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A Touch of Love on glow tv, Wednesday 25th January 2023 update

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TV series

A Touch of Love on glow tv Wednesday 25th January 2023 update, Shraddha making Thapki speak to Vasundara and asking her to save her. Vasu says she will save her. Shraddha tells Vasu that time is less and asks her to search her if she can. Balwinder says we will not leave shraddha once we find Thapki. Vasu stops him and says when Thapki was talking, she heard temple bell and also a horn. She says may be this is the same temple which have factory beside it. She thinks to search Thapki anyhow. Bani asks prince to leave her. Prince asks her to cry and says he will marry her.

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Monty asks Pandit ji to complete the marriage for sending Maasa t jail. He covers her head with dupatta and does her ghat bandhan. Kosi comes and cuts the ghat bandhan rope with knife. Prince, Bani and Monty looks on. Kosi tells her favorite liner. Vasu comes to the temple and thinks Thapki is not near the temple and calls Balwinder. She tells that she couldn’t find Thapki there. Balwinder says even he couldn’t find. Thapki falls down the chair and injures her hand inorder to free her hands.

Prince asks kosi, who is she? Kosi says she is Bani’s dadi. Prince says I know Bani’s dadi is Vasundara Pandey. Kosi says she is her step dadi and I am her real dadi. She says I will see who will touch her. She starts beating Prince and Monty with her stick. Prince asks are you mad? She makes them run away and asks Bani not to get scared. Bani gets her father’s photo frame and cries. Kosi says if anyone raise his eyes on you, I will plugged his eyes. I will give you upbringing thinking you as my Bihaan, and asks her to come with her. Bani nods. Kosi hugs her.

Vasu asks God, until when he will test them and asks to return their Thapki. She rings the temple bell repeatedly and says until Thapki is found, I will ring this bell to let you know that a mum is worried for her kids.

Goddess’ dupatta falls on Vasu. She then hears Thapki with her covered face shouting for help while goons are following her. Thapki hides from them. Goons leave from there. Vasu holds her and removes cloth from her face. She is shocked to see Shraddha. Shraddha smiles to have fooled her. Vasu is shocked. Shraddha says I am ready and says lets go home. I was waiting to rule Pandey nivas. She says what do you think that I am a fool and easy for you to find Thapki. She says I will make you die with Thapki. Vasu asks about Thapki’s voice. Shraddha shows her smart phone and tells that she played Thapki’s recording. She says two hours are left and Thapki’s death is coming near her.

She shows her phone in which Thapki is tied and hurt. Vasu shouts Thapki. Shraddha asks her to go and search Thapki before she dies. Vasu says time is over for you, you have kidnapped my Thapki and says I will kill you. Shraddha says if you kill me then you will not get even Thapki’s dead body. Vasu leaves her. Shraddha says you have much strength and asks her to go and test her strength in finding Thapki. Vasu stops her and asks her not to punish Thapki for her mistakes. She apologizes to her repeatedly and asks her to leave Thapki. Shraddha asks where is your God? He is not here.

Vasu accepts her defeat and asks her to leave Thapki. Shraddha says your emotional drama is not enjoyable and asks her to bend down and rubs her nose on her feet. Vasu is shocked and rubs nose on her feet. Shraddha smiles and says she will make her video and upload on social networking media. She records her video and cries. Vasu asks her to leave her Thapki. Shraddha says your Thapki is gone. She comes to the place where she kept Thapki captive and says Thapki….my loving Thapki. I was waiting for this moment, with your dead, my revenge will be fulfilled. She asks her to stand up and sees her not moving. She pats on her shoulder and thinks she is dead. She says Thapki will not be alive to give love to anyone and will not be remember by anyone. Vasu comes and says Thapki will be alive.

Vasu telling Shraddha that Thapki pyaar ki will be alive as Thapki and her love is true and real. She asks Doctor to check Thapki. Shraddha looks on shocked and angry. Doctor checks Thapki and says she is alive and says he will bandage her injured hands. Shraddha runs from there. Vasu asks Doctor to check Thapki and goes to Shraddha. She beats her with stick. Shraddha asks what you are doing? Vasu says I have rescued Thapki. Shraddha says you had bent infront of me and rubbed your nose. Vasu says it was just act and tells that she had tied chip in her dupatta to trace her which she got from Police. Shraddha says you have tied tracking device. Vas says yes, and says I have saved her and followed you. Shraddha runs. Vasu says your sins will end now and see a mum Vinashkari’s
roop. She takes Goddess’s trishul, opens her hairs and scares Shraddha holding it. Jai mata ki plays……

Shraddha asks Vasu to let her go and forgive her. Vasu says I shall forgive you so that you can ruin other’s happy family. She says you will be punished for all the crimes and is about to stab her the trishul. Balwinder comes and asks her to leave her and gives Thapki’s promise. Vasu throws the trishul away. Inspector arrests Shraddha and takes her with him.

Thapki returns home after being rescued by Vasu. She sees Bihaan’s clothes and shouts Bihaan. Thapki Pyaar Ki Plays…….She imagines him saying ghajab. Bihaan comes to her and wipes her tears. He says I told you not to waste these precious pearls. Thapki says Bihaan….Bihaan says he will not leave her so soon. Thapki hugs him and cries asking him never to leave her. She asks everyone told that…you have fell down and……Bihaan asks her to listen to her heart and says I will tell you when I will come. He hugs her and asks her to smile. He holds her hand. Ranjhana Ranjhana plays…………………He dances with her.

Thapki opens her eyes and finds herself on bed. Tina asks are you fine? Thapki says I was kidnapped by Shraddha. Vasu and Balwinder come there. Thapki says if you were not with me then don’t know what Shraddha would have done with me. She asks about Bani. Dhruv tells her that Police searched her, but she is not found. Thapki says she will go and search Bani. Suman asks her to take care and says it is destiny’s plan.

Thapki says I know whose plan it is. She goes to Police station and asks Shraddha to tell where is Bani? Shraddha says I am once again in jail, but happy that I have defeated you. Thapki says I wish you didn’t get hang sentence and wants you to be alive so that you can see Bihaan and Bani returning. Shraddha tells that Bihaan is dead and may be Bani too. Thapki says until she is having sindoor and mangalsutra, he will be alive. Shraddha says reality will not change. Vasu comes there and tells that Shraddha have done this and says our destiny is written by God. She asks her to accept and says we will not get anything fighting with destiny. Shraddha says nothing is left with her. Thapki says she has hopes with her and tells that she will get Bani and Bihaan. Vasu asks what you are saying? Thapki says my Bihaan is alive…Shraddha laughs and says even your saas left supporting you and asks what you will do now. Thapki says trust/believe makes everyone fine and tells that they will return soon.

After 15 years……………..

Vasu asks Servant to decorate the house and says Tina is having her birthday today and roka ceremony also. She calls Suman. Suman comes and says we shall do the best arrangements. Vasu asks did you call them. Suman says yes and says we shall be ready. She asks Servants to do work faster. Vasu sees Bihaan’s photo frame and tells that today is Tina’s roka and asks are you happy today. She says you went 15 years ago and says if you had not gone, then you would have seen her roka ceremony. She is about to put garland on his photo frame. Thapki comes and stops her. She is shown wearing mangalsutra and sporting sindoor. She takes garland from her hand and says I told you that this thing is not needed as Bihaan is alive. Vasu asks if he is alive then where is he? I asked you not to wear all this, and asks her to come out of her imaginative world and says Bihaan is no more in this world.

Thapki says but he is there in my world and recalls spent with him, gets emotional. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.