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Leiah Breanna Chapman Biography, Age, Parents, Net worth

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Leiah Breanna is the child of a popular American bounty hunter and bail bondsman, Leland Blane Chapman. As you probably already know, her father is one of the stars of a reality TV program known as Dog the Bounty Hunter.
But what’s there to know about his 12-year-old daughter, Leiah? In this article, I’ll discuss everything there is I could dig up about the celebrity’s daughter. So, grab some popcorn and read along. But before then, here’s a brief profile summary of young Leiah.

Profile Summary
NameLeiah Breanna ChapmanDate of Birth5th September 2010Age12 yearsNationalityAmericanPlace of birthHonolulu, U.S.A.ParentsLeland Chapman and Lynette YiSiblingsDakota Chapman and Cobie ChapmanNet worthUnknown
Leiah Breanna Biography
Leiah Breanna Chapman was born on 5th September 2010. She was born in Honolulu, United States of America, to Leland Chapman (father) and Lynette Yi (mother). Before her birth, her father already had two sons from his ex-wife Maui. Leiah’s parents were only dating when Leiah was born.

Leiah Breanna Chapman and her father Leland ChapmanLeiah Breanna Chapman and her father Leland Chapman
Leiah is currently unmarried, so the only known members of her family are her immediate nuclear family. Her nuclear family consists of her mother, father, and two brothers. Her father is the popular Leland Chapman while her mother is Lynette Yi. Her brothers are Dakota Chapman and Cobie Chapman. Her paternal grandparents are La Fonda Sue Darnall and Duane Chapman.
Despite being the child of a popular father, Leiah is yet to reach the spotlight. Moreover, her parents have decided to reveal only scanty information about her to the public and such information also includes educational. So, nothing is known about schools the 12year old has ever attended or is currently attending. Let’s hope more on that unfolds in the future.
Career and professional life
Leiah Chapman is still yet to attain significant education as of yet. As such, she isn’t known to have ventured into any career or profession at the moment. More so, nothing is known about what career path she has chosen to pursue later in the future. However, it is known that Leiah is a good Tahitian dancer.
Leiah doesn’t have a profession or career at the moment. Therefore, it isn’t possible to estimate her net worth for her. However, her father has a net worth of about $2.08 million.
Leiah Breanna Chapman’s father
Her father is the famous Leland Chapman who was born in Groom, Texas, U.S. He was born on 14th December 1976 and is currently of age. He is a bail bondsman and also a star of the popular A&E Network reality TV program, Dog the Bounty Hunter.
He also starred in the TV documentary, Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. The TV personality has been active since 2004 and is still fully in the entertainment industry. He’s 5 ft 5 inches (165cm) tall. Aside from Leiah, he has two other sons, Dakota and Cobie Chapman.
He married Maui Chapman in 1995, but later got divorced in 2005. He later got married to Jamie Pilar Chapman eleven years later, in 2016. Chapman trained in mixed martial art and boxing when he was age 17. He graduated from high school a year later when he was 18. His early years were spent in Pampa, Texas. He later moved to Colorado as an early teen.
He operates his bail bond company, known as Kama’aina Bail Bonds in Hawaiian islands. He’s also in charge of his father’s bail bonds business known as Da Kine Bail Bonds in Oahu. In 2013, he was on a TV show, Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.
Leiah’s Mother, Lynette Yi
Lynette Yi was born in Hawaii, U.S.A. She was born in 1976 and is 47 years old. She met with Leland Chapman at a show before they started dating later on. At the time of Leiah’s birth, they were not officially married.
However, Lynette later got married to Jason Ridge in a ceremony where Leiah was the maid of honor. Leiah maintains a cordial relationship with her mom as well as her dad. Lynette Yi works as a Business Development Manager at Allied Universal according to her LinkedIn.
Leiah is a celebrity child that is yet to gain grounds of her own. Regardless, she’s a promising kid who has already wowed us with some fine Tahitian dance moves. She appears to hold a lot more potential, making her worth looking out for. Remember to visit our page as we’ll make sure to update the information we have here if something new comes up.