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Cage of beauty AdomTv, Thursday 8th December 2022 update

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TV series

Cage of beauty on adom tv Thursday 8th December 2022 update; Vishaka is about to shoot Mayura. Omkar covers up Mayura with him, while Raghav holds Vishaka’s hand up and asks how can you double cross me. Mayura and Omkar run out. Vishaka asks him to leave her and shoots at him. Raghav gets shot. Mayura stops hearing the sound, but Omkar asks her to run.

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Mayura tells Omkar that she is worried for Tara, asks what will happen if anything happens to them. Vishaka smiles after killing Raghav. Raghav smiles, reminiscing Mayura and says my Minty. Vishaka comes with her goons in the jeep.

Omkar and Mayura looks at her. Mayura signs her goons to show Manjari and Shankar in her jeep. Omkar and Mayura shout calling them. Manjari and Shankar also gets emotional. Omkar asks Vishaka to ask her men to keep the gun down. Vishaka says you want to go to PS fast and asks them to see his parents. Manjari asks Omkar to run with Mayura and asks him not to worry about them. She says she will destroy them. Vishaka asks her to shut up and asks them to sit in the other car. Police officer calls constable at haveli and informs that Vishaka has killed Raghav. Megha asks him to ask about Omkar and Mayura.

Vishaka blames Manjari and Omkar for her brother’s death. Manjari says your brother died for his own reason and we are not blamed. Omkar asks Vishaka to kill him, and says if he gets saved then he will kill her. Mayura asks her to forget her revenge and calm down her revenge fire. She says if you want to kill someone then kill me. Vishaka says both are ready to die for each other and says I will kill you both. She tries to shoot, but there is no bullet. She says I will not kill you with this gun so easily. She says I will give you both a painful death. Her goons bring sword and gives to her.

Manjari and Shankar are shocked. Manjari asks Vishaka what she wants to do? Manjari signs her goons to hold them. Shankar asks her to leave his children. Manjari curses her. Vishaka laughs and says she came to kill them. She says it will be real fun now. She tells that her heart is big and will give them a chance before killing them.

She asks them to run. Manjari asks them to run. Omkar asks Mayura to run. They start running. Vishaka says I will see, who wins in this life and death game. She shouts and follows them in jeep. They run. She tries to kill them, but they get saved and runs. Vishaka asks Omkar to come out and calls him coward. Omkar thinks go away from here Mayura. Mayura thinks she will face Vishaka with him. They start running. Omkar fights with the goons. Vishaka asks her to run. The goon hits him on his back. Omkar fights with him. Vishaka attacks Mayura with the sword. Manjari, Shankar and Omkar are shocked. Omkar comes near Mayura. Vishaka stabs him too. Omkar and Mayura both fall down. They try to reach each other and hold the hands, reminiscing their first meeting, marriage etc. They look at each other. Mayura asks Omkar to promise that they will not separate from each other, even after death. She asks him to promise. Omkar says nobody can separate us, Mayura and Omkar can never get separated, we are in each other’s lines and destinies for many births. He says nobody can separate us. They try to hold each other’s hands. Mayura dies, followed by Omkar. Vishaka sits near their dead body and says my revenge completed with your death. Manjari and Shankar come there. Manjari says you have killed Omkar and Mayura. Shankar cries. Manjari says Omkar and Mayura can’t die, they will return from the sky and from the earth, tells that nothing can stop them from returning and they will return as Mayukar and will unite. She says they are destined to be together and no cunning woman like you can stop their union. Vishaka says if your karan arjun returns then I will kill them again. She says if I don’t do this, then my name is not Vishaka, and this is my promise. Manjari says this is my curse, that until Mayura and Omkar returns, you will be alive and will beg for death. She says you will be alive till they unite again. Vishaka goes. Shankar and manjari cry seeing them. A voiceover tells that the love will return breaking the traps.

the narrator telling that people die, bodies die, but soul and love never die, when it is truthful, just like Mayura and Omkar’s love. He says they have their names in each other destiny which can’t be wiped off for many years, they have to take rebirth to complete their incomplete love story, says Mayura and Omkar’s love is immortal.

