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Actor, Enyinna Nwigwe Bewails The Effect Of UAE Visa Ban On Him

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Nollywood actor, Enyinna Nwigwe has lamented on how the recent UAE visa ban on Nigerians affected him, calling on the government to ‘sort it.’

The 40-year-old actor revealed in an interview that the visa ban affected and prevented him from attending the maiden edition of the META Film Fest which was held in Dubai.

According to the ‘Smash’ star actor, the ban took effect a day before he was supposed to travel, truncating his plans.

“It’s quite painful because right now as I speak to you, I’m supposed to be in Dubai for the META Film Festival, and just a day to flying, the ban happened.

“It’s quite disappointing and I’m hoping that the Nigerian government really gets in touch with its UAE counterpart to sort out whatever the problem is.”

The restriction also applies to twenty other African countries, including Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Guinea Bissau, Comoros, Uganda, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Cameroon, Liberia, Burundi, Republic of Guinea, Gambia, Togo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Congo, Senegal, and Benin.