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“Better leave now than cheat on him” – Daddy Freeze advices woman who said she doesn’t love her boyfriend who pays her bills

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Media personality, Daddy Freeze has advised a woman to end her relationship of three years after she disclosed that she doesn’t love her boyfriend.
The woman had taken to Twitter to seek advice after her boyfriend started discussing marriage with her.
According to her, she never loved him and only started a relationship with him because he has a good heart and pays her bills.
Daddy Freeze advices
She added that the man is not her ‘spec’ but she remained with him for three years because of his caring nature, however, she’s considering breaking up with him because she doesn’t love him enough to marry him.
Responding to the lady’s tweet, Daddy Freeze advised her to leave the man now rather than marry him and end up cheating on him.
He added that the relationship was doomed from the start, so she should walk away because it’s easier to end a relationship than a marriage.
The social media commentator wrote,
“Better leave now than cheat on him and make marriage H3LL for him and for yourself. You don’t need prayers here, you need action. Leave now, ending a relationship is less complicated than ending a marriage. This relationship is D00MED. 🙏”
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