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Untangled on zeeone, Tuesday 11th October 2022 update

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Untangled ZeeOne

Diya thinks to meet Karan and tell him about the bribe thing. Mounika comes there and says what are you doing here? Diya says badminton is my passion but I know you win this sport with money so you don’t need talent. Mounika says I will throw out of here. Diya says turn your volume down. You might have thrown me out of Jamshedpur but it was not the end.

You just pray that I don’t meet you again in the court as then you will be famous for losing badly to me. Mounika thinks Karan is on my side so I won’t her stay in this academy.

In the auditorium, a government official Shankar Khurrana enters the stage with Karan Mathru. Arjun glares at him. They light the candle to start the new tournament.
Diya tries to go inside the auditorium but the guard says you can’t enter without entry pass. Diya thinks she will wait for Karan here.
Shankar Khurrana gives a speech and says we want badminton players to be chosen from this academy only. We have decided to give funds to this academy. Karan will tell us how he can improve this academy with this funding. Karan starts his speech and says we have a platform to talent. Arjun says there is no proof of that. Karan says we will focus on women badminton this year. We will choose 5 girls to play on zonal and national level. I am happy to announce that we have got 1.5 crore this year. Arjun asks what about the 1 crore you got last year? How do you choose player? in the last 4 years, none of you players went to the national level so it means the players are not getting trained. If they are not getting trained then where is the money going? Karan glares at him.
Diya sees security head worriedly going inside the auditorium. Diya looks on.

The other reporters start questioning Karan also. They all lask where is money going? Karan is angry hearing all that. Diya enters the auditorium. Shankar Khurrana says we will share the players list with you all. The reporter asks what about the money trail? You people don’t give out statements to there is corruption going on. Arjun gets up from his chair and says I will tell you all. Diya recalls meeting him earlier. Arjun says this great Karan Mathur is silent but I will answer him. The players are bought here. Diya recalls how the managers asked for bribe. Arjun says only players with high-profile background get selected. They give bribes to Karan so they can get certificates from the academy. He asks Karan to speak up. Karan whispers his security to throw him out.

Amitabh is leaving the house but his daughter Niharika stops him and says Arjun has created a scene at the academy. Amitabh shouts why did he go to the academy? Khurrana will be angry.

Arjun asks Karan to speak up. Karan says a banned player is questioning me now? Karan says don’t listen to this guy, he was banned because of drugs abuse. You all followed his case. Karan asks Arjun how could you enter here? You are a banned player. Diya thinks so he is a badminton player? Karan asks his security to throw him out and teach him a lesson. All security team grab Arjun. Arjun screams that I will come back to show your reality. The security beats Arjun and try to drag him. Arjun falls in Diya’s feet. Diya stands in front of him and tells the security to not hit him. She sadly looks at Arjun.

Karan tells his security to beat him up. Diya protects Arjun and doesn’t let them beat him. Karan leaves from there. Arjun shouts that he will be back soon.

The reporters are talking about Arjun Agarwal blaming Karan for a fraud. Mohan comes to a restaurant. The TV is showing Arjun getting beaten up by the police. Mohan doesn’t see Diya on the TV as he is busy worrying about the job.

Arjun is taken out of the academy by Diya and a staff Raju. He says I am fine. Diya says keep walking, you are bleeding. Arjun says you are following me? Diya says I saved you today. Raju tells him that you shouldn’t have come here, this girl saved you otherwise Karan would have insulted you badly. Arjun laughs and says Karan was speechless when I asked about the money fraud. He says my dream was to play for my country, to get a medal in Olympics but Karan destroyed my career. I am doing the right thing, he took my love badminton away from me. Diya says you used to play badminton also? Arjun says I told you to not play this game, stay away from badminton. He leaves. Raju asks Diya to talk to him, maybe he will listen to her.

Amitabh and the family watches Arjun’s scuffle with Karan’s security and how he created a scene there. Madhuri cries and says they are beating my son. Deepika sees the girl and says I saw her somewhere. Who is this girl? Dadi recalls how Diya saved her. She says this girl brought me home that day. Deepika says yes, she helped you that day. She knows Arjun? Dadi says if she knew Arjun then she would have told us that day. Niharika says then what is she doing with him? They look close on TV. Amitabh says what does this Arjun want from us? He has insulted us all. Niharika says I am feeling sorry for Tina. Amitabh says this guy has shamed me so much, he leaves. Madhuri cries and says where is my Arjun, they beat him so much.. what if Arjun went to the academy because of that girl? He was silent for 5 years so suddenly why is he reacting like that? Is my son going back to badminton because of this girl?

Arjun is limping back to his car but Diya comes there and asks where are you going? Arjun says you question a lot. Diya asks him to stop it, I have to clean your wounds as your mother won’t like to see you like this. She gets a first-aid box from his car and says they beat you so much. You helped me twice so I can’t leave you alone.

