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Cage of beauty AdomTv, Friday 28th October 2022 update

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Cage Of Beauty

Episode starts with Mayura telling Police Inspector that she didn’t drink bhang as she don’t like it. She says she don’t want to go to his house and refused him when he asked me to come. She says she has called records. Inspector asks Omkar if this is truth. Megha searches in Akhilesh’s phone and reads his message.

She thinks to find out. Inspector asks Omkar if this is truth. Mayura tells Omkar that if she wanted then she would have kidnap Tara when he left her alone in the car. She tells Inspector that Tara had escaped from home before too. Inspector asks Omkar if he wants police case to be filed. Guard comes there and says Tara had fainted. Mayura is about to run to her, but Omkar stops her and says I am not filing case against you, but you will not come near her.

Omkar tells Manjari that they will leave within an hour from this city. Megha tells Akhilesh that they have to leave as Sanjay has the meeting. Akhilesh sees Mayura coming home alone and asks Megha and Sanjay to go. They leave. Mayura comes inside and washes her face. She tells Dadi and others that Omkar has won like always. She cries for Tara.

Tara is unwell. Manjari says they shall leave now itself. Shankar says if anything happens to her. Doctor says the girl is missing Nayan Nurse and asks him to call her. doctor says you will be responsible if something happens to her and goes. Manjari says I had talked to the Gurumaa and she told that there is good mahurat in 10 mins. Mayura calls Doctor Khanna from Akhilesh’s phone. The other doctor picks the call and tells that Omkar doesn’t want to see your face and is taking Tara out of the city. Mayura cries and says she will plead infront of Omkar to leave Tara and prays to God. Omkar steps out of the room, tells Manjari that he was wrong, they can’t go until Doctor permits them. Tara takes Nayan Nurse’s name in unconscious state. Omkar calls Doctor and says Tara has fever. Doctor suggests him to bring Nayan back to Tara. Omkar is leaving from the house and tells Manjari that he is going to call Nayan Nurse. Manjari says she will call Gurumaa and he will do havan. Omkar says no. Shankar convinces Omkar to call the nurse. Manjari says driver knows her address. Shankar calls Akhilesh. Akhilesh gives call to Mayura. Shankar informs her that Omkar went to Nisha’s house to bring Nayan. Mayura says she has to go now itself. Megha comes there and hugs Mayura. Mayura says she came for a short time and shall return soon. She says she will talk to her later and goes. Omkar comes to Nisha’s house and finds it locked. Mayura comes there as Nayan and asks if he came to spy on her. Omkar asks her to come with him as Tara is unwell. Mayura says she can’t come. Omkar holds her hand.

Megha asks everyone if they are hiding something. They say no. Omkar tries to convince Mayura and asks if she don’t have a heart. Mayura says don’t talk about it, if you had it then you wouldn’t have caged Tara in the golden cage. She says she has some conditions to work in his house. Omkar refuses to accept. Just then he gets a message that Tara is not eating food. Mayura hopes he hires her again.

Manjari asking Tara to drink juice. Tara refuses. Shankar says your Papa must be coming, drink juice. Tara is about to drink juice, when she sees Omkar coming there. Tara asks Papa, if friend’s nurse didn’t come. Omkar signs her towards Nayan/Mayura. Mayura brings gifts and balloons for her. Tara gets happy and hugs her. Mayura says your Pari Maa sent these gifts. She asks her to have food and says if you don’t have food, then how will we go out for outing. Manjari asks what are you saying? Tara is unwell. Mayura says not now, after Tara gets fine. Omkar recalls Mayura asking him not to interfere when she is handling Tara and his family members shall not stop her from doing anything. Omkar agrees. Fb ends. Omkar tells Manjari that everything will happen as Ms. Nayan says. He asks Tara where she wants to go. Tara says she wants to go to park. Omkar says we will go tomorrow. Mayura asks Omkar to send Tara’s food to room. Manjari says she don’t trust Nayan. Omkar says we will go after a week, once Tara gets fine. Mayura talks to Shankar and tells that she has just one week’s time. Manjari talks to the security guards. She says just like Vasudev ji saved Krishna ji, she will save Tara too. Omkar comes to Tara and hugs her. He says we will go out today. Mayura thanks him for thinking about Tara’s betterment. He brings her to the hall and make her see the Park set up in the hall.

Mayura says what is it, why Park is set up here. Omkar says Doctor said that Tara can’t go out so he brought park here. Tara kisses on his cheeks and plays in the park set up. Pinjara song plays….Tara gets candy floss from a set up candy floss’s shop. Manjari tells Shankar that Tara is very happy. Shankar tells that when she runs in the real park then she will be happy. Servant informs Manjari that Tara’s medicine bottle broke. Manjari scolds her and goes to the hospital to bring it. She sees Megha there, enquiring about Mayura. She comes to know that Mayura is not in the house. She thinks if Mayura has sent Nayan here. Omkar asks Tara what she will do after playing in the park. Tara says she is getting sleep. Mayura says she shall study now. Omkar says she is my daughter and not yours. Manjari comes there and tells Omkar that Mayura is not in her house and Megha was searching her. Omkar says my men enquired about her and told that her mental condition is not good. He thinks to find out. Shankar hears them.

Mayura teaches shapes to Tara in an unique way. Omkar comes there and says I asked you to make her sleep. Mayura says this is also needed for overall growth. Tara says she has learnt all the shapes. Megha comes to Akhilesh’s house and asks where is Mayura, she is not in the hospital. Omkar looks at Mayura’s pic and recalls their moments. He tells Manjari that he will show Mayura’s pic to Tara and if she identifies her as pari maa then…Akhilesh tells Megha that Mayura is in specialized hospital. Megha insists to get the number. Omkar comes to Tara and tells that he will tell her story. He shows her Mayura’s pic and asks if she is your Pari Maa. Tara says no. Mayura comes there and gets tensed. Omkar asks again. Tara says no, recalls Shankar asking her not to identity the pic. Tara asks who is this beautiful lady.

Omkar says may be she is someone else’s pari maa and we got this pic mistakenly. He thinks Mayura might not be Tara’s Pari Maa, but I have to find out about her.