Zip Codes for Nigeria states

What is Nigeria Zip Code?

What is the zip code of Nigeria?

We tend to see these zip codes everywhere online, especially while filling out address forms on eCommerce websites.

This often leads to the huge volume of the search query ‘What is Nigeria Zip Code?’.

Nigerian postal codes
Nigerian postal codes

In this article, we are going to go through a thorough look at these codes, and we are going to reveal the code for all the states in Nigeria including Lagos, Abuja, and Portharcourt (Rivers state).

Without wasting time, let us get down to business.

What is Zip code?

Zip code is short for Zone Improvement Plan.

However, it is a system of postal codes that are used in the United States of America.

It was introduced in the early 60s in the US Postal Service.

Moreover, these zip codes are said to be used for faster arrangements of mail, for more effective delivery.

Initially, these codes comprised 5 numbers, but they were later changed to nine.

A hyphen often follows five numbers, before the final four numbers.



This is a typical example of a zip code.

Is Zip Code Different From Postal Code?

This question is often asked by several people both online and offline.

However, the truth is, Zipcodes are only used in the United States of America.

In other countries including Nigeria, the postal codes are used instead.

Zip codes and postal codes serve the same purpose.

Moreover, Zip code is a type of postal code.

The Zip/Postal code of Nigeria is 00176-0000.

They can be used interchangeably here in Nigeria, so do not be confused by my choice of usage in this article.

However, the Nigerian Zip Codes are arranged and organized by NIPOST (Nigerian Postal Service).

Nigeria is currently divided into nine postcode zones.

These zones are represented with the numbers one to nine and are splitted into different regions.

That means each postcode represents a particular region in the nation.

The Zip code of each state in Nigeria begins with a postcode.

That is, if the zip code of your state starts at 7, then you belong to the region for postcode zone 7.

That is how it works.


NIPOST has splitted Nigeria into nine different zones.

Each zone has its own regional code.

This is the code that makes up the first digit of the Nigerian postal code/zip code.

The Zip codes in Nigeria are made up of six numbers.

The first number is the regional code just as explained, and the last three represents the location of delivery.

Either post office or major city.

Lagos state has the lowest zip code in Nigeria (100001).

The main postal head offices in all the nine regions here in Nigeria have postal codes that end with 001.

List of Zip Codes in Nigeria

As we all know, the zip code is a mandatory thing that must be filled in online forms (especially in eCommerce websites).

When filling these spaces for zip codes, a lot of people confuse if for dialing codes.

So many people fill in the code ‘234’ when asked for their zip code.

The code ‘234’ is the Nigerian international dialing code.

This is for international phone calls.

When asked to fill in your zip code/Postal code in any online form, use the codes that will be given shortly in this article.

List of Zip Code in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt (Rivers state), and other States.

Find below a comprehensive list of the zip codes of all the states here in Nigeria.

  • FCT Abuja: 900001
  • Abia: 440001
  • Adamawa: 640001
  • Akwa Ibom: 520001
  • Anambra: 420001
  • Bauchi: 740001
  • Bayelsa: 561001
  • Benue: 970001
  • Borno: 600001
  • Cross River: 540001
  • Delta: 320001
  • Ebonyi: 840001
  • Edo: 300001
  • Ekiti: 360001
  • Enugu: 400001
  • Gombe: 760001
  • Imo: 460001
  • Jigawa: 720001
  • Kaduna: 700001
  • Kano: 800001
  • Katsina: 820001
  • Kebbi: 860001
  • Kogi: 260001
  • Kwara: 240001
  • Lagos (Mainland/Island): 100001/101001
  • Nasarawa: 962001
  • Niger: 920001
  • Ogun: 110001
  • Ondo: 340001
  • Osun: 230001
  • Oyo: 200001
  • Plateau: 930001
  • Rivers: 500001
  • Sokoto: 840001
  • Taraba: 660001
  • Yobe: 320001
  • Zamfara: 860001

These are the zip codes for all the states here in Nigeria.

