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“Come out with your full chest and sell your towtow” — Rapper, Dan Dizzy floors skitmaker Caramel Plug, others (video)

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Nigerian rapper, Dan Dizzy, has lambasted popular skit maker Caramel Plug and her female colleagues for their stance on submission.
During a recent episode of her new podcast show “Rants, Bants, Confessions”, Caramel had stated that a man must be ready to financially, emotionally, and physically provide for his woman before she can submit to him.
Dan Dizzy floors
She said women have different men who meet their various needs including money and sex, so for a woman to fully submit to one man, he must have checked all the boxes and met all the needs being met by other men.
Watch a short clip from the podcast below,

Her statement triggered a lot of people, and she was dragged to filth on Twitter, with many criticizing her thought process.
Dan Dizzy was also offended by her opinion and slammed her and other women who hold similar views on submission.
Dan Dizzy floors
He told them to boldly admit that they want transactional relationships, insinuating that they are into prostitution.
In a series of tweets, he wrote,
“After listening to all these podcasts I just feel some of these women need to come out with their full chest and sell towtow, so that we can identify the non sex workers easily, life is too short to be falling in love with an ash*wo.
One said “you want me to open my leg” as if the towtow has not been manhandled by 6 broke niggas and 2 semi rich niggas who still left or cheated after all the heavenly towtow.”
See below,