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Growing Up Was Difficult, I Suffered So Much To Survive – Popular Actress Shares Past Experience

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Growing Up Was Difficult I Suffered So Much To Survive
Popular Yoruba actress, Kemi Korede has recounted how she struggled as a child.
While sharing a childhood photo of herself via her Instagram page, the actress revealed that life was difficult before she achieved fame.
According to her, she hawked pounded yam, kerosene, raw yam, and many other things to make ends meet.
Kemi said she was determined to be great in order to take good care of her parents and she is grateful about how far she has come in life.
She also encouraged her fans and followers to strive hard to make it and not give up.
She wrote: “When I came across this song on TikTok. I had a flashback of my past when things were so hard. I remember when I was hawking pounded yam, kerosene, raw yam, or anything that comes out at that season.
“Growing up was so difficult. I suffered so much to make a way for myself. I never imagined I could come this far…
“But I was determined that I have to be great to take care of my parent. Here I am today, Alhamdulilah Wa Shukran.
“Pls, you all striving so hard to make it, pls don’t give up on yourself… Keep praying… God will say Yes to your prayers very soon…
“Everyone that come across this video and those that did not. God will say yes to your hustle very very soon Insha Allah. Thank you, Lord”.