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Between You And Me Zee One, Monday 5th June 2023 update

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TV series

Between You And Me on zee one Monday 5th June 2023 update, Akhilesh sits next to Mishri. Please open your eyes once. Your Bapu is yearning to talk to you. He holds her hand. I promise I will give you every happiness of the world. Talk to me please. We will practise wrestling together. I will make your braids and will also keep your Mapu very happy. We will have a very perfect life. Entire family is waiting for you. Please wake up Mishr.

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He wipes his tears. It is entirely my fault because of which you are here today! I wish I had listened to you. We wouldn’t have to see this day then. My heart has broken in million pieces seeing you like this. Now this heart will only join back when you will fully recover. Your Mapu! He is interrupted by a phone call from a doctor. He steps out of the ward to talk to doc.

Bhavik enters in the ward stealthily when Akhilesh isn’t looking. He removes the oxygen mask from Mishri’s mouth. She starts breathing heavily. Bhavik keeps something on her face. He mentally apologizes to Mishri. I had to do this for Moti Ba and Ira. He takes her face measurements using clay / mould and then keeps the oxygen mask back on. He walks out of the ward stealthily. Akhilesh goes back inside.
Bhavik meets Dr. Pillai on a stranded road. He hands him the final model. Bhavik confirms with him if it is the same model that he had asked for. Dr. Pillai assures him about it. Bhavik gives him a check and keeps the model in the trunk of his car. Now only this machine can save our house now!

Vansh asks Akhilesh about Mishri. She was going to come with you, right? Pushpa asks Akhilesh too. Is someone bringing her? Akhilesh denies. She must stay in hospital tonight as she isn’t well. How’s Ira? Pushpa shares that she is fine. Devina took her to hospital. Vansh adds that Devina got hurt in the knees so Ira took her to hospital. She will also meet Mishri this way. Akhilesh runs out of the house.

Devina pretends to limp. I am sorry for troubling you in this condition. Ira tells her she is fine. I will bring doc here. Have a seat. Devina tells her to meet Mishri. I can go to doc on my own. Ira happily heads towards Mishri’s ward. Devina stands upright. How will Ira bear the sight of her almost dead daughter?

Ira finds out that Mishri is in ICU.

Akhilesh asks doc if someone went in Mishri’s ward. Doc shrugs cluelessly.

Ira says Akhilesh said Mishri has slight fever. She goes inside ICU. Devina peeks from the glass window. Ira tries to wake up Mishri. For a long time there is no response. Ira shouts for doctor. Ira checks Mishri’s pulse. She reads Mishri’s reports but Akhilesh snatches the file out of her hands. You should have been at home. Let’s go home. She tells him that Mishri isn’t opening her eyes. How is she? Akhilesh lies that doc gave her injection. Ira demands to know why she is in ICU. Akhilesh assures her Mishri is fine. Ira refuses to believe him. Tell me everything honestly. Give me the reports. What are you hiding from me? She takes the file from him and reads it. Mishri suddenly opens her eyes and calls for Mapu. Akhilesh looks on in shock. Devina too is stunned. Ira cries in relief. I was so scared. Akhilesh wonders how Mishri gained conscious. Doc had said it is impossible for her to get out of coma. Mishri sits up and looks at them. Victory is ahead of fear. How are you Mapu? Ira replies that she is fine. How are you? Mishri says I am glad to know that you are fine. I am also fine. Ira kisses her on her forehead. Akhilesh is in tears. Ira tells Akhilesh that now her trust on God has strengthened. Our kid is perfectly fine! They hug. Ira turns Mishri’s face towards her. I told you that your Bapu will protect both of us. We are fine now. I want to hug you both. She sits next to Mishri and Akhilesh hugs them. Mishri says it is an expression of showing happiness. Akhilesh tells Mishri he was very scared. She tells him she wont leave him ever and falls unconscious. Akhilesh and Ira get tensed. Ira checks for her pulse again. Her body has turned cold. She goes to call doc. Akhilesh continues in his attempts to wake up Mishri.

Devina asks Ira about Mishri. Ira tells her what just happened. Devina guides her towards Mishri’s doc. Ira thanks her. Devina wonders how Mishri can be so lucky. Something is surely wrong. I sent Ira in the wrong direction but I will speak to her doc myself now. How can this be true?

Doc comes to ICU. Akhilesh tells him that they just spoke to Mishri. She is fine. Doc checks Mishri and tells him that Mishri is still in coma. Akhilesh denies. She just spoke to us. Doc tells him that this isn’t Mishri. Akhilesh is stunned. What do you mean by that? Who is she then? What are you saying? Say something. Bhavik offers to explain. Doc leaves.

Akhilesh asks Bhavik about what doc has just said. Bhavik plugs a switch on Mishri’s head. Akhilesh looks on.

A fire breaks out in the hospital. The kids’ ward has caught fire. A lady is stopped by the nurse from going inside. Meanwhile, Ira jumps inside the burning room. She finds the little girl there. She pushes the stroller out of the room but her exit gets blocked. She passes out on a bed.

Akhilesh tells Akhilesh it isn’t Mishri but she looks like Mishri. Akhilesh asks him what he means. Is it her lookalike? Bhavik shares he had no other option. I had to do this for Ira and Moti Ba. This isn’t Mishri’s lookalike. They hear nurse shouting about the fire and rush out to help. Mishri’s room hears it and takes it as a command.

