Young Dreams Tuesday 23rd March 2021 Update Zee World

Young Dreams Tuesday 23rd March 2021 Update
Young Dreams Tuesday 23rd March 2021 Update


Young Dreams Tuesday 23rd March 2021 Update Zee World: On Young Dreams Tuesday 23 March 2021 Update, The episode starts with Gunjan sleeping and tugs at the quilt only to find it being pulled. She then turns to see Mayank next to her on the bed. He waves at her and she smiles and closes her eyes back to sleep thinking it was her imagination and then opens her eyes realizing it wasn’t.

Gunjan is shocked seeing him and asks what is he doing and that he should leave. She asks if he is mad and he says yes mad for her love. She tells him that she promised Shail that till they are married she won’t meet him. He tells her he came into the room early in the morning when everyone else was sleeping.

He says he can’t go out as there are a lot of people outside. She says it’s not that she is scared they will get caught but if the elders thought of it then it must be due