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I’m On The Edge ZeeWorld, Monday 8th August 2022 update

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Devi is crying. Kesar comes there and gives her water. She says I know your pain. Deevi hugs her and cries. Devi says I lost. What was happening here. Keasr says it wasn’t your mistake. Devi says I always wanted to keep Adhi away from harm. I had to say what masa asked me to. I was so scared. What if he actually shot. Kesar says you are there for him.

I’m On The Edge
I’m On The Edge

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Devi says but if had gone your life would be released. You would be free from all this. But you stopped him because you don’t wanna lose him. You are tied to him forever.

Masa comes to her room. She says who dared to harm you? We have to find out who that was. The real culprit is at large. Who would advantage from this? And then they blamed it on me. Who would want this to happen? I forced you to marry

that Devi. I couldn’t see that Devi is taking her family’s revenge from us. She had to do this. Adhi says but she saved my life. Masa says yes thats what I wonder. She is so lucky for you but then her presence had all this happened.
Masa say always things happen and then she saves you. Why? I hope she is not plotting all this. Don’t think to much.
Scene 2
Devi says to Masa you opened my eyes. You showed me he is your puppet. He loves you and you harmed him. I won’t let you harm my husband. Masa says after what happened my son won’t let you stay here. devi says what has it got to do with me? Masa says you don’t know me that well. Go to his room and see.
Devi goes to adhi’s room with soup. She says its your massage time. Adhi says I wonder who would try to kill me? Devi says don’t think too much about it? He grasps her hand and says I don’t need you to serve me. Go from here. Devi says what happened to him. He says get lost. Go from here. DEvi leaves.

Devi says nothing works out. but I wont give up. She says whhy is he behaving this way? i am sure Masa did something. No matter what I wont let her succeed. I did so much for him. I will do something.

Scene 3
Devi does arti. Adhi tries to stand but he can’t/ He says I can’t do it. Devi applies tilak on his head. She says let me bring juice. He says give me my files.
Devi gives him files. She says to Kesar he isn’t even trying to stand. Kesar says but he said he doesn’t need your help.

Devi says but I will help anyone. I have an idea. I will try something. She goes to Adhi’s room. Devi hides adhi’s crutches. She comes to Masa’s room and says I am here to say sorry for what I will do now.

Devi says to Masa I am here to sorry for what I am going to do. Devi locks her in the room. Devi comes to Adhi and says Masa has locked herself in the room. There is no one home. Devi goes from there. Adhi tries to stand. He can’t put his hand on the foot. Devi says no one is home. Masa is knocking on the door. She says someone please open the door. Adhi tries to stand but falls. Devi says no one is home.
Devi says she won’t open door if I ask. You have to come. Adhi tries to get up and stand. He stands and falls again. Devi pretends and says please Masa open the door. Don’t do this. Adhi comes to Masa and opens her door.
Masa says she locked me. I don’t know why she did that. I don’t know what was she trying to do.

Devi saays yes I hid your crutches and I loved Masa here. Adhi grasps her throat and says why did you do this. You know how important is my Masa for me. Why did you do this. Devi says to make you walk on your feet. See you are on your feet now. Adhi is surprised. Devi syas I told you I have faith in you. I am sorry Masa I did this to make him stand. Adhi says you don’t need to apologize. Thank you. Devi says to Masa I told you he would be on his feet soon. Masa says she locked me in my room. She is your wife.
Masa says it was all her drama. you like her now? Adhi says why you think she is always conspiring. Heera says open your eyes. What if you fell?

Scene 2
Kesar asks Saradh how was everything? he says great. Kesar says did you meet him? saradh recalls everything. he says I couldn’t meet him. Its a big city. She leaves. Saradh says I wish I could speak truth. Devi overhears it.

Adhi’s office people come to him. They discuss work. Adhi gives a file to Devi and says please keep it safe. She says don’t worry I will keep it safe.

She says to everyone please go to hall its time for his exercise. Adhi says but work. Saradh says we will go and health is more important. Devi says exercise on time is more important. He says you are so stubborn. She helps him in the exercise.

Adhi says in heart that file is my trust in you. He stands up and falls. Devi holds him.
He says what are you thinking? She says why you gave an important file to me? He says because I trust you. She says I wont’ let your trust break.
Devi gives tea to all the office people. She says I want you all to be part of the pooja. Everyone has to dip hand in this sandal water. When the manager does that his hands turn red. He says what is this? Saradh says stand there. He takes out the file from his bag. Saradh says how did you get it? devi says shocked? You thought no one would doubt you?

Masa says to Adhi she is a chauhan. Urmi says Devi and Saradh have found who set the company on fire. Devi says to Shekhar I always had doubt on you. I knew today was

the day to catch the man. I put white powder on it. When you mix it with sandal your hands turned red. Urmi says to masa what if shekhar tells Masa. Adhi comes downstairs.
Adhi grasps his collar. He says you betrayed me? I treated you like a brother and this is what you did this to me? What forced you to do this? Tell me who asked you to do this. Saradh calls police. Masa says don’t call police. SAradh says he is a traitor. Masa says calm down. You can’t call police or you will lose your clients. This is not the right time. Fire him and thats enough for him. Devi says yes if outsiders got to know the people inside the house have betrayed us it will hurt everyone. Saradh says get out now. He asks all the people to leave. ADhi says i was betrayed and I couldn’t even know. Sarahd says devi exposed him on right time. He takes Adhi to room.
Devi says to Masa you wonder why I didn’t let Shekhar expose you? It would have really hurt Adhi. I won’t let you harm him anymore. I can’t believe a mother can harm her kids like this. You have lost two sons already. your animosity is with me don’t put it out on Adhi.

scene 2
Devi comes to Adhi’s room. She says I can’t keep this file. Don’t get me wrong but if this file was missed today I would have been blamed. He takes the file from her. Devi leaves.

Masa comes in his room. She says I know your pain. What happened was not right. No one thought Shekhar could do this. Be careful Devi can do something like that too. I think she was behind what happenned.

Adhi says I want to go to office. Masa says I know you can’t stay home for long. Saradh comes as well. He says the thugs that attacked you.. They tried to run from custody and all got killed. Adhi says what.. We took our report back.

Call the inspector.
He leaves. Devi says to Masa i know who is behind this. How many people will you kill? I wont let you succeed. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.