Akhilesh and Bhavik find out from a ward boy that the kids’ room caught fire. Akhilesh tells him to try to douse the fire. Mishri’s robot overhears it and accepts it as a command for herself. Akhilesh calls fire fighters. He next tells Bhavik to send Mishri’s lookalike to her home. Bhavik explains that machines don’t have a family. That isn’t a human but Mirchi 2.0. It is India’s most advanced robot. This is what I have been working upon since last few months! In the meantime, Mirchi 2.0 zooms towards the kids’ room in full speed. Akhilesh is in a state of disbelief.

Mirchi 2.0 scans the room and how to get inside from some other point. Ward boy gets worried seeing her inside the room where Ira is lying unconscious.

Akhilesh and Bhavik wonder where Mirchi 2.0 is currently.

They overhear ward boys talking about a girl going inside the kids’ room. Bhavik guesses it to be Mirchi 2.0. Akhilesh doubts it but Bhavik advises him to see for himself.
Mirchi 2.0 finds Ira in the room. She figures out how to douse the fire and produces those things in the room. The fire is blown out. Mirchi 2.0 brings Ira safely out of the room. Akhilesh and Bhavik look on in wonder / puzzlement. Akhilesh is boggled as to how such a small girl can douse fire. She has also lifted Ira in her arms. Bhavik says nothing is impossible for science and technology in today’s date. Dr. Pillai was right about Mirchi 2.0

Devina tells a nurse to fix the temperature as she is feeling hot.

Bhavik hears her voice and tells Akhilesh to lift Ira. Akhilesh asks her how she did that. Mirchi calls it easy task. Mirchi refuses to give Ira to Akhilesh as there is still danger here. Bhavik overwrites her command. Devina notices Akhilesh holding Ira in his arms and shows fake concern. Is she fine? Akhilesh nods. Mirchi 2.0 also adds that her pulse, blood pressure and everything is fine. Devina is surprised to see her on her feet. Bhavik says even we never expected her to get well so soon. Ira gains conscious. Akhilesh asks her if she is fine. Mirchi agrees. Her pulse and temperature are fine and her burnt amount is 0.3%. A guy recognizes Mirchi to be the same girl who jumped in fire to save Ira. Ira tells her not to do this ever again. What would I have done without you? She hugs Mirchi. They hear a strange sound and are puzzled about its origin. Bhavik realises that it is coming from Mirchi. He whispers to Akhilesh that Mirchi’s battery is low. Akhilesh and Bhavik decide to handle the matter smoothly. Bhavik asks Devina if it’s her phone but she shows her hands. She points out that this sound is coming from Mishri / Mirchi. Bhavik lies that it is fire alarm. Akhilesh seconds him. They send Ira and Devina home. We will bring Mishri home with us. The ladies head home. Akhilesh holds Mirchi 2.0 just when she is about to fall. He asks Bhavik to explain about the machine to him.

Bhavik puts Mirchi on charging. I told you I am investing in a big project. This is it. I withdrew 10 lacs every month for this project only. I wanted her to be the child robot for entertainment purpose. When the accident happened, I understood that Moti Ba and Ira wont be able to accept the truth so I did this. Akhilesh asks him how he gave her Mishri’s face. Bhavik shares that he made a mould of Mishri’s face last night. Dr. Pillai worked hard the entire night and succeeded finally. I replaced Mishri in the morning to save Ira from the plight. Akhilesh asks him how this machine can replace his daughter. Bhavik speaks of circumstances. Ira would have found out about Mishri’s condition if it wasn’t for Mirchi. You saw the happy tears in her eyes seeing Mirchi. I know my way is wrong but it is important to save their lives. Please let me do this till the time Mishri is out of coma. Mirchi opens her eyes and announces that the battery is fully charged. Bhavik removes the charger. Ward boy gives them Hanuman ji’s Prasad. Akhilesh takes it as his hint. I accept your suggestion to save Amma and Ira’s life. Bhavik thanks him. He looks at Mirchi and finds out how she works. Akhilesh pulls her pony and Mirchi greets them. She speaks in English, Hindi, Marathi and Ganga ghaat language. Akhilesh says if she talks like this then everyone will find out she is a machine. Bhavik assures him he will put in all commands now and she will resemble Mishri in every way then. I dint get time to do that till now. He connects his phone to her and transfers Mishri’s data in her system. Akhilesh asks about Mishri. Bhavik takes him to the other side of the room.

Bhavik tells him that only he and Dr. Lokesh know that Mishri is here. Akhilesh sits next to his daughter and holds her hand. No one can take your place. She is just a machine. She is a lie. You are my truth. You are a piece of my heart. This heart will remain broken till the time you recover fully. I am about to take this step for Amma and your Mapu only. Promise me you will defeat your illness and stand back again. I will do my best to make you better!

Mirchi sits up and speaks in Ganga ghaat language. Let’s go home Bapu. Mapu must be waiting for me. God wont give me place even in hell if we trouble Mapu. Akhilesh looks at Mishri emotionally. I might be taking a machine home but you are in my heart.

Bhavik says she speaks just like Mishri. Akhilesh says she might be but my daughter is lying there. Bhavik nods. Akhilesh asks Mirchi to come. Mirchi holds his hand. Let’s go now, Bapu. Bhavik smiles. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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