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Unfortunate Love ZeeWorld, Monday 19th December 2022 update

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TV series

Unfortunate Love On Zee world Monday 19th December 2022 update, Rishi wakes up and sees Lakshmi blocking sunlight with her hand. He asks her what are you doing? She says, you were sleeping and sunlight was coming. She asks him to sleep. He asks, you will stay like that the whole time? She says, yes. He looks at her. She then says no. He says now I am awake. She asks if she should get coffee. He checks his phone and says he has many meetings, he will have to go to office. He wishes her happy new year and goes for shower. She smiles looking at her hand. She then remembers Malishka was also hurt and thinks to call her and ask how she is now.

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Malishka’s mother brings milkshake for her and asks if she was able to sleep. Her phone rings. She gets excited thinking it’s Rishi, but it’s Viraj. Hearing her voice, Viraj asks if she is still mad. She says, I am fine and thanks for calling. She hangs up. Viraj says, what did I do that she’s behaving like this with me? Typical Malishka. He calls her again. Lakshmi is also trying to call, but Malishka’s line is busy. Viraj asks Malishka if he did anything wrong and tells her that she danced well yesterday. He asks if she knows any event company as he needs to organize an event for his grandpa. She goes to her contact list to send event company’s number and sees Rishi’s name. She thinks he did not call her last night. She will have to block him now. Her mother asks why did you block him? She says because he has blocked me from his life. In past, he couldn’t resist without calling after our fight. He came here. Her mother asks what will you get by blocking him? She says I will get peace. I will think that I blocked him and not that he blocked me. There is no one to take care of me. Her mother says, Rishi is there. She says, Rishi is busy in taking care of Lakshmi. I have seen Rishi is very different with Lakshmi. How can I tell you that Rishi is changing, in fact, he has changed. I can see it clearly.

Rishi comes out of his shower and throws his towel on the bed. Lakshmi takes it and tells him that Neelam called him for breakfast. He is in rush. He sees Malishka’s bangle while checking his files and calls her, but can’t connect. He turns and bumps into Lakshmi who is taking clothes. He takes them from her and asks, can’t you rest? She says, I am fine. He holds her hand and she screams. He says, you are not fine. Others will do house work. He gives her ointment and tells her to apply it as he is in rush and asks her to rest. Neelam brings breakfast in the room. Rishi says, I am in rush and will eat something in the office, but Neelam doesn’t let him go until he takes a bite. She reminds him about a wedding they have to go to tomorrow. Lakshmi smiles looking at Rishi, recalling how he took care of her. Rishi looks at her. She goes inside the room. Shalu comes to meet Lakshmi. Shalu and Ayush bump into each other. Shalu saves Ayush from falling. She asks him to say thank you. He says why? I wouldn’t have fell if you didn’t hold me. She tries releasing him and he screams and says thank you. She says, you could have said it before only. He says, I did it purposely and asks her why she always keeps bumping into him. They continue fighting. He shows Shalu how she funny her walk is. Shalu says, Neha walks like that. He says he didn’t realize that he started noticing Neha so much. He asks if Neha is at home right now. She asks why? He says just like that. She says tell me why. He asks why do you ask me so many questions? Who am I to you? She looks on. He tells her to breath. He just likes dialogues from a movie, so he used one dialogue on her. He tells her not to take him seriously. She leaves. Devika comes to him and asks what’s going on? He ignores her question and leaves. Shalu smiles and says, ‘jhalla’( crazy) to Ayush.

Shalu comes to Lakshmi and asks how are you? She says, I am fine. Shalu helps her with the ointment. Lakshmi looks at Rishi’s picture and smiles. Shalu asks what happened? Lakshmi says, in childhood, whenever I got hurt, you used to come to me first and ask how I felt and Bapuji used to take care of me. Shalu says, sorry, I was going to come… Lakshmi interrupts and says, Rishi was there with me. He took care of me. He was so late for office, he didn’t have time to eat breakfast, but still he remembered about the ointment. In fact, he said that if he had time, he would have applied ointment himself. He cares so much about me. Shalu says, you are so nice that’s why. Lakshmi says, I am not nice. Rishi does so much for me, but I doubted on him that he has an affair. She praises him and says, he can never have an affair. Only I am in his life. Other side, Rishi reaches Malishka’s home. She gets angry seeing him. He says, I love you, Malishka.