You can use them to fill online forms.

Whether you see the zip code or postal code column in any website, just fill these codes given, and you’d be good to go.

What are The Complete Duties of The Nigerian Postal Service?

  • To provide mail bags and boxes for private individuals and businesses.
  • They arrange mails and deliver them to their destinations.
  • Sell stamps and collect stamp duties on behalf of the government. 
  • Conduct EMS speed post deliveries.
  • They grant postal service permits to local villages without post offices.
  • Handle bulk postal services like newsletters and more.

How Long Do Nigerian Postal Deliveries Take?

One of the major duties of the Nigerian Postal service (NIPOST) is to deliver mails and parcels to individuals or businesses in major urban areas, or through post offices.

It is important to know how long these deliveries take with the Nigerian postal service.

So how long exactly do NIPOST deliveries take?

However, these things can easily be found on the NIPOST website, but let me save you the stress.

Here is how long deliveries take with the Nigerian Postal service.

  • For Intra-City deliveries (ie Deliveries within a single city), the Nigerian postal service takes 24hours to complete a delivery.
  • For Inter-City deliveries (ie Deliveries within different cities in the same region), they take 48hours(2 days) to deliver items completely.
  • As for Nationwide deliveries (ie Deliveries across the nation), NIPOST takes 3 days (72hours) to complete deliveries.

This is the major delivery time frame of the Nigerian postal service.

A lot of customers attest to faster delivery times, while some others say they got their parcels later than the promised time.

All things being equal, their delivery time is standard, and that is what you’d get from most delivery companies across the world.

How Did The Nigerian Postal Service Begain?

The very first post office in Nigeria was actually created back in 1852.

However, it was established and operated by our British colonial masters.

This post office operated under the London General Post Office in the UK, up until late in 1874.

As the time passed, the RNC (Royal Niger Company) established the postal structures in different locations in the country.

The British Post Office also expanded here in Nigeria.

Some years on, RNC was honoured as a member of the Universal Postal Union.

After a few more years of success in the postal sector, the government took over.

Back then, the postmen encountered so many challenges as there were several bad roads all across the nation.

Atimes, these postmen had to go through canoes and other sorts of bizzarr transportation just to deliver mails and parcels.

Today, everything is significantly easier.

When Nigeria gained her independence in 1960, the Nigerian Postal service was then made a part of the telecommunications department.

This telecommunications company was then called NITEL.

As the postal system grew higher, the government created a separate department for it.

In 1987, NIPOST was fully made to be a Ministerial department in the country.

This was with the help of decree No. 18 of 1987.

So far, this was how the whole postal system started here in Nigeria.

Today, it has grown so big, that it is now a huge department in the government.

How Much Does It Cost To Use The Nigerian Postal Service?

If you intend to use the Nigerian postal service for delivery and do not know the costs involved, then this is for you.

To find out the cost of delivery on the Nigerian postal service, here is what you need to do.

Use the NIPOST calculator

Have you ever heard of the NIPOST calculator?

This is a calculation tool in the official website of the Nigerian Postal Service.

This calculator allows you to discover the amount you have to provide to cover a particular delivery.

It is very easy to use this calculator. Even beginners can understand it quickly.

Viewing the price list

The second way to find out the price of NIPOST deliveries is by using their price list.

They have a huge price list on their website, which contains all their charges, according to the weights of packages.

Nevertheless, this list can be accessed through the menu of the website of the Nigerian postal service.

The list contains information on both domestic and international deliveries.

These are the two ways to calculate the cost that you will incur by using the NIPOST service for your deliveries.

Conclusion on The Nigeria Zip Code

So far, I hope you have been able to clear your doubt on the whole confusion between what zip codes and postal codes.

Zip codes are only used in the United States.

Other countries like Nigeria make use of the postal codes.

They serve the same purpose.

That is, the postal codes in Nigeria serve just the same purpose as the zip codes in the US.

You can explore the list of codes for all the states one more time…

I hope you found this piece interesting.

In all, I wish you the best.

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