son be buried quickly he had intentions to keep him in a morgue but couldn’t because he didn’t have the required documents to put him in there.
When asked about the brawl going on between him, Mohbad’s wife, and Mohbad’s mum he shared that he suspected foul play with Wunmi after she mentioned the placenta incident during the coroner’s inquest but dismissed the question about his ex-wife.
It was also reported that Wunmi had mentioned during the coroner’s inquest that Mohbad’s dad changed towards her after she and the late Mohbad refused to hand over Liam’s placenta to him.
In his defense, he said;
“Thank God for the coroner a lot of things have been hidden, I didn’t know anything but when we started narrating our side of the story at the
coroner that is where I heard from the wife of the deceased saying the placenta wasn’t giving to me since then I have been quarreling with her and my mind was not there, but from there I detected that there’s something behind that. Maybe they gave the placenta to the right owner [sic].”
Watch the video below,