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I’m On The Edge ZeeWorld, Tuesday 9th August 2022 update

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Masa sits with Adhi. She says you are so weak. Those thugs got killed. I think Devi got them killed so that her name doesn’t get out. Adhi says maybe she has done nothing. Maybe she is doing all this with her heart. Maybe she is right. Masa says yes anything is possible. Or maybe her looks have done a magic on you. She is so clever. i have seen many such girls. I hope you don’t get cheated by her.

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Adhi gets ready for office. DEvi says this your massage time. He says I have important work. She says you need rest. This is your rest time. Stay here. Adhi says I have to go its important. DEvi takes his suitcase. She says come take it from me. Adi says enough. give me my bag. This is not a game. He leaves. Adhi falls from the stairs. Devi holds him. She says

I’m On The Edge
I’m On The Edge

is it so important to go? You need rest. I will go to the contractor in your place. He opens bag full of cash. He says you have to take this 50 lacs you have to take these to the contractor. This is very big deal. I can’t trust anyone. Devi says I will take it. Tell me where to go. She says trust me and rest. He gives her the bag.
Scene 2
Devi is on her way. A woman is screaming for help. Her husband has a heart attack. Devi stops her car. She asks what happened. She says her BP is low. She gives him water. Devi gives him first aid. She hires a rickshaw for them. Devi sits back in car and goes to the contractor.

Devi comes to the contractor and gives hom the bag. He opens the bag and says there is not money in it. Devi is dazed. The bag only has some idols. Devi comes to driver and says where did the money go? She asks people everywhere. no one knows about it. She sees a man’s briefcase. She says this is mine. You have stolen it. He opens and it has only some papers. Devi is really worried.

DEvi comes home. Masa says give him the papers of the contract. You have ruined his deal. You have given all the money to your kaku sa. You stole Adhi’s money. Devi says don’t accuse me. I didn’t steal anything. When I opened the briefccase it was empty. Masa says how could you do such mistake. Your family also accused my husband of stealing. You are the real theif. Devi says to Adhi you know I can never do this. I can never steal. Please tell masa that I can never steal. Masa says go ahead and say that she is right. Your masa is lying. Tell that your masa is of no importance now. Devi says in heart I know he trusts me. Masa says say adhi that you trust her or not. Adhi is silent.

Mahek says say Adhi who is right your Masa or this girl. He recalls words of Devi and then of Masa. Adhi walks awata from Devi. He goes to his room.
Devi is crying in her room. Kesar comes there and says please stop crying Devi. Devi says I did everything and this is what I got? Masa accused me of stealing. Adhi’s silence hit me more. He didn’t say a word in my defence. Devi says I shouldn’t have taken this reponsibility. I lost his big amount of money. Keasr says do pooja and pray for the money to get back. You will find a solution. I won’t tell anyone you go for the pooja. I know God will listen to you. Devi leaves.

Devi says I came here for pooja. These new cars? New jewelry? Ambika says come with us we will tell you.
Mas asks

Kesar where is DEvi? She slaps her and says you made her run. She stole the money and ran from here. Adhi’s man comes and tells Adhi that he saw Devi with Ambika in the car. Masa says she ran with your money and this Kesar helped her. Why did she run if she didn’t steal. I told you not to trust her.
Devi and kaki tell her that they got a lottery. DEvi says wow. Thats such a good news. Ambika says our bad days are over. We have seen a boarding school for ishu. She will go there. We have so much money you don’t have to be scared. Kaki says you also get out of here and go to Dehli. Send him divorce papers from Dehli. Fulfill your dreams. Devi is dazed. Ambika says go there and become a doctor.
Devis dazed and silent. Adhi asks his men to look for Devi.

Masa says to Kesar she ran after she took the money. Adhi says in heart I wish I could trust what Keasr is saying but Masa isn’t wrong either. Masa says to Adhi I asked you to stay away from her. She is a cheater. She stole your money.

Urmi asks Kesar where is Devi? Kesar says she is asleep. Masa calls Urmi. Kesar says I hope Devi comes back soon.

Devi prays to get the money back. Ambika and Kaki sa come there. Ambika and kaki ask Devi to go right there to airport. Devi says no I already broke Adhi’s trust; I dind’t want to tell you. I lost Adhi’s huge amount of money. Ambika says how can you do that. DEvi says I can’t explain. I dont’ know what to do. If I run right now everyone will think I am a cheater and I stole his money. Ambika says did he ever think about you? You shouldn’t think about them. This is a sign from God. We will arrange everything at airport.

The bus is coming. We will handle everything here. Bus is ccoming. They send ther to the bus. Ambika says they will ruin your life. Devi sits in the bus. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.