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Viral Scandal on MaxTv Episode 6

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TV series

Viral Scandal episode 6, Today’s Episode starts with Nico and Bea getting angry at the fact that Jigs is in their school. Nicole tries to go confront jigs but Bea stops him and they leave.

Rica tries to learn but she is not able to concentrate. She gets flashbacks of what jigs did to her and how Bea is telling her to go public.
While Bea was leaving her friend sends her a video of jigs lying again. She gets angry and go confront Jigs to stop with his lies because he actually raped her sister. Jigs didn’t answer and leaves into his car. Some of students videos and sends the video. She also goes viral.

Rica finds out that Kakay wont go back to Dubai and she asks if its her but she explains everything to her and now they can just save up lot.
Raven gets to see the video of Jigs being accused by Bea for raping Rica.
Kakay gets a video done for her product.
Raven gets to eavesdrop on Troy telling his investigator to allow the video of Jigs and Bea to go viral. Bobby remands Jigs for being so stubborn again and for going to the university without his permission and jigs gets angry that he has to report his every move to him. He tries beating him up for talking back at him but Audrey stops him and tells him that she is confident that their case was not going to take off.

Bea gets remanded for throwing tantrums at the counsellor but she says that she couldn’t help it because he was smiling as if he was a Saint. Bea tells her how difficult it is to always have to hear people talk behind her back. She tells her that she had always been looking up to her and that she expects more from her and nothing much.

Rica thinks about what Bea said and she doesn’t seem to be herself.she cries thinking about all that was being said to get her to be herself. She remembers again how she was saved by a guy. The guy telling her to fight as she runs off from him.

The next day at the Ramonses, they talk about how everyone I’d talking about them and there they think of what has happened. Raven tries to talk back at the website for saying bad things at their family and Troy tells her not too. He explains how they should always to protect their family and there he warns jigs not to bring Raven into it.

Attorney tells the sicats that its possible that they might use a secret of theirs to make their case worse and there she asks if they are hiding something but she Kakay denied that there was no secret and there was a huge silence.

Raven asks jigs if its true that he raped Rica and he says that what if its true and she slaps him and he denies afterwards.
Raven goes to his his fathers office and it happens that Audrey sent her there and she goes to read what’s going on.

Kakay gets bashed online and she loses her temperature. It seems a that there is a secret indeed and she gets so sad. There she goes go see the attorney to tell her about what happened and by an accident she says 17 and there she recalls all the conversations she has overheard earlier and asks if she is connected to Troy because he is the only one who knows . Raven makes a video and disclaims all the accusations of Bea to the media.

After kakay runs off, the attorney tells her to wait but she runs off and that’s where we end guys. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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