Goswami Nivas:

A lady is shown taking a doctor inside. The doctor asks her to warm the water.

Vashisht Nivaas

Doctor helps the lady gives birth to a son. The lady says my Omkar.

The lady in Goswami Nivas names her daughter Mayura.

Narrator tells that human takes birth to learn from their past life. He asks if Mayura will save herself from getting captive in pinjara. He says if Omkar will realize her mistakes. He says lets wait and watch, when they will unite?

After 20 years:

Omkar is seen riding a bicyle. A guy says if he is flying in sky. Omkar appreciates himself for his good timing. He finds his broken shoes, and tells that two things shall not rupture, destiny and shoes. He pastes tape on the shoes to repair it for time being.

A girl is standing on the road, when two goons are teasing her. Omkar is going from there and sees the goons teasing the girl. He asks himself to relax and then hit the goons. He gives two options to goons, asks them to either say sorry to the girl and return her dupatta or get beaten by him. The goon says your Amma will say sorry. Omkar says you did a mistake, you shouldn’t have talked about my Maa. He beats him and says you would have agreed for the first option, as second option proves heavy. The girl gets happy and hugs him. Omkar’s mother comes there and throws slipper on him. He says Mummy. His mother asks him why he don’t mend his ways. Omkar asks her to keep some of his respect as he has just beaten the goons. His mother steps on the stone and feels pain. Omkar gets worried and makes her wear slipper. He tells that the goons were teasing the girl, so he saved her. His mum tells that he did right by saving the girl, but they are poor and shall see other aspects too. Omkar says I know that you have taken care of me alone and my Papa was dead before my birth. He says you have worked hard and bought this cycle for me. He says now I am going to Bhopal’s biggest college to study on scholarship. His mother says you are going to do job too and asks how will he go, as bus went. He says he will go on his bicycle. She ties thread to his hand. He takes her blessings and leaves on his bicycle.

Mayura comes out of her house and looks at the car, gifted by her Dad. Her friends look at her. Mayura applies lipstick and says nobody can be hot like her. She sees sign on her palm. Her friend asks about the car’s worth to be 40 lakhs. Mayura says he couldn’t spend even 40 mins with me and that’s why added some zeroes and gifted the car, he knows to do business being a businessman. She sits in the car. Her friends also sit. She says we will enjoy in your dad’s hotel. Mayura plays music and drives. Omkar is riding on his bicycle and asks himself to ride faster. He gets some flashes of Mayura and him. A heavy wind comes as they are on the same road. Mayura says he is riding the cycle as if he is the owner of the road. Her friend says he has blocked the way. Mayura says she will block him and finds her car brakes failed. She hits Omkar’s cycle and he falls down. She hits her car and it stops. Omkar gets up and looks at her as she gets down from her car. He says they have two options, either they would have drove with rules, or I shall teach them rules. He says they choose option 2. Mayura walks towards him and looks confused. Omkar also looks at him. Her friend says Mayura, car got scratched. Mayura scolds Omkar for the scratches. Omkar blames her for her hand hurt. Mayura asks if you are making fun of me. Omkar says you understand everything. Mayura gets angry and picks his cycle and threw it on the road.

Omkar warns her. Their hands touch each other. Her friend tells other friend that for the first time, a guy haven’t melted seeing her beauty. Mayura and Omkar argue. Her friend asks Mayura to leave the hot and handsome guy. Mayura says is he hot? She says hot is tomato check up and city zoo’s monkey. Omkar says oh, you came from City zoo and says you look like an animal. Mayura says when I walk on road, people stare me? Omkar says when an animal is for watching free, then people will stare at it. Mayura says I will not leave you. Omkar says all the girls say these lines and I am fed up of it. Mayura says tell something funny atleast. Omkar asks her to tell her name. Mayura says I will not forget you. He asks if I made you, my Deewana, just like I became your Deewana seeing you on ghaat. She asks what? He says slip of tongue. He gives her two options, either to pay for the damages of his cycle or come to the PS with him.

She asks him to take the money and says all the price of the cycle wouldn’t be this much. He walks towards her. Mayura throws money on him and asks him to pick the money and leave from here. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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