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Age is just a number, Thursday 13th October 2022 update

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Age is just a number Zeeword
Age is just a number Zeeword

Vaidika holds the sieve to break her fast when Sahil walks to her with a smile. He says he knew already that Vaidika would surely fast. She is his wife and would fulfil all rights of a wife. Vaidika was worried what if they get caught, he must go to Bhoomi who is waiting for her husband. Sahil keeps a finger over Vaidika’s mouth and says Bhoomi has kept a fast, he and Bhoomi are spouse in the eyes of world.

But Vaidika is also love. He wants to make it clear no one can love someone as he loved Vaidika; he has now left his love story to God. He doesn’t know what future holds for them, but right know they stand here as husband-wife and lets fully live this moment.
Bhoomi comes across the corridor looking for Sahil.

Sahil teases Vaidika as she breaks her fast and looks at Sahil’s face in the sieve. Sahil teases her while making her drink water from the pot and eats the bite of sweet first by himself. Vaidika smiles as they share an eye lock. Sahil tells Vaidika they will be together tonight, but its alright if she is uncomfortable. Vaidika says for Ved, each day is important but wants to speak about Bhoomi. Bhoomi reach there. Vaidika hides her aarti plate. Bhoomi was excited and takes Sahil downstairs for Pooja. Puneesh had filmed the celebrations of Vaidika and Sahil’s Karwachot. Puneesh thinks Sahil is really lucky, he is looting the pleasure of two wives at once.

Sahil stood in front of Bhoomi as she performs the rituals. He could see Vaidika’s face in Bhoomi. Puneesh comes to Prachi who was annoyed at him for being late. Bari Amma brings laddu to Bhoomi, they are made of pure desi ghee she got especially for Sahil. He loves them. Sahil was excited and gulps the whole laddu. Bari Amma thinks Sahil would stay drunk and half-conscious now, he will get into the wrong room and will not even realize it’s not Vaidika inside but Bhoomi. She won’t care then if Sahil even sleeps with Vaidika for the sake of Ved.

In the hotel, Sahil goes into room 109. Bari Amma thinks her plan would now accomplish. She had already planned with the hotel management, and Bhoomi is there in the room instead of Vaidika.
Sahil comes to the room.

Vaidika was there inside and notices something strange. She notices the marks of lipstick on his neck, he recalls he lost his balance and Bhoomi supported him. May be he got it then. Vaidika says she understands that its Bhoomi’s right. She thinks Bhoomi finally got what she longed for, past five years. Sahil holds Vaidika’s hand. Both sit on the bed together. Sahil circles his arm around Vaidika, while holds her hand from the other one to kiss it. They come into a hug.

Bhoomi was ready to welcome Sahil in the other room. She was grateful to Vaidika as today her marriage would accomplish.

Downstairs, Bari Amma slaps the receptionist. He explains it was by mistake that Vaidika got the keys of Room 109. Bari Amma was determined not to let Vaidika win. She comes to Bhoomi in her room and says it’s all Vaidika’s planning, she must have taken Sahil into her own room. She snatched Bhoomi’s right and has taken her place in her life in the name of Ved. Bhoomi hysterically cries spilling everything around, and ruining the décor of the room. Bari Amma smirks and leaves the room, thinking that no matter she couldn’t be victorious but created enmity between the two sisters. Now Bhoomi will kill Vaidika.

The next morning, Sahil wakes up in the hotel room. Vaidika had left a note on the side table. Vaidika wrote she was leaving for home, she doesn’t know why God brought them into such situations but it’s only because of Sahil that she could gain courage of such a step. His respect for her has increased in her eyes. She now awaits for the news they need to save their son, Ved. She feels really lucky that Sahil is her children’s father, and wish Bhoomi and Sahil’s relation gets stronger with time. Sahil thinks He can’t leave Vaidika alone after using her. He didn’t know about Ved, but this time everything took place consciously.

He will give the love of both parents to his child. He can’t leave Vaidika after using her.
At home, Vaidika was in front of temple praying for her children. Bhoomi comes home badly drunk, holding a bottle of wine. Vaidika tries to support her and snatch the bottle. Bhoomi shouts that Vaidika betrayed her and spent the night with her husband before her. She blames that Sahil wanted to come close to her, but Vaidika took him. Vaidika was shocked at the accusations.

Bhoomi calls Vaidika a cunning and selfish lady, at least she could have spared her younger sister. She had only pleaded for her son and husband. Bhoomi asks Vaidika how was her husband in bed? Vaidika holds a hand to slap Bhoomi. Bhoomi was still accusing Vaidika when Sahil comes from behind and demands Bhoomi to apologize Vaidika.

