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Brymo accuses Burna Boy of stɘaling his song and sending boys to bɘat him up

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Nigerian singer, Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ, popularly known as Brymo, has taken to social media to accuse Burna Boy of stealing his song and sending people to attack him.
The artist claims he has a song called Macabre that hadn’t been released and feels the African Giant stole it for his most recent hits, “City Boy” and “I told you.”

According to Brymo, Burna Boy’s song “Big 7” and Davido’s video featuring people wearing 7s are related to the assault that crossed him, thus they should feel bad about what they did.
Brymo referred to Burna Boy’s unauthorised use of his music as a crime, and he firmly feels that Burna Boy should be held accountable.

Additionally, he said that 2face Idibia, who gave him the precise number of assailants, could verify his story.
Sharing on his Instagram page, he wrote,
“By end of this year y’all will recollect that ‘Macabre’ wasn’t released when in the public, and as privately as it gets .: ‘city boy’.. and ‘I Told You’ were fed to Burna Boy..former of the track titles I mentioned above is there to point me to the fact that the latter, and his album title is the hook I sing on my album title track ‘Macabre’.. burna na really boy.. and that’s a crime .!! An actual crime…To do time for… and if una like make una resurrect legends to come complain about stolen songs … una go regret this shit to numerous degrees … shey una no dey hear word !!.”

Taking to the microblogging platform, X (formerly known as twitter), he wrote,
“@burnaboy e be like say you no know your job, and you go learn to never steal from me again.. and I don’t care how you got the ‘city boy’, and “I told you” titles .. you don fuck up.. and I no go forgive you, you must forgive yourself.. and I doubt you go fit!!.
2face tell me say the boys wey attack me na 7 boys… Burna get 7 for track title .:. And I don see Davido video with everybody wearing 7 in it … they are together .. and they have crossed me, and will forever regret it !!.”