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The silent thief Episode 4 – AdomTv

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The Silent Thief

In this episode four, Jessie tried to stop the car but later got away . Brylle heard the news and went to where Jessie was and she explained whatever happened. They reported it to the police while Jessie was blame for what happened by Brylle and later, his mom.

Amado went to the mall to buy some items but later run away because she got recognized by the store keeper who called the police. Brylle and Jessie heard about Amado so they went to the mall, also Reign has got to know about Ethan’s kidnap. That day a strange number called them but wasn’t talking so Brylle got angry, the following day he also called but wasn’t talking again so jessie hung up the phone. Brylle went to Amado’s house to see him but later heard that Amado is no longer available so Brylle payed the man for help.

Brylle and the inspector went to Amado’s friend for his missing but he tried to run so the inspector caught. Reign went to Jessie’s house comforting her of what happened , later the number called again and told Jessie he has sent a gift to Jessie’s house. When Jessie opened it,it was a kidney in the box. Reign told Jessie to go to the hospital and check whether it’s Ethan’s kidney, so they went.

The doctor told them it’s not Ethan’s kidney, so jessie thanked Reign and they went home. When Brylle came home he saw Reign’s car and asked but they said it’s for Madam Marie, when Reign saw Brylle he escaped him. Jessie showed him what the person sent them but Brylle told her nothing bad will happen to Ethan. Amado’s friend was released so he went to Amado’s house and told him to be careful.

Jessie tried to stop Reign from going home but she went, seeing a new post of gift card for her and Brylle.