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“Can you be bold enough to name the slave master on the ballot?” – Comedian SeyiLaw tackles Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo over his post

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Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law, has dared popular clergyman, Kingsley Okonkwo, to name the ‘slave masters’ on the ballot papers.
This comes after the clergyman took to Twitter to share his sentiment about the general election that took place on Saturday, February 25.
SeyiLaw tackles
He had stated that he used to think that bad government was the problem of Nigeria, but bad citizens are the worst.
According to him, operatives of the Nigerian Police Force, INEC Officials, and people who voted for their own ‘slave masters’ are a big part of the problem.
SeyiLaw tackles
In a series of tweets, Pastor Kingsley wrote,
“I used to think Nigerias problem was bad government…..
With what happened yesterday, now I know, bad citizens is our problem
From police , to Inec officials , to thugs and to people voting their own slave masters.”
This didn’t sit well with Seyi Law, who is a staunch supporter of APC Presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
He then asked Pastor Kingsley to be bold enough to mention the name of the slave master on the ballot.
“Please can you be bold enough to name the slave master on the ballot. I want to check something,” Seyi Law responded.
See the exchange below,

A while back, Kingsley Okonkwo took to his Twitter handle to pose an intriguing query about infidelity in relationships and marriages.
Pastor Okonkwo, who is well known for his teachings on marriage and relationships pointed out that when cheating occurs, a number of factors should be taken into account, including whether the parties involved are married or just dating, whether the cheat in question was caught or confessed, and whether they are ready to change or are defensive.