Karan is angry and tells his father in law Shankar Kkhurrana that we should have gotten him arrested. Why do you stop me every sing time? Shankar asks him to calm down, media will forget all this soon. If anyone asks you about corruption then just say everything is a lie. Don’t forget that he is Amitabh’s son so we can’t get him arrested. We will take our revenge. Amitabh arrives there and asks how are you Karan? Karan glares at him.

Tina looks at the news and thinks who is this girl with Arjun? She seems like she knows him from before. Niharika calls her and asks if she saw the news? A girl was showing so much right on Arjun, he never told us. Do you know her? Tina says no. Niharika taunts that I was excited for your marriage but this Arjun is messing everything up, you still have time to trap Arjun. Tina says he is mine, we will get married but I want to know who is this girl? Niharika says this girl came to our house as Dadi got ill so she helped her. Tina ends the call and says what connection does this girl have with Arjun?

Diya tells Arjun that I saw how you helped my father that day so I have to help you now. Arjun says you are not a Rambo with the way you stood up to the security. Diya says I am fine. Arjun says do it fast. Diya cleans his wound and says I don’t want to talk to you also. I wanted to meet Karan Mathur. Arjun winces in pain so Diya says sorry and blows on his wound. They both are close. Arjun stares at her. Diya gets shy and moves away from him. She says your wound is clean now. Arjun starts leaving but Diya asks if he threw the shoe at Karan? Arjun says that’s just a start, I will destroy Karan’s empire because he is a liar and a cheat. Diya looks on.

Arjun tells Diya that you are a fan of Karan Mathur so don’t waste your time here. Just go to him. I don’t think you can give 10-12 lacs in bribe so why do you want to meet him? Diya says for a job. Arjun says so he is taking bribe for jobs also? Diya says you forgot that I am a winner of that sports event and I want to get a job on the basis of my talent. Arjun taunts there is no worth of talent. I am telling you there is nothing in this game. You will only get hurt. Diya says do you hate the sport or Karan? You don’t hate badminton, you love it that’s why it pains you to be away from all this.

Amitabh tells Shankar and Karan that I didn’t know Arjun would be here today. Karan says he is crazy and should be sent to a mental asylum. Amitabh says don’t take stress about him, nobody would believe him. I was coming to meet Shankar for the incident. Shankar says Karan is my son in law and I can’t get him insulted like this. I can stop your business with a single phone call. You won’t get that project if this goes on.

Diya tells Arjun that I wanted to win the Jamshedpur contest for my father but we lost everything, even our house. Still I trust that this game will give me another chance. So maybe badminton will give another chance to you also?

Amitabh tells Karan and Shankar that I promise to get Arjun married in a month and send him to London. Shankar says fine, then I will approve your project after a month only. Amitabh says there is a lot of investment so please don’t delay it. Shankar says fine, I am giving you a last chance. Amitabh says I will send Arjun far away from here.

Arjun asks Diya to go and try her luck, talk to Karan about the job. Diya says if Mounika can get a place here then why not me? I will get a job for sure here. Arjun says you look educated so find a good decent job somewhere. This game won’t give you anymore, you need to be a poison to survive in this poisonous world. There is an end to every chapter so just accept that badminton is not for you. Arjun sits in his car and drives away. Diya realizes that she forgot her bag in his car.

Arjun is driving and finds Diya bag in his car. He opens it to find her ID. He says it’s her old address so how will I find her? That girl is a trouble.

Scene 2
Shobha meets Diya and says we are late, let’s go home. Diya says I forgot my car in Arjun’s car. Shobha says just tell the family that you lost your bag. Diya says Maa will be worried. Shobha says why do you keep helping strangers? It’s good that you have your phone. Diya searches Arjun’s incident video in which he screamed to the media that he didn’t take any drugs, how media insulted and threw blank ink on his face. Diya tells Shobha that I feel like I should trust this guy, he is not wrong, he was wrongly blamed for drugs, I can see his love for badminton. I can see truth in his eyes.

Madhuri is worried for Arjun. Deepika asks her to calm down. Madhuri asks where is Khush? Niharika says he went to get Arjun from the academy. Arjun does all this all the time. Madhuri says don’t say that. Niharika says everyone must be thinking what relationship that girl (Diya) has with Arjun. Tina comes there and says they have no relationship.

Sadna meets Mohan. Diya comes home. Sadna says the groom’s family likes Diya. She should stay home more. Meera says yes, she just went to the market. Diya sees her video on the TV and thinks Baba shouldn’t see this clip. Mohan asks Sadna to finalize Diya’s wedding. Diya takes the remote and changes the channel.

Tina tells Madhuri that Arjun can’t have another girl in his life but me. I don’t think they know each other very well. Deepika says that girl came to the house and it didn’t seem like she knew Arjun.

Dadi says I felt she is a genuine girl and she wouldn’t hide it. Niharika says girls like her are smart. She told me that she lives in Kolkata, she told me her address.

Arjun comes there and says you all are talking about the girl that I was with in the academy? thank you Dadi, I was looking for her address to give back her item. Tina is jealous.