Young Love Monday 2nd March 2020 Update

Young Love Thursday 7 January 2021 Update
Young Love Thursday 7 January 2021 Update


This is Young Love Monday 2nd March 2020 Update on glow TV

on Young Love 2nd March 2020 Update: The episode sated when Nimboli locked up in the kothri/dark room. She prays to Kanha to give her food. Just then she hears some noise and ties herself. Disa looks at her through the upper window and throws food packet. Nimboli gets happy. Disa asks her to eat before Harki comes. Nimboli eats it while Disa keeps an eye outside. Disa throws the torch so that she doesn’t feel scared in darkness. Harki massages her legs and thinks Nimboli used to massage my legs, but she is locked in the kothri by me. She recalls Mangla’s words. She gets an idea and thinks to get the work done by Nimboli.

Jagya comes to Ganga and says tomorrow’s operation is important for you asking her to prepare. Ganga says she needs to talk to him. She tells that there is a tension between Shivam and Abhi. Jagya says Abhi is my son, I don’t want to scold him. Ganga says he is a kid. What we shall do? Jagya says nothing, this happens amongst the children. They will understand with age. Jagya says what shall I do? Shall I scold Shivam to please Abhi. Ganga says she didn’t say that. He gets a call. Ganga thinks some differences have come between them. She thinks how to protect her relation.


Nimboli plays with the torch light and makes faces. Harki comes and opens the lock. Nimboli gets alert and pretends to sleep. Harki wakes her up. Nimboli says she is in pain. Harki says I forgive you and asks her not to behave badly with villagers. Nimboli agrees, but says if someone scolds my Pampodi then I will not stay quiet. Harki scolds her and says she will tie her to the tree of evil spirits. Nimboli thinks she has to act and refuses to do anything. Harki asks why this rope is loose. Nimboli makes an excuse. Nimboli asks her to give food. Harki asks her to massage her legs first. She sees the torch and asks from where did it come? Nimboli says no and says I will massage your legs. Harki asks her to come. Young Love Monday 2nd March 2020 Update on

Nimboli massages Harki’s legs. She feels relieved and asks her to massage more. Nimboli thinks Maasa didn’t know that Disa already fed her food. She starts tickling her. Harki asks her to leave her legs. Nimboli laughs and asks did you enjoy? Harki says I won’t give you food then you will enjoy. She asks her to continue massaging her legs. Nimboli obeys her.

Kundan is in his room and recalls his friends’ provoking him to get close to Nimboli being her husband. He gets restless and thinks of Nimboli polishing his shoes. He thinks Maasa has tied Nimboli so she might be alone now. He comes out and sees the Kothri door open. He thinks where is Nimboli. He sees her sleeping on the bed and stares her with lust. He is about to touch her, just then Disa comes there. He hides. Nimboli holds her hand so she sleeps with her. Kundan thinks Disa has failed his plan. He thinks Nimboli won’t be saved anymore. Young Love Monday 2nd March 2020 Update on

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