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Untangled on zeeone, Friday 16th December 2022 update

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TV series

Untangled on zeeone Friday 16th December 2022 update, Diya gives instructions to Arjun on how to deal with Niharika. Diya gives him fake papers and asks him to leave. She asks him to not be nervous, all the best. Madhuri blesses him, he leaves. Diya says Niharika and Love are in trouble now.

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Niharika and Khush arrive at the site. Khush looks around for Arjun. Niharika says that broker is not here. Arjun arrives there and says looking for me? I am the broker. Khush says we are here for the property. Arjun says I have heard this woman snatched wealth from her family? Good game. Niharika asks him to shut up. Arjun shows her the property and says we are selling it at a very low price. Niharika asks him to show property papers. Arjun looks at the file and doesn’t find papers inside.

Diya finds property papers in the house and says Arjun should have taken them with him. What will he do now?

Niharika asks Arjun to show papers. Arjun says we can’t show you papers before you take interest in the property. Niharika says I need to check the papers first. Arjun says if you don’t trust me then don’t buy it. He says I will show you the papers next time. Niharika says if I find anything fishy then I will get your license canceled. Khush and Niharika leave. Arjun calls Diya and says why didn’t you give me papers? Diya says I forgot them, what did you do? Arjun says I told her I will show them to her next time. Diya says okay.

Scene 2
A spy tells Love that Niharika and Khush went to meet a man, I couldn’t hear them but that man was showing a property to them. Love says okay and thinks they went to buy a property? They are trying to double-cross me.

Arjun tells Diya that we have to show these papers to Niharika, she will show it to her lawyer so how will these be approved? Diya says she will show it to our family lawyer. Arjun says he won’t help us as Niharika and Love are the business owners. Diya says that the lawyer’s assistant Tarun will help us, he usually vets these papers. Deepika says I know him so we can talk to him, he is a good boy. Arjun says why would he lie for us? Diya says to make truth win. Arjun says I don’t think it will work. Diya says we are not fooling anyone, I will convince Tarun to be on our side. Arjun says okay, go ahead. Diya says we have to make Love part of this deal also, Khush has to convince Niharika so we will get their signatures on the papers we want.

Niharika comes back home. Love glares at her and says how was your meeting? I mean your lunch with Khush? Niharika says it went well. Love says did he gift a diamond necklace? She says yes and leaves. Love thinks I will find out about the property.

Diya comes to her room and sees Arjun sleeping peacefully. She smiles at him and sits beside him. Diya says he is sleeping so peacefully, nobody would think he can get angry easily. She caresses his face and smiles.

Diya lies down on the bed and looks at him. Arjun puts his hand on her shoulder in his sleep. Diya smiles and keeps staring at him. Manmarziyan plays. The bell rings, Arjun wakes up and says I will go and check. Diya says why would anyone come at this hour in the night.

Someone knocks at the door at night, Diya wakes up and is scared. Arjun says don’t worry. Deepika and others wake up too. Arjun goes to check on the door. There is a man outside and he is the one who was to marry Diya. The man says I thought to welcome you as we are neighbors.

Arjun asks him to leave. The man says I was dying to meet you. I heard about your family, how is Diya? Tell her that her lover is here. Arjun shouts at him to stay in his limits. the man says this is my society and we are on the same level. The man enters the house and asks where is my ex-fiance? Arjun says everyone is sleeping, I will come and meet you tomorrow.

The man says I want to meet Diya and ask her if she is happy with you. The man Ajit shouts Diya Agarwal where are you? Diya comes there and is shocked to see him. She says Ajit? The flashback shows how Arjun broke their marriage. How Arjun didn’t let him threaten Diya. The flashback ends. Ajit asks Diya how is she? you look the same as before marriage, your poverty didn’t leave you after all? I wanted to marry you after seeing how poor you were but you cheated me to marry this man?