Sahil drags Bhoomi away from Vaidika and angrily tells her to shut up. Bhoomi laughs that Prince Sahil is here to save his Princess Vaidika. She complements his shaved beard, and asks if his night was beautiful? How it felt to sleep with an older lady, her experience must have paid off. Sahil says he did it for Ved only.

Vaidika wonders what happened last night, she thought Bhoomi and Sahil had already… She questions Sahil. Sahil tells Vaidika to look at Bhoomi’s condition, he can’t speak to her now. Bari Amma had come downstairs and shows concern for Bhoomi’s condition. Sahil forbids Bari Amma to fuel the matter, Bhoomi is already drunk. Bhoomi doesn’t let Vaidika help her. Bari Amma takes Bhoomi into the room.

Sahil thinks the drama never ends in this house, he won’t Vaidika be a target this time. Right now Vaidika needs to stay alone. Vaidika had left and reach her old house. She felt bad for Bhoomi and vows that she will never destroy her sister, Bhoomi’s life. Nani drags Vaidika aside and scolds Vaidika for whatever she did.

Vaidika asks if she could have let Ved die. She tried her best that no one is hurt by any of her act. She understands Bhoomi’s pain as well. Nani asks Vaidika to let Bhoomi go to hell, she must only think about herself. Nani was dubious that Bari Amma played this game to create such enmity.

Bari Amma leaves Bhoomi’s room with a smile. Puneesh stood there and asks Bari Amma why he feels Bari Amma is behind all the chaos. Bari Amma asks him to stay away from her matters, then says she will keep Vaidika away from Sahil at every cost and this time Bhoomi will make sure this takes place. After Bari Amma had left, Puneesh felt pity over Bari Amma. Sahil wanders with two wives, Vaidika is proud of being Sahil’s wife and Bari Amma considers herself a winner. He will soon throw them all out of this house.
Gauri meets Manish in a restaurant. Manish brings Gauri a CCTV footage of the spot where the women activists attacked Gauri.

He says Vaidika was right, someone did this deliberately. They must be cautious else the man might hurt them again. Deepak sat nearby. Manish sense this and tries to stop Deepak. Deepak instead runs from the restaurant. Manish follows him down the street. Deepak successfully flee in the car. Manish wonders who the man was and why they are following him. Deepak was relieved to be saved but was shocked to see Puneesh in the car.

Puneesh warns Deepak that they can only win over Bari Amma if united. He says Deepak is right, a woman must be kept to her limits. Bari Amma would surely chose her daughter over him. He suggests about killing Gauri and offers to take Deepak somewhere. Puneesh and Deepak give Gauri’s photo to the goon and tells him to finish her off. Deepak smirks that Puneesh found a good solution, he will now live happily with Sadika in the Agarwal house.

Vaidika speaks to Sahil and convince him that Bhoomi might hurt her again. Sahil wasn’t ready to keep any relation with Bhoomi, he still loves her (Vaidika). Sahil says his feelings have strengthened after last night, but he had been frustrated for years.

He hated everyone because of enforcement to stay away from her. He could never forget her, and couldn’t move on. No matter Vaidika accepts his love or not, it won’t change. He never made promises to Bhoomi, and she is aware of his situation. Bhoomi comes to the hall clapping, and says they are master planners. She reminds Sahil of his promise that he shouldn’t ruin her life. If those promises her all lie? She calls Vaidika a betrayer.

They have both forgotten every promise in a single night. Sahil stops Bhoomi and says when he married Bhoomi he clarified Bhoomi about her feelings, she had a choice then. He forbids Bhoomi fall down to such an extent. He says last night was for Ved’s life or death, but no matter it returns into his life again or not; he will continue to love Vaidika. He frees Bhoomi from their marriage ties.

Vaidika and Bhoomi were shocked to hear his announcement. Sahil says he doesn’t want she is bound in a painful relationship and is divorcing her. If she thinks he will make a relation with Vaidika afterwards, Vaidika won’t agree for it. But Bhoomi is free and move on in life with anyone she likes. Vaidika tries to intervene that this isn’t right. Bari Amma shouts at Vaidika to shut up. She warns that Sahil might ruin his life again because of Vaidika.

Vaidika intervenes and convince Sahil that Sahil must at least respect Bhoomi’s love for him. Sahil clarifies that he once loved Vaidika crazily, but he doesn’t love Bhoomi. It’s better for Bhoomi to understand it as soon as possible.

Bhoomi says may be this is Karma. Vaidika convince Sahil not to divorce Sahil but he wasn’t ready. He holds Vaidika’s hand and says he only loves Vaidika, he isn’t leaving Bhoomi because of he