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Unfortunate Love ZeeWorld, Wednesday 9th November 2022 update

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Unfortunate Love

Mr. Oberoi calling Lakshmi as bahu and asks her to take the shagun coin. He says only sasur gives coin in bahu’s hand always in our family. He asks Neelam if she likes Lakshmi and Rishi’s Jodi. Rano says 1 min and tells that there is a wrong number and tells that she talked about her daughter Neha’s alliance. Mr. Oberoi says how you thought about her and says I praised Lakshmi’s sanskar and values.

He says I didn’t even talk to Neha. Rano asks Neha to tell about her. Neha tells about her. Mr. Oberoi asks them to understand that Lakshmi has saved Rishi’s life and he has become hers. He says only Lakshmi will become bahu of my house.

Neha runs to room and cries. Rano asks did you take Lakshmi’s name? Mr. Oberoi says no and says even you haven’t taken Neha’s name. Rano says if he wants to get Neha married to Rishi then he is welcome, else leave from here. Neelam says enough and says if you know who is he? She says if we wanted then we would have called Police and asked him to bring you all home. She says if we wanted, we would have filed case against you for all the damages of our hotel.

She says Lakshmi has saved our son’s life and tells that they have come here with their wish and will leave with their wish. Preetam apologizes to Neelam on Rano’s behalf. Neelam asks them to decide if they want alliance or insult. Neha pushes Lakshmi and presses her face, hurting her in the room and asks her what she said to Mr. Oberoi, even after knowing that she loves him. Lakshmi cries. Rano comes there and asks Neha to go.

She tells that Rishi might be having affair with many girls and tells that she was about to cancel the alliance for Neha, they might have known and that’s why taking your name for alliance. She asks her to come out and refuse for marriage. Rano brings Lakshmi out and asks her to tell Mr. Oberoi what she said inside. Mr. Oberoi says it is good that it happened as we didn’t ask you and asks will you marry our son Rishi and become our bahu. Lakshmi thinks of Rano’s words and says I don’t know. Neelam asks her to think about it and answer them. Mr. Oberoi says you always think of other’ happiness first and tells that you might be hurt about whatever happened now.

He says you saw your father in me and I saw my bahu in you. He says if you agree then you will get your father, and I will get my bahu and Rishi will get a true life partner. He says I will ask Rishi to call you and meet you, then you shall take a decision. Neelam says nobody shall have any misunderstanding this time, Lakshmi will take a decision, either yes or no. Neha fumes. Preetam apologizes to Mr. Oberoi. Neelam and Mr. Oberoi leaves. Lakshmi looks at the coin in her hand and recalls meeting Rishi, Mr. Oberoi keeping hand on her head and his words. Babul ki sadaye leti jaa plays…..

Rano asks Neha to stop crying and have food. Neha says she wants Rishi and says that gawar will snatch my Rishi from me. Rano promises her that she will get Rishi. Rishi calls Shalu and says I am Rishi on call. Shalu asks Lakshmi to talk to Rishi. Rishi says hello, Lakshmi. Lakshmi says ji. Rishi thinks of Lakshmi saving him, and washing her face. He says your voice is….She asks what happened to my voice. He says it is sweet. Bani and Shalu asks God to make Rishi as their jiju and not let anyone come between them. Rishi says actually Dad asked me to call you and asks if she will come with him on date. She says date, and says I know today’s date. Rishi says I am talking about date, and tells that the guy and girl meet to know each other. Lakshmi says it is Mili and tells that when the guy and girl meet then someone else is with them.

He says he is talking about City’s date. He asks her not to worry and tells that he will not let anything happen to her. He says he will come to pick her and ends the call. Shalu and Bani ask if the talk is done. Lakshmi says yes. Rano asks Lakshmi not to go on date and tells that what happened last time with Balwinder. She says Rishi is not the right guy for her. Shalu says Rishi was good for Neha. Rano says Rishi was bad for Neha too, but the latter wants to marry rich guy and knows how to handle city’s guys. Shalu argues and says you have sent Lakshmi with Balwinder, who was bad. Rano sends her. She asks Lakshmi if she will go with Rishi. Lakshmi says Virender uncle is like my father. Rano thinks she shall threaten her against Rishi and tells that he will drink and will insult people. Neha asks her to call her if he misbehaves with her. Shalu thinks they are threatening her, she might refuse to go and comes inside, tells that Bani fell down. Lakshmi goes with Rano.

Lakshmi asks Shalu where is Bani? Shalu says Bani is playing outside. Lakshmi says Chachi is not wrong, that aunty has politely threatened us, to either agree or face humiliation. Bani comes there and tells that the groom came in a big car. Shalu asks Lakshmi to hear her heart and asks her to go and get ready. Rishi gets down from his car and calls Rano. Rano says Lakshmi is coming. Neha looks at him. Her friend tells that the villager sister snatched him. Neha says just tonight, tomorrow he will be mine.