See that man is also on the roads, you still have time and you can come back to me. Arjun asks Diya to go inside. Diya says no, I will answer him. Diya tells Ajit that I will tell you how I am. I am very happy as Arjun saved me from a monster like you. I don’t care about money but humanity which you don’t have. You are still a cheap goon and no girl will want to marry you, if you have some shame left then leave otherwise I can keep showing you your reality, get lost from here. Arjun pushes him and says leave.

Ajit tells Arjun that I won’t spare you. Arjun says don’t you remember how I beat you before? Ajit attacks him. Madhuri and Amitabh come there. Ajit says so he your poor father? Amitabh asks him to leave if he wants to live. Ajit says look at his arrogance.

Diya says I will call the police. Ajit says call them, I am standing here. I came here to talk but you all want to fight? Diya never valued my love. I was ready to accept her again. Arjun asks him to get lost. Ajit says I am respected in this society so talk with respect. Arjun slaps him and says you want more respect? Diya makes Ajit’s video and asks him to get lost. Ajit says I will remember this slap and I will take my revenge.

Madhuri asks him to leave. Deepika says don’t be scared, he can’t do much. Diya says I will take care of him, she takes a vase and asks him to get lost otherwise she will crack open his head. Ajit says just see what happens tomorrow.

Arjun says you are taking money from Karan or Khurrana? Ajit says just wait for me. He leaves. Madhuri says he is dangerous. Amitabh says he will come back soon. Diya says was he sent by Karan? Arjun looks on.

Diya and Arjun are going for practice. Madhuri says I will make tea. Arjun says we will go to a park. Amitabh says how will you play with your right hand? Arjun says I will play from my left hand. Madhuri says I am scared of Ajit, we should leave the city. Arjun says no, we have to fight them.

Karan gives money to Ajit and says it’s good that you threatened him. Ajit says I loved Diya but Arjun took her away so I am liking this job, I will make his life hell. He recalls Arjun insulting him at his wedding. Ajit says he insulted me and I will never forget that. I don’t care about money. Karan tells Kavita to focus on her game. She says don’t worry.

Amitabh tells Arjun that it will be your come back but you want to fight Love and Niharika also. Karan and Khurrana won’t make it easy for you. Power makes people cruel like I was. Arjun says I know we might not win but we have to focus on winning.

Niharika tells Khush to give the property papers to their lawyer. Khush says you will have to create a new company if you don’t want to involve Love in this deal. I think you should involve him otherwise he won’t let you do your business. Love comes there and says he is right. It’s a big property so you have to talk to me. Niharika is worried.

Amitabh gets to know about Arjun’s plan and says you need to talk to our lawyer. Diya says his assistant Tarun will help us, he takes care of everything. Arjun says we are near our destination.

Love tells Niharika that you wanted to make this deal alone? Niharika says I was just looking at the papers but I wanted to show you this after vetting it, I can never hide anything from you but how can you doubt me? Love says I am not doubting you. Tell me about the deal. Niharika says there is a property which can bring more money to us. Love says we need to meet the owner. Niharika says they live in London, you should check the papers first. Love says we just need to meet the owner first. It’s good that you met the broker. He thinks I know Niharika wanted to do this deal alone but I will not her do it. He tells her that you have done a good job but we will need money to buy it, we might have to get a loan from the market. I will manage it.

Arjun tells Diya that Love is part of the deal now. Diya says it’s good news. We just have to rely on Tarun now. I trust him.

Madhuri comes there so Arjunt tells her everything. He says we need your help this time. She says what? Arjun says you will have to pretend like the owner of the property. Madhuri says I might do a mistake. Diya says we will be with you. Madhuri nods. They hear loud music. Arjun says what is going on? He goes to check and sees Ajit dancing with society people. Diya says what is he doing?

Arjun says he wants to irritate us. Arjun says I won’t spare him. Diya stops him and says they will blame you so don’t go out. Madhuri says she is right. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.