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Imlie On Starlife, Friday 2nd June 2023 update

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TV series

Imlie On Starlife Friday 2nd June 2023 update, Imlie calls Cheeni for pooja and finds her missing. Everyone get worried and search for her. Aryan goes to check CCTV footage. Anu accuses that little thief Cheeni stole Malini’s gifted golden Bal Gopal idol and went out to sell it. Imlie gets angry and warns her to shut up. Anu asks what did she say. Imlie says she was quiet since 6.5 years but not anymore. Malini warns her to behave.

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Imlie warns her back to shut up and says Anu is wrongly accusing little kid, she will not keep quiet and teach them a lesson. Neela supports Anu and tongue lashes Imlie. Aryan brings CCTV footage and shows it to Imlie and others. Anu says its clear that Cheeni stealing the idol. Imlie shouts at her again. Arpita backs Imlie next and warns Anu. Narmada asks them to stop fighting and worries for Cheeni.

Aryan warns Anu that he considers Cheeni’s insult as his insult and his enmity would be very heavy on Anu. He assues Imlie to find out Cheeni soon. Malini thinks Aryan and Imlie are good at dialogue baazi and thinks they cannot find Cheeni now. Imlie’s kidnappers take her to a warehouse and tie her to a chair. Cheeni warns them to free her or her Kanhaiya brother will not spare them. Boss warns her to keep her mouth shut and orders his aides to keep an eye on Cheeni. Cheeni manipulates aide to free her hand and escapes from there. Aide informs boss.

Aryan files a missing complaint over phone. Police says they cannot take any action for 24 ours as per protocol. Aryan angry disconnects call. Anu says she is sure thief Cheeni escaped with gold idol. Arpita and Sundar warn her to say it loudly in front of Aryan. Malini gets a call. She feels happy thinking her aides did their job and Cheeni will not return. Imlie snatches her phone and asks why she looks tensed. Malini says she was watching CCTV footage and Anu is right that Cheen is stealing the idol. Imlie watches footage again and informs Aryan that Cheeni is forcefully being taken away by some unknown people. Neela says why would anyone kidnap Cheeni. Narmada expresses her concern again for Cheeni. Aryan says let him handle the situation in his own way. Jaggu requests Aryan to bring his friend back. Imlie says she knows the pain of separating from a friend and promise to get Cheeni back. She and Aryan walk out of house in search of Cheeni.

Cheeni hides from goons and prays Bal Gopal/Kanhaiya bhaiya to save her. Aryan drives car searching for Cheeni. Imlie asks him to drive slowly. Aryan says he is driving since 4 hours. Imlie says she will call on her number as usually Cheeni keeps her number, they can find out Cheeni’s present location and reach her. Cheeni notices goons gone and gets out of her hiding. Imlie notices Aryan not saving her number. Aryan says he didn’t want to remember her. She finds Cheeni’s GPS location and guides Aryan. She calls Cheeni. Cheeni realizes Imlie’s phone is with her and picks it. Goons snatches phone and disconnects it. He then throws phone away and carries Cheeni in a car. Aryan passes by the car without noticing Cheeni.

Imlie finds her mobile on street and tells Aryan that goons threw the phone there and took Cheeni away. Aryan notices tyre marks and says they have passed from here. Sundar and Arpita perform Krishnaji’s pooja. Jaggu chants Hathi Ghoda Palki Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki. Anu tells Malini that she cannot understand a system in this house, first they get their children married to servants and then support thieves, she should relay a news that a 5-year-old thief stole golden idol away. Sundar asks Narmada to stop Anu. Narmada asks him to continue his pooja. Arpita says she should shut Anu and Malini’s mouths instead. Narmada chants mantras. Imlie prays Seeta maiya to reunite her with Cheeni soon. Goons’ car breaks down. Imlie’s car pass by. She notices goons and asks Aryan to stop the car.

Malini calls goon Swapnil and says she is sending him a photo. She shouts due to the background sound and feels irritated that Rathores are purposefully chanting mantras loudly to disturb her. Arpita hears that. Imlie shows Cheeni’s pic to the goons and ask if they saw this girl. They say no, they stopped their car after it broke down, and hurriedly get into the car. Imlie feels Cheeni’s presence around. Aryan says they should search further. Imlie notices Cheeni’s hand inside goons’ car. Aryan follows goons’ car. Sundar asks Jaggu to give prasad to Malini to irritate her. Jaggu drops Malini’s phone while giving prasad. Anu gets angry and says her daughter’s phone is always broken whenever she visits Shah house.

Neela walks in delivering her heavy dialogue. Malini asks what does she need. Neela says she is richer than them and just needs a promise that she will get Aryan married to Preeta once Imlie is separated again from Aryan. Anu asks if Malini has to do all the work and let Preeta take away the prize. Malini promises Neela and asks her to keep it a secret that she kidnapped Cheeni. Neela asks which secret and shakes hands with her. Goons realize that Aryan and Imlie are following them and speed up. Rathores continue to pray for Cheeni. Goons take a U turn. Aryan and Imlie notice Cheeni inside. Goons lose control seeing a truck in the opposite direction and their car fall into a ditch. Narmada drops pooja thali and says its an abshagun and worries for Cheeni.

Aryan and Imlie rush to car and find Cheeni missing from the car with goons’s injured body inside it. Aryan tells Imlie that Cheeni is not in a car and hence they should search for her. Imlie stands senselessly in shock. Aryan shakes her and promises her that she will not lose her dear ones anymore. Imlie recalls promising same to Aryan before and says she will not lose her dear ones anymore, they both will find cheeni. They start searching for Cheeni. Jaggu asks Arpita if they will lose Cheeni. Arpita says his uncle and aunt Aryan and Imlie are very strong and will find Cheeni for sure. She asks him to pray god for Cheeni. Aryan questions goon about Cheeni who says she doesn’t know. Cheeni shouts to save her. They run and find her under a bridge. Imlie tries to jump towards her.

Aryan stops her and says he will not let her do a mistake again , they both will together save Cheeni.

He brings a rope and let Imlie ascend down. Cheeni stumbles and is about to fall when Imlie holds her and then hugs her emotionally. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.