Neha asks Lakshmi to run if she sees anything wrong. Rano says he called Lakshmi alone and asks her to go. She says if Lakshmi goes alone, then her hands and legs will shake up and she will return afraid.

Rishi is waiting for Lakshmi. Lakshmi comes out to his car. He says hi, my family is searching the girl for me, and Dad said that you have first right on me for saving my life, and that’s why I couldn’t refuse him and comes to meet me.

Rishi telling Lakshmi that they are meeting for the first time, like this, it is a new beginning, let us introduce ourselves. He says hi, I am Rishi Oberoi. Lakshmi says she is Lakshmi Bajwa. Rishi says it is really nice to see you, Lakshmi Bajwa. Lets go. Rano, Neha, Shalu Bani look at them. Lakshmi sits in the car. Rishi sits and drives off. Shalu sees Neha and Rano jealous. Preetam asks Rano why you didn’t call Rishi inside for tea and food. Rano says if he had come for Neha then would have asked, this is his insult.

Rishi comes to the hotel. He says the security check is happening. Lakshmi says you are owner. He says that’s why it is checked for our safety. They get inside the hotel. He asks if she speaks less or talking to him less. He gets a call and goes. Lakshmi sees a watchman and recalls he stopped her. Rishi comes back and asks if she is thinking about whatever happened with her, and says who had thought that we will meet here, on a date/mili. He says there is a restaurant of our hotel infront and asks her to come.

Neha says he might have taken her to hotel. Rano says I have scared her, just as he drinks, Lakshmi will call me. Neha asks Rano to take Virendra’s number and just as Lakshmi calls me, you call his father and tell that Lakshmi has cancelled the marriage.

Rishi and Lakshmi are going. Jai, his friend sees Rishi and says he has thrown party in your hotel. Rishi asks him to tell if he needs help. Jai asks him to join him for the party. Rishi refuses. Jai insists. Lakshmi nods her head. Jai asks Rishi to come. Rishi asks Lakshmi not to go anywhere and says I will come in 5 mins. Lakshmi sees the guys and girls dancing and gets shocked. Jai tells Rishi that even his enemy came to the party, Harshvardhan, and asks if he remembers about his girlfriend. Rishi says I will meet him. He goes to Harsh and greets him. He asks him to leave his anger. Harshvardhan’s girl friend Shanaya comes there and hugs Rishi. She says if she was made about him in college and asks him to say yes.

Other girl comes there and hugs him. Lakshmi gets shocked seeing his friends trying to make him drink. He gets the drink spill on his clothes. Shanaya says she has dryer. Rishi says he will come and comes to Lakshmi. He says he will dry his clothes and come. He says then we will leave from here. He goes with Shanaya. Harshvardhan comes to Lakshmi and asks her to take drink. Lakshmi refuses to drink. He asks if Rishi gave her a lift. Lakshmi says no. He says she doesn’t seem to be his girlfriend. Lakshmi says actually our family want us to meet for marriage. He says really and laughs. Lakshmi tries to go. Harshvardhan says Rishi took my new girlfriend too. He goes behind Lakshmi and pushes her in room. He says Rishi took my girlfriend so I will take his would be wife. He says I will not trouble you much and takes off her dupatta, and make it fall on the floor. Rishi comes back and asks Jai if he saw Lakshmi. Jai says she went with Harsh. Lakshmi shouts for help and throws things on Harsh. Harsh asks her to shout and says it will be fun. Rishi hears Lakshmi’s screams for help and comes there. He hears Lakshmi crying and asking Harsh to leave her. Harsh is about to kiss her, but just then Rishi comes there breaking the door and pushes Harsh, calling him a scoundrel. He apologizes to Lakshmi for leaving her alone. Lakshmi cries. He takes her dupatta and covers her. Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga plays….

Rishi says I am really very sorry, please forgive me. Harsh is about to hit Rishi. Lakshmi shouts asking him to turn. Rishi holds Harsh’s hand and then beats him asking how dare he to touch her. He takes him out beating him to the party. Harsh falls down. Lakshmi comes behind Rishi. Rishi beats Harsh asking how dare he to touch her? Other friends try to stop Rishi. Harsh says you went with my girlfriend so I went with yours. Rishi says I didn’t touch your girlfriend. He says there was nothing, you dirty man, she was helping me. His girlfriend tells Harsh that she was helping him. Harsh says she was looking at me, so I took her to room, to take my revenge. Rishi beats him and asks how dare he talk about her like that. He says she is different, she is Lakshmi, pure like her name and asks how dare you touch my would be wife. Lakshmi is touched to see Rishi calling her his would be wife. Song plays….Main Phir bhi tumko chahunga plays…Rishi’s friends try to stop him. Harsh says sorry. Rishi stops beating him and covers his jacket on Lakshmi. Lakshmi is very much touched with his gesture and recalls her father’s words that she shall get a life partner that will stand with her in thick and think. Fb ends.

