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Married again, Thursday 30th June 2022

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Yash and arti watch the guests leave. Arti looks up at yash and says that whatever happened must have hurt him, but he needs to have faith on Suraj. He says that suraj has always been a very respectful man and that its his most important thing. He says that he couldnt bear some lady coming in and staining his father’s reputation like that.

Married again series
Married again series

Suraj keeps trying to convince gayatri that akash isnt his son and reprimands her for doubting the person, she’s married to for the past 38 years just because some random lady came up to claim that.

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Suraj says that before doing anything like that, he would prefer to die. gayatri apologizes for doubting him , and sys that to doubt him, would be like doubting her lord, as her whole sustenance depends on it.

yash and arti listen while palak, payal and ansh discuss about ansh’s kidnapping. Ansh, at first is hesitant, to talk about it but then commenting that the uncle who had kept him, was very good in his care. He tells the kids that it was akash. Yash is surprised to hear this and says that they cant even put him to the police since that would involve suraj too, and it would taint their prestige too. Arti says that he never really harmed ansh as is evident, but yash refuses to believe saying that he had kidnapped and that is crime enough. Arti still tries to argue
that akash did marry ishita nd saved her from suicide. Yash says that whatever be the case, he would find out whats the erason fr Akash to come back, his mother to make such accusation, and then him marrying off Ishita and leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Akash’s house. Akash’s mother is very excoted at her son’s wife’s entry, while akash is getting irritated. While his mother goes to get things for the griha pravesh of the newly weds, he asks his wife to leave, when she still has tha chance. His mother returns, and welcomes them with the proper puja and asks them to come in. while akash storms in, ishita comes in doing the proper rituals. She comes inside with the proper arrangements.

Akash goes in the temple, and curses the Goddess for having palyed with him, first by luring him into marrying for money, a handicapped girl and then got the girl to refuse her father’s wealth, and come to live with him. Just then, his mother comes in saying that they have to prepare the house for ishita. Akash asks her that she would ahve to tell him the truth if he actually is suraj’s son. His mother says that he indeed is. akash reprimands her for having lived in poverty for so long, and making him live too, when they could have lived in that big house too amidst wealth. He asks why had she hidden for so long. She says that she didnt say anything because he never accepted it, as it would have tainted his reputation. She says that she never let him feel any kind of weaknesses, and asks if she ever let him down in love. Akash says that she never faultered but yet life doesnt go on with love, but also money. He says how he has compromised with life, due to the lack of money and always lived in discontentment. Meanwhile akash tells his mother fiercely that Suraj would have to come up to accept him as his son, and that suarj cant deny from that and noone can stop him, neither yash nor arti.

Scene 3:
Location: Yash’s house
Suraj, finding everyone tensed and quiet at the dining table, clarifies in a stern face, saying

that what happened last night still hasnt gotten over, and that they still feel their father is at fault, instead of thinking that the mother told lies to get akash out of the soup. When yash and arti arrive, gayatri asks suraj to forgive them now, since even ansh is back. But suarj retaliates saying that they are the reason, he had to face such humiliation yesterday since he had informed yash clearly that he should say yes only if he is serious about this marriage, but he took it lightly and made a fool of himself and of Suraj too before everyone else. yash says that he is entirely responsible and that he oinly would get the lady to say sorry to him with folded hands. they are distracted by sound of drums blaring. when they come out, they are horrified to find akash declaring to the media that he is suraj’s son and that suraj left his mother before he was born. While pankaj tries to fight him off, in front of the media, yash tries to cool him down saying that Akash has no proof of his claim and that this is just a cheap publicity stunt to get a share on their property, and that if that had really been the case, where was his mother hiding away all this while, and why come to rise now. They get into a scuffle, and yash warns akash not to say anything about his father anymore, while the reporter barge the scindia family with an array of questions, degrading and demeaning. Yash tells akash that his father and akash’s mother are not related. Akash retorts back saying that if they are so confident, then he should ask his father to get a DNA test to determine paternity. Yash agrees to the challenge, while pankaj too urges suraj to accept for the test, and settle this matter once and for all.

Just then, Ishita’s father arrives saying that its good that suraj agreed for the test. Ishita’s father tells suraj sarcastically, that since he agreed to the test, he has arranged the whole hospital for his sake, since he would now get the revenge for humiliating him and his daughter last night. He asks suarj to follow him for the test. Akash too tells that till the reports dont come, they would stay here with THEIR family only, surprising everyone.

