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Razia Sultan ZeeWorld, Tuesday 7th March 2023 update

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TV series

Razia Sultan on zee world Tuesday 7th March 2023 update, The episode starts with prostitute Turkan giving a gift to her son Ruknuddin and tells he forgot his mother is still sultan Altamash’s queen.

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Shamshad brings Qutub’s items back to her room and tries to take Turkan’s things out. Turkan enters and starts yelling that she is mallika now and this room is hers. Razia asks her to lower her voice as this harem does not like loud voices. Shamshad says she is right. Altamash comes and asks why are qutub’s items out of room. Turkan says she has taken them out to clean dust. Altamash says dust is on her face and mind and asks her not to tamper his memories, else he will not spare her. She nods yes. Altamash says he wants Qutub’s items to be where she left and he will not tolerate anybody tampering them. Razia smirks once he leaves and turkan fumes.

Razia hurriedly walks to meet Mirza and thinks he must be eagerly waiting for her and will scold her. Shamshad stops her and asks her to accompany her as she has to send condolence letter to Ghazni’s people. Razia says she will join her later. Shamshad says she is seeing changed behavior and says because of her mistakes, they all had to suffer. If she had not gone to Ghazni, Yaldos would not have eyed her and this massacre would not have happened.

Razia reaches terrace and sees Mirza waiting for her eagerly. He asks her not to apologize him. She apologizes. He says she looks good commanding. She starts acting as sultan altamash and asks who is he. He says he is Malik Ikhtiyaruddin Althulnia. She asks who are her parents. He says he is born between hatred and is an orphan. He became hippie and whoever gave him food became his god and this earth and sky his house. Razia gets emotional and says he did not tell he is an orphan and suffered a lot. He says sultan should not be so emotional. She says he is right and asks what does he do. He says he loves his daughter and since she is very egoistic, controlling her is his full time job. She says she does not accept his alliance. He angrily takes out his sword and keeps it on her neck. She asks if he will kill sultan Altamash. He gets into his senses and says this training is waste as Altamash is a very sensible and pious king and will understand their mind. She leans on his shoulder and says abbu will for sure. Turkan sees their romance and tells since ages, humanity does not accept love and they will also be punished.

Vaid examines Altamash and Altamash says he is fit and fine. Vaid says he has blessings of whole kingdom, nothing will happen to him. Altamash sneezes and blood falls on cloth. Vaid shows him blood. Altamash asks him not to tell anyone that he has very few days left. Vaid says he still has internal injuries. Altamash asks him again not to inform anyone until he finds new sultan of Delhi. He looks at blood again and gets tensed.

Razia asking Mirza why is he so hesitant to seek her hand in marriage from her abbu/Altamash. He is acting as if she is asking him to win the battle. He says he can easily win the battle but not speak to Altamash. He asks herself to ask Altamash. She says he has to follow age-old rule. While walking together, Razia clashes with turkan. Turkan comments to watch obstacles and walk, else she will fall. Razia says she knows how to handle obstacle and punish them. She then holds mirza’s hand and leaves. Turkan thinks in this world, lovers are always punished and even they will.

Altamash comes to Razia’s room and smiles reminisces her giving him sword during battle, etc.. Fathima comes there and Altamash says he wanted something from Razia’s room, so he came here. Fathima sees Razia’s savior sultan dress and tries to hide it. Altamash senses her nervousness and asks what is she hiding. She tells him everything.

Altamash then calls shamshad and asks why did Razia become savior sultan. She tells him the whole story and how ruknuddin harmed kingdom people and razia stood for people and protected them. She says she was afraid ruknuddin will harm her and he eventually did. Razia thought people would accept her, but they rejected her and said she must be eyeing on Delhi’s throne and they would not like lady on delhi’s throne. She asks him to forgive Razia. He asks her to leave him alone for some time.

Mirza asks Razia if she meets her abbu or sultan. She says both and asks what happened. He says whenever he goes to meet her abbu, he sees him busy in kingdom administration as a sultan and gets nervous. she says even she cannot help him and says she is going to prepare tulsi tea for abbu as he is having cough and he has to wait for some more time.

Altamash looks at Razia’s savior sultan mask. Razia comes with tulsi and ginger tea for him. He says he wants to know what other qualities his daughter has. She says what is special in preparing tulsi/ginger tea. He says he is talking about savior sultan and asks if she become savior or not. She says she had to become to save kingdom people from Ruknuddin and since people consider him as their savior and guide, she did not want ruknuddin to spoil his name. She apologizes him and requests to forgive him. He says he can forgive her only if she had done a mistake, but she has not. She says she did not do any sin, but she disappointed his kingdom people who think she insulted them by eyeing on throne, only Mirza was on her side. He asks if she becomes sultan, will she protect them. She says people are very angry on her and will not accept her. He says his kingdom people should not have done that and should have given her a chance. She says badi naani was right, where everyone’s thinking stops, sultan Altamash’s thinking starts and he is very different from others. He smiles and asks what does she need. She reminisces Mirza and tells she needs bits of happiness if not a lot.

Once Razia leaves, Mirza enters and says sultan he promised to fulfill his wish. Altamash says he knows he wants to marry Razia, but he cannot permit him. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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