Devika continues teasing Ayush and asks why he was flirting with Shalu. Ayush tells her not to say stuff like that and leaves. Sonia hears this. She comes to Devika and scolds her for joining Ayush’s name with Shalu. Devika says, I was just joking. Sonia says this is how it starts. She tells Devika not to force her to remember that she is not her real sister. She might have feelings for middle-class people, but she or her family don’t. Devika gets hurt and cries.

Malishka ignores Rishi. He grabs her hand and asks if she blocked him. She says yes. He asks her to unblock him. She asks why. He says, so that I can call you. She says, right… yesterday and this morning you called me so many times. You were missing me so much that you came to meet me here. He asks, why are you being so sarcastic? She tells him to ask himself. You have blocked me from your mind, your life, so I decided to block you as well. I am not going to unblock you. He says, you could have called me too.

She asks, did I ever call you after any fight? No. Why would I this time? He says, but you came home after fight. She says, because of Viraj. He says, lie. You wanted to see me and that is why you came home. Diwali was just an excuse. She says, you know I love you so much, but still you called Lakshmi your wife in front of me and cared for her instead of me. He smiles saying so much jealousy. That is why you are angry right? He asks her to understand him and give him some space. She says, so Lakshmi can enter in that space and I go away, right? In fact that’s what is happening.

He says it’s not like that. Only she is in his heart. He tells her that if he is in her house and talking to her, then it’s Lakshmi behind that. He asks her to trust him. She says, I am going to Viraj. Rishi looks on.

Malishka tells Rishi, I am going to Viraj. He needs help with his event. Rishi follows her. Lakshmi asks Shalu, everything is fine at home, right? Shalu says, if you are happy, then we all are happy. She says sorry to Lakshmi for putting wrong stuff in her mind about Rishi. Lakshmi says, it’s my mistake. I should be knowing Rishi well, but I doubted him. Shalu tells her to do something so they both get forgiveness. Lakshmi asks like what? Shalu says, you doubted his love, so now give him extra love. Lakshmi goes to drop Shalu outside. An elderly lady comes there and begs Lakshmi for food. She says her husband is sick and he hasn’t eaten anything. Lakshmi tells her not to cry and goes to get food.

Rishi takes Malishka’s car’s key and throws it away. She says how dare. He says, I learned this from you only. You have done this with me many times. I never said anything to you. I want to talk to you, but you don’t let talk. I want to clear all the accusations made by you. You said that I love Lakshmi. If I was loving her, then I wouldn’t have been here today. She tries to interrupt, look away, but he’s furious. He tells her to look at him. He asks, how can you think that I am changed? I am still same as before. What’s wrong if I care for Lakshmi? She also cares about me. We are just friends. You are my love. Since when we became so stone-hearted? Someone risks their own life for us, and we tell them to go to hell? We can’t say like that. I will never be like that. It’s you who needs to understand that caring and loving is different. I care for Lakshmi because she is very nice and truthful, but my heart only beats for you. I just feel different with you, crazy, violent. I can take anyone’s life, even my own. I feel opposite when I am with Lakshmi. She says, enough. I don’t want to know what you feel when you are with Lakshmi. Give me the keys and let me go. He goes, gets the keys and gives it to her.

Lakshmi gives bunch of food and some money to the lady. Karishma sees that. The lady blesses Lakshmi for her married life. She says there are very few people like you. The God must have written your destiny by himself. Lakshmi thinks that her destiny is definitely special else everything was over. She got everything back after Rishi came in her life.

Rishi asks Malishka why she is still standing there. He puts the keys in her hand and tells her to go to Viraj. He says, I was trying to explain you all this because I love you, but it seems like you have decided not to listen or trust me. I am tired of all this. You blocked me, right… even I will block you. He blocks her number. He further says, if I loved Lakshmi, then I wouldn’t even look at you. I came here to talk to you only because I really love you, but it seems like you don’t understand it. You can do whatever you want. Let’s take a break. Rishi sits in his car and leaves. Malishka’s mother tries to explain her that if she keeps troubling Rishi, then he will end up going to Lakshmi to get peace and Lakshmi is already so nice that she always makes Rishi feel special. Malishka refuses to listen. Her mother says, you said it doesn’t matter to you if Rishi marries someone else, but now you look so insecure. Why are you giving chances to Lakshmi again and again? Rishi never behaved like this. He blocked your number. Just look where you have brought yourself. You must make decision today whether you want Rishi or not. If you do, then you will have to do something, so that Rishi comes back to you and you will have to stop these stupid fights.

