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Unless we are deceiving ourselves, Marriage is strictly business – Filmmaker Martini Animashaun says

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Martini Animashaun

Filmmaker, Martini Animashaun is of the opinion that marriage is strictly for business purposes.


In a Tweet thread, Animashaun opined that women desire security which includes money and good life while men desire submissive relationships. He said many people go into marriage just for selfish interests and that unless people just want to deceive themselves, marriage is strictly for business.


His post reads


”I believe that marriage is strictly for Biz purposes. While many people get married for love, many others do this for their self(ish) interest with the latter being the route many seek. Women want security which includes money/good life etc… most men want submissive relationships, where their wives cater to all of their needs. Unless we are deceiving ourselves, Marriage is strictly business.



Unless we are deceiving ourselves, Marriage is strictly business - Filmmaker Martini Animashaun says

    Unless we are deceiving ourselves, Marriage is strictly business – Filmmaker Martini Animashaun says - Tochi Sampson - Sep 25, 2022 5:32 pm

    Marriage is probably a transaction. But that one of man as chief provider was 50 years ago so get your donkey head out of your great-grandfather’s ass and reset it to year 2022. Which money is man providing? Many women are even breadwinner of their family. In this day and age where too many women are sponsoring their men to school, for business and are silent breadwinners you want to continue to play up this dead narrative of man ALWAYS being the one making sacrifices and providing money? In this day and age?

    Where so many men are just sperm donor now, sexually incontinent deadbeat dads that leave the entirety of providing for their children to baby mama without even showing up for birth talk less of being a provider? That kind of foolish and base uselessness was unheard of in the old days when men were sole providers and women just sat home and raised kids. Please do not EVER compare majority of today’s men to those of the era of my grandfather who knew what it was to be a responsible husband to their wife and father to their children. Today’s man, thankfully not all, he wants the benefit of westernization, expecting a woman to do exactly what a man does in terms of working and bringing in the dough yet demanding that she be a voiceless doormat that will stomach infidelity and all sorts of nonsense which even our grandfathers who provided for wife 100% did not do.

    Please nobody is saying you should not marry 10 wives, but do not expect it of a woman who can feed herself unlike our grandmothers of old who depended on man for their next meal and protection and had to stomach that nonsense of man being disease vector like housefly. Putting penis in every place and using the same penis on several women. You that you cannot satisfy just one woman. You want to be servicing 4 like tribal chief!!!! Some wives will not even get any sex for a whole week or two because husband is busy servicing others. Go ahead. You think she does not desire other men like you desire other women? Why do you think our ancestors were circumcising their property called women?

    Was it not to deaden sexual passion in their property seeing as the children that wife bore for dark and muscular Nwachukwu were looking too much like fair and slim Okeke? Many Nigerians are not even aware that they are not related to their grandfather. Some things have not changed since fhen— cheat on your wife or begin to show affection to another and she will begin to hate you enough to kill you or else another man will take your place in her heart because earth abhors a vacuum. Polygamy was a function of the times. The woman had no choice. Now some can even feed 20 men. And it is that one you want to lord cheating over? When you leave a woman with high libido without sex as you frolic with other women because of your imaginary right to be cheating or polygamous, you will now be crying about failed dna test.

    Abi you dont know that women too have sexual urges? As to that provider being exclusive to man, at some point, women sponsoring men only for man to jillt her was the theme of every Nollywood movie. The world has gone beyond this ancient narrative of man sending woman to school and providing that you are trying to resurrect. As if all women are just born and left in a hole and will die there unless man comes to feed them. I bet even your boss is a woman. This was impossible just 60 years ago but now, everybody is working; both man and woman are climbing 300 feet scaffolding on construction site and chairing board meeting to earn a living.

    Better get your head out of your grandfather’s ass and wake up to reality. Real men don’t even need your pointless advice. Just because you are less than a man and cannot face up to the changing times that you see as a challenge to your useless manhood, it does not mean that every other man is a neanderthal like you. Sheesh!