In his room, yash gets a card from arti, who says that they have got an invitation together, for valentine’s romantic evening, in Padmini Palace, on 9th Feb, 8:00 p.m. onwards. They both wonder who has sent this to them.

Pankaj, vidhi and prateik are handling all the phones that have been constantly ringing for the legitimacy issues of akash with suraj. They tell callers that suarj has goitten the DNA tests and the results would let the truth out. Vidhi tells suraj that relatives are saying that the whole tv is flooded with news about this. Gayatri goes berserk at this that everyone is taking advantage of their weak spot right now and also reprimands bauji for selecting a family like this for yash. she curses akash’s mother for ruining her life along with her son.

While akash welcomes gayatri as she comes into their temporary residence inside the scindia mansion, she offers him some money for leaving the house with his mother. He is happy and says that she understands him more than anyone else. as she is about to go with her mission done, he says that he’s not as stupid as he seems to be and she was mistaken that eh would be content with this money, which is just a drop in the sea that scindia mansion owns. She asks him what does he want. He says that the respect that she and here son have on the house, and all the property and luxuries, is also equally desirable for them, as they have lusted for this for the last 30 years. He says that her silence has given him the required answer. He asks her to leave as he too has to sleep and fulfill his dremas. His mother comes out to find who is he talking to.

Gayatri reprimands radha for having come their to ruin her marital life, being a woman herself and asks her to leave along with her filthy son. Radha says that filth is in the scindia blood that akash has naturally inherited being suraj’s son and that she has no intention of taking away her husband from her, but she just wasnt that akash gets his desirous right and suarj accepts him as his son. Gayatri says that suarj just has 3 sons naming hers, and says that akash wont ever be counted amongst them. Radha says that she would now see to it, that this filthy blood would bring about a storm in the scindia’s house.

Arti comes in and says that she would stand by her mother in law and instructs gayatri to come along with her without getting in worthless discussion. Ishita comes forward saying that just like Arti roots for gayrti, she too would root for radha, her mother in law and that she wont bear arti insulting radha like that. Arti says that its nice to see her rooting for her mother in law like that, but that she should neutral in deciding between the right and wrong, even if that means she has to against her family, even her husband. And that in this situation, she’s sure that suraj is right…but before she can complete her sentence, radha says that they would find out the truth after the DNA tests are out. Akash gives gayatri the bag of money to take it back.

In their room, as yash is upset that gayatri went to akash, arti said that she didnt know and she happened to see her and went after her to get her from there. Yash says that she doesnt blame gayatri for this, since sh doesnt blame him, but its painful for her to go through this at her stage in life and it makes him feel; helpless that he cant do anything to help her. Arti asks him to rest for some time and even after yash’s saying that he isnt feeling sleepy, she gets him to rest in her lap and asks him not to think anything, while running fingers through his hair, to calm him down into sleeping. Arti says that she cant see him like this, and she cant wait for the next 7 days for the result. she is determined that she would find out tomorrow and know that what does this radha actually want from them.

The next morning, akash and ishita are going about their daily chores, he is given tea by ishita, who tries to show concern for cooling the tea for him, but is snubbed off. he calls radha, after ishita goes, saying that when outside the mansion feels so different, htne how would it feel when they would start living in the house like rich people. Yash finds them merrily enjoying after destroying their family’s peace. He thinks that he’s waiting for the results and after that, he would get rid of them. He is distracted by arti who tries to get him urgently to get chocolate for her, by emotionally blackmailing him to get it for her right now. After arti pretends to be fake angry, yash gives her the chocolate that he had taken for her. Seeing them, ishista rues that she’s longing for the love that yash and arti share and all of this is due to yash, who toyed with her emotions. She watches their car drive off, in rage.

Scene 2:
Location: Akash’s house.
Arti goes into radha’s locality in the slums and asks the people around, about their residence. A lady shows her the way to akash’s house and she starts approaching it stealthily. She thinks as to what should be her next step as ideally she should go inside and search through the papers inside to find out more about their past. She thinks of a way to get inside the house, through the window, and starts rummaging through the things. She goes inside to find akash’s documents, of studying in SHISHU MANDIR SCHOOL, BHOPAL and after looking into them, she comes to the conclusion that radha has been living with akash here for the past 30 years, and that coming out now to get their right from the scindia’s seems to be a part of a big conspiracy against them. She thinks that she would have to find out more clues.