Karishma asks Lakshmi with whose permission she gave so much food to that beggar? Neelam comes there and asks what’s going on. Lakshmi says, thanks to God’s blessings, we have everything. I was just helping that lady like this family always helps others. Karishma says instead saying sorry, you want to argue with me? Lakshmi says, I am sorry, but what did I do? It’s a good thing to give food to hungry people. Karishma says, I am not talking about good deeds and bad deeds. I am talking about your foolishness. If you keep distributing food like this, then there will be a line of beggars outside our home. Neelam takes Lakshmi’s side and says, they are elders and they have to understand. Lakshmi just gave food and in return that lady must have blessed them. Know the value of those blessings. Karishma says, I was just saying Lakshmi could have gone to temple instead giving at home. Neelam says, that lady came to our door. She tells Lakshmi that you did the right thing. I always tell you to ask me before doing anything, but for this you don’t need to ask me or anyone else. Neelam tells Karishma that she doesn’t want this happening again in this house and leaves. Lakshmi tries to talk to Karishma, but she leaves angrily. She comes to her room and is very angry. She says, Neelam insulted me because of this Lakshmi. I don’t want Lakshmi to stay in this house now. Till now I was trying to get Lakshmi out of this house to bring Rishi and Malishka together, but now I just hate Lakshmi. Malishka may not do anything, but I will destroy your life, Lakshi. Wait and watch. She calls Kiran and asks do you want your daughter to get Rishi? Kiran says, of course. Karishma says, now Malishka won’t do anything. Me and you will do whatever is needed. Do you agree? Kiran says, I agree.

Lakshmi is disturbed recalling Karishma’s words. She brings milkshake to Karishma. Karishma tells her, no thanks. Lakshmi says sorry to her. I know I must have done something which you didn’t like. I am younger to you. If I made any mistake, then please forgive me. If I made any mistake, then it must be unintentional.

I don’t even know what happened that you… Karishma interrupts and says, that I don’t like you. Everyone likes you in this house. Just be happy with it. Karishma leaves.

Rishi getting tensed. Sanjay comes to him and gives him water. Rishi asks what happened to you. Sanjay tells that Lakshmi Madam was sad today and went to Karishma Maam’s room. Rishi goes running there. Lakshmi asks what happened, why are you tensed? He asks why are you tensed? She asks if you are copying me. Rishi says it is clear and asks her to tell clearly. Lakshmi says it is a small matter and not big. He says you can share small problem with me and asks her to tell. Lakshmi says you are very stubborn. He says you too and asks her to say. Lakshmi says you behave like Mintu, our village boy. He says then you are Minty. She says there was no Minty. Rishi says you are my Minty. He asks her to tell what happened? Lakshmi says Karishma bua is hurt due to me and says I didn’t know why she is hurt, I came to apologize to her. Rishi asks her to be there and goes to talk to Karishma. He calls her. Karishma asks where is he? He comes there and asks if you are upset with Lakshmi. Karishma says we get upset with our dear ones, and says did she tell you. He asks her to say. Karishma tells that she is upset with Lakshmi and wants Malishka to be the bahu of the house. Rishi says everyone wanted, but I am married to Lakshmi now. He says she is my wife. Karishma says so. Rishi says she loves everyone and just as she came to know someone is upset with her, she is sad and her smile vanished and her face is upset. He requests her not to do bad with her and says her behavior is so good with all of us, why don’t we treat her nicely. Karishma says she is your wife for a year and will not be there after a year. She asks why are you reacting? Rishi says when I came home, I came to know that Lakshmi was sad. He says when I went to her, I forced her to tell and then she told me. He says I didn’t remember about that one year timeline and says why do I behave differently when I am with Lakshmi. Karishma thinks he is in love with her. Lakshmi thinks if he went to Karishma Bua and thinks she will get more angry now. She thinks even Ayush is not at home, atleast he would have handled her. She thinks what to do?

Shalu is waiting for the auto, but no auto stops. Ayush comes there. Shalu smiles seeing him and tells that she is not getting auto. He asks her to go to auto stand and then try to take it. He says if you don’t get any auto even then, then wear chunari and try to get the auto. He says I will leave and then asks her to come. She is about to sit, but he tries to drive. He then asks her to sit and also takes the car to a distance. Shalu gets upset.

Ayush gets down and asks her to come, holding her hand. Police constable comes there and asks why is he teasing her? Ayush says I was taking her. Shalu says I don’t know him, and tells that he is teasing her. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.