Young Dreams update Monday 1 March 2021 Zee World

young dreams update monday 1 march 2021 zee world

Young Dreams 1 March 2021 update: Mayank at the edge of cliff while thoughts of Sangeeta telling him to marry Charu and Gunjan saying go home are flowing through his mind. He says sorry, Gunjan I can’t live without you and goes closer to the cliff’s edge

. He is about to jump off when Gunjan holds his hands and they hug and both say I love you! Mayank says he has a surprise for her and says she will have to listen to him. Gunjan is so happy! Scene shifts to Rachna and Rajiv hugging while Rachna says I love you sir! Rajiv let’s go of her and says come sit down on the rock. He gives her water to drink and she keeps staring at Rajiv crying. Rajiv looks away and then stands up and says don’t cry and asks if she is alright. Rachna says she is lucky to have him in her life and she thanks him. She then asks if he got the” chikni” (I guess that means letter) and he asks which one.

Rajiv says he didn’t receive any letter and Rachna is shock. Rajiv then explains she has a crush on him and it is all part of growing up. He says she is a good student and he has a teacher-like love for nothing else! He tells her to focus on her career; she is a smart and intelligent girl. Rachna is all down. Rajiv asks her to try to understand that love between a teacher and student like this will be unacceptable! Rachna says ok, she will wait until she finishes school. Rajiv says there is no need for that. Rachna asks why, is there is another person in his life? Rajiv says yes (he hesitates then says this, I guess he lies). Rachna asks her name. But before Rajiv replies, Rachna says she knows its Anushka! Rajiv is shocked! Rachna cries, all heart broken and runs away! At home, Sangeeta brings milk for Seema and she refuses it, Shayl comes and says give it to her while Sangeeta gives an attitude and does not look in Shayl’s direction. Shayl gives Seema the milk but Seema says she will only drink it if Shayl brings Mayank back so he can get married! Seema says if that does not happen she won’t eat ever (I think). Shayl is worried and asks her what she is saying. Seema cries! Seema asks her where is Mayank? Shayls says she does not know. Seem accuses her of lying. Shayl cries and leaves!

Mayank and Gunjan on bike and is roaming around. At camp, Rachna is crying and she tells Chaya what happened, Chaya hugs her and is shocked to know what happened. Chaya tells her to relax, everything will be okay and Chaya tries to cheer her up! Mayank and Gunjan reach some white building. Mayank puts one of those (I don’t know its name) the thing the DIL kicks before she enters a home, and Gunjan kicks that and enters bare feet. She has a broom and they clean part of the building and Gunjan shows a photo of them. He kisses her on the forehead. Dayal scolds Shayl and she cries. Dayal says as soon as Gunjan and Mayank returns, Gunjan will be thrown out of this house. Shyal is shock and cries. Dayal says he does not want to hear anything! He says he won’t change his decision! He says he has had enough and leaves a shaken and devastated Shayl! Its night and Gunjan and Mayank are outside of the building. He gives her a red sari to prepare for the wedding! Gunjan is happy! He says he has the most important thing and shows her the sindoor! At home, doctor checks Seema and says her pressure is high. All are worried. A lady is helping Gunjan get dressed as a bride; she looks awesome in that red sari! She looks at herself in the mirror and sees herself and is so happy! The suddenly she remembers her mother saying won’t you let me meet him when she was alive! Gunjan looks confused and sad! Meanwhile the Lady asks her why they are getting married! Gunjan looks sad. At camp Rachna is crying, Chaya comes and tells her start packing while she goes and look for Gunjan. Rachan finds gunjan’s letter and is surprised about their relationship. Meanwhile, while Gunjan and the lady are walking to the wedding hall, Gunjan is remembering Shayl words for Mayank to talk about to Mayank parents first. The rituals begin! Mayank is all happy. But then Gunjan realizes this is no right and stands up and Mayank is shock! Chaya comes back and tells Rachna Gunjan is missing and they should inform Rajiv, Rachna says wait. Back at wedding, Gunjna says this is wrong! She says we can’t do this to Shayl! Mayank seems least bothered! Gunjan says we can’t get married like this! She manages to convince senseless Mayank! Gunjan leaves from there! At camp all are getting ready to leave to go home! Rajiv says go and tell Gunjan to come, we can’t wait. Rachna does not know what to do! He asks if there is problem. Vihaan, Chaya and Rajiv are tensed. Rachan says yes there is a problem and she explains that has already gone home! Vihaan is surprised. Gunjan and Mayank are at some corner and Mayank is angry at Gunjan and can’t believe she has done this! She tells him let’s go home; he does not want to go! She says we can do this! And he finally gives in! in bus going home, Rachna is so worried. And Rajiv side eyes her. She wonders how she is going to make contact when Gunjan. Shayl calls her and she answers her call. Shayl asks if Gunjan is with her. Rachna does not relpy. Shayl says give her the phone. Rachna worried!

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