Arti is frantically rummaging through the things, for more clues. Meanwhile her back starts aching and she starts feeling dizzy, she leans against the temple cabinet, and searches through the files kept there too, but in vain. As she accidentally bumps into the lord’s statue in their mandir, and places it back, she finds a pile underneath, hidden under a peice of cloth and takes it out, to discover that radha has childhood photos of yash with her, recognizing from the time when prateik had blindfolded her and given her a collage of yash’s childhood photos as a present and wonders what could be the reason behind this, and what relation does yash have with her, when she wanst akash to get justice, citing him as his son. she thinks that the day she finds out the truth about this, that day, she will be able ro keep her family out of trouble.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s house
Arti slips and almost hits and ankle, but radha shows concern for her by asking her to take care of her foot in her condition. She says that she doesnt need help fro,m people who are trying to malign her father in law. Ishita steps in saying that what radha did was for humanity’s sake but now she too is sure that they share just a common relation of hatred and enemity.

Seeing yash eat silently, arti tells him to vent out his anger on her, if he is and not stay silent like this. Yash tells her that she shoudlnt have stepped in through the window and sprained her ankle in her condition. she says that she cant see tension on his face and her family’s face and as a responsibility of being a member of this family, she wanted to find out the truth so that she knows what does she want. she shows him the photos and shares with him her tensions. yash asks her to wait for the DNA results so that everything is cleared out and her motives too. She says that she cant wait for so many days. Yash asks her not to overthink and that he would get warm water for her feet. arti is alarmed thinking that radha too mentioned this. Yash reprimands her for being so overcautious and goes to get water for her.

Outside, in the verandah, ishita is helped to her pleasant surprise, by akash for having helped her in picking up the bucket. but akash subs her off saying that he isnt doing it for her, since he’s doing it for himself, as the water is for hsi bathing, and he doesnt like anybody’s help in doing work, and that she shouldnt be happy as if she has just been gifted expensive jewellery by him. After he leaves, ishita thinks to herself that she never missed wealth as she had lots of it, what she missed was the love that she expects from

Suraj is not happy with the presentation that prateik has made akeeping in mind, the need of the client. Suarj is irritated at prateik saying that yash would be able to guide him better. Prateik silently says that yash obviously knows it better. Realising his mistake, suraj stays silent, whil prateik takes suggestions from yash, who advises him on the requisite changes. gayatri watches all this while. Yash asks suraj to take a look. when suraj doesnt respond, prateik tries to cover up saying that he did what suraj couldnt even express. gayatri butts in saying that after all a son is the reflection of his father, and h has to know what are suraj’s likings and dislikings. She goes to suraj saying that he might try to be very angry, but he is wanting for hsi son’s company. She tells yash that he wasnt called in need, but that his inner voice had called out to yash that couldnt stop at having the faith that yash would know what he wants. Gayatri tells suraj not to pretend to be angry anymore and accept yash and arti back. yash and arti both tell suraj that they have to fight off these troublesome times. suraj tells yash that he would have to take his position towards his work soon. He tells yash that even the clients are comfortable if yash is on their planning. Prateik happily gives the file to yash, who asks suraj to go along with him, to present the plan to the client, as much time has been wasted already. before leaving, gayatri is told by suraj to ask arti to get their things back into their room, from the roof, which makes gayatri, arti and prateik happy.

Arti is nostalgic about being in their old room again. yash is overjoyed at suraj having forgiven her. He tells her that gayatri, on suraj’s demand, is working in the kitchen to make their favourite food. As arti leaves in haste, she is stopped by yash, mischievously. But when arti says that if she doesnt go, then gayatri would be mad at her, it makes yash to leave off her hand saying that she cant risking tehri loved ones to get angry at them again. After he leaves, arti is thinking to herself that she is happy as she had wanted to see this smile on yash;s face which could have come only when he would have been back with his family again. she is determined that she would never let this smile to wear off from yash’s face ever again and that they would together face the trouble that their family is undergoing right now.

At the dining tabel, everyone is complimenting on the taste of the food. Suraj asks about the kids and is told by gayatri that prateik has taken the kids out for jalebis and roaming around. yash asks for more of CHHOLE, arti goes to get it. While going into the kitchen, she finds radha walking around the room. she wonders what is she doing here and just then, yash says that they found some of the dish on the table only. But arti is surprised to hear that, and more so, when she finds that the bowl in which the extra chhole have been found has never been seen before by her. She is overcome with a terrible premonition. As yash is about to eat, arti comes running towards him and throws off his bowl on the ground, surprising everyone at the dining table. However they are all the more shocked when gayatri finds a lizard in yash’s bowl. the screen freezes on Arti’s shocked face. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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