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Mea culpa on MaxTv Episode 19

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TV series

Mea culpa episode 19, Greco asked Lolita to come with him because he will arrest Lucio and his men so that she will be free. Fina took Christy to the NBI for another DNA test. And the results proved that Christy is not Joy. Fina got angry when she saw the DNA results and went to Mayor Drei’s office, she also accused them of given her a fake daughter. Juris denied all what Fina said and sacked them out of the office.


Yandro told Fina to take her time because there’s no evidence to prove them guilty. Fina filmed a video talking about Christy and the people she suspected. Yandro called Mayor Drei’s family for questioning. Tito asked yandro’s boss to let yandro stop bothering Drei’s family. Juris begged Drei to let her leave from the city to abroad for her and Leyna’s safety.

Lucio was informed that the NBI had followed him to where he will be shipping the items so he cancelled the shipment. Lucio started beating Lolita when he saw her talking to Greco on the phone.

He also threatened Lolita to keep quiet on revealing his secret or else he will send the video of her and her friends visiting Bogs on the day he died. Fina planned to get Leyna’s DNA sample without the notice of juris and Drei.

Dolores found it from one of the people who were rescued from the child trafficking syndicate that Juris is still alive and she was sent to the orphanage. Juris talked to leyna about going to abroad and Matilda also agreed to her decision when she was informed.

Dolores when to the orphanage asking for her daughter but the woman was allowed to help her, when she was about to go she saw Juris picture and asked so the woman mentioned Juris name which made Dolores cry.

Fina was able to get the DNA sample. Juris denied being the daughter of Dolores and told the woman not to talk to Dolores when she comes back to the orphanage. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.


Mea Culpa On MaxTv Episode 19

By - | Categories: TV Series

TV series

The episode starts with Jack meeting Dante at the casino. Eloisa sees the brusises on Gwen hands and she lies about it that she fell down while working at the bathroom . Javi trades the watch Javier gave him and bets on it with Dante.

A lot of people are tasting Eloisas home made food and they enjoy it.

Adrian speaks with Nicole and she agreed to taste her food. She gets there and one can tell the tension between Monica and Nicole.

Monica apologizes to Nicole for the hurtful words she said and apologized to her for not being around when grands died and Nicole apologised to for being insensitive about her Monica’s feeling and they hug and make up.
She tells Monica that she finally met Dante and she was about to tell her everything when Eloisa interrupted them and she saw Dante approach too.

She asks Eloisa how she is doing and there Javier comes there and draws Eloisa close to herself To show ownwership of her.
Javier gives the watch to Eloisa and it seems that he lost it to gambling.

Gwen was about leave when Javi came in to stop her. She tried to beat Gwen up but Eloisa comes there to stop her. She slaps him for hitting Gwen and threaten to take her to the police if she darred to beat a woman up.

Eloisa calls Monica for help with Javi and he tried to burn the house while he dared them to leave them. Since Monica couldn’t go tO the presentation Adrian calls up Nicole to help and goes to fetch her but meets her dancing and stares at her.

They arrive at the police station and Eloisa blames herself for what Javi is going through. At the presentation they think Nicole is Adrains wife but she explains.

Adrain gets to the police station and meets up with Monica. He consoles her and assures her of everything going to be fine.

Gwen decides to stay with her parents for the mean time and thanks Monica for what ever she has done.
Eloisa goes to beg Javier and Javier says that he must face the consequence of his action . Eloisa tells him to reason and change but she leaves Javier all by himself.

Nicole calls Adrain to check up on Monica and Adrain picks up and tells him that Monica will handle everything. Jasper tells Monica the next day that Javi has been released. Adrain and Monica goes to meet Dante and they have a chit chat and Monica thanks Nicole for helping out and she says that she hopes Nicole will start liking Adrain and Nicole says that she has started to like already.

Javi storms the company while a meeting is going on asking for Gwen and his child and Monica takes him out but feels remorseful and cries later.

Max consoles her gives her his handkerchief and asks Monica not think bad of her because he has a heart too and that’s where we end guys. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.