Rishi apologizes to Lakshmi and asks her to come. They are in the restaurant. Rishi tells that Dad tells that they shall forget the thing disturbing us and shall enjoy the moment. Lakshmi says he says right. Rishi says we shall enjoy. Waiter Vikram brings food for them. Rishi takes the food tray from his hand and asks Vikram, why he didn’t go for a family trip when he gave him permission. Vikram says Manager Saheb said. Rishi asks him to go and says he will talk to Manager. Anupam comes there. Rishi asks how is your daughter Babita, as she was unwell. Anupam says you called the doctor, she is fine now. He says she is attending the online class using the phone given by her. He says Babita thanks me. Rishi says let her study and inform me whatever she wants. Lakshmi recalls Rano’s words that he will insult the servants. Rishi serves the food to Lakshmi and himself and asks Anupam, who is chef Amit? Anupam says yes. Rishi says it is seen using the food. Lakshmi thinks he is opposite of what Chachi said. She asks why did you order so much food, we are just two. He says you said right, you will not get impressed with this, we shall make right use of the food. He asks her to start. They start eating. He says your kajal is spreaded and asks Karuna to take her to washroom. Karuna takes Lakshmi to the washroom. Rishi asks Anupam to get the food parceled in small containers. Anupam says ok. Lakshmi goes to the washroom. She gets a call. Neha asks where is she? Lakshmi says we are in Rishi’s hotel and just have food. Neha asks if he misbehaved with her or touched her. Lakshmi says he is not like you have thought or Chachi had said.

She says he is different and I am trying to understand him. Neha gets angry and throws the mobile. Rano says I will not let Lakshmi get Rishi.

Lakshmi coming back to Rishi. Rishi asks her to come. They leave. He stops the car and gives the food containers to the poor people sitting on the road. He comes to Lakshmi and says he thought to make the right use of food, when you said that it was much for us. He asks if she wants to make the kids eat the food, if she don’t feel odd. She says no, tells that she used to feed the people in the langar. She takes the box and makes the little boys eat the food, talks to them while they are eating. Rishi looks at her smilingly. Balwinder is hiding somewhere. Neha comes there. Balwinder says he thought Police came and has to hide here. Neha says until you hide, Rishi will take your Lakshmi. She says he will become Lakshmi’s husband. Rishi asks Lakshmi to sit in car. He asks did you have vada pav. Lakshmi says what is it? I didn’t know. She says she is from Punjab and came just now. He asks her to come. Neha tells Balwinder that Lakshmi is enjoying with Rishi and went out with him. She says Rishi’s father has filed FIR against you and you are here. Balwinder says how can Rishi think of marrying her, she is my would my wife. Neha says marriage haven’t happened. She says Rishi will take away your Lakshmi and instigates him against Rishi and Lakshmi.

Rishi and Lakshmi sit to have vada pav. It is about to fall, but they hold it. They have it. Rishi tells that he likes Vada Pav very much. Lakshmi says she likes kulche etc. Rishi says he will try her favorite food next time. He says I have noticed that you talk less, and shake your head more. He says what you understood about me. Lakshmi says that you loves Vada Pav. Rishi asks her not to tell anyone, as his friends think that he eats food in his hotel. Lakshmi smiles. Neha tells Balwinder that Rishi must have taken her to honeymoon suite in his hotel and Lakshmi gets happy seeing the decoration etc and will be in his embrace. Balwinder couldn’t bear when she goes on saying about their closeness and slaps Neha. Neha asks him and go and beat Rishi for being with your wife (She calls Lakshmi as Balwinder’s wife). He asks where are they? She sends him location and asks him to go there. Rishi tells Lakshmi that now she came to know about his secret. Lakshmi smiles. Balwinder takes hockey stick with the intention to beat him. Rishi and Lakshmi are in the car. Lakshmi smiles thinking of Mr. Oberoi asking her to meet his son once. She smiles looking at him, thinks she thought he is gunda, but he is opposite of what she thought, all her anger and fear went. She thinks he is different and not bad like that Balwinder.

Neha comes back home and tells Rano that she had gone to Balwinder and told him everything about Rishi and Lakshmi. Rano asks what did you do?

Balwinder is already having case of murdering his wife. Neha says everyone is making fun of me, that illiterate Lakshmi has taken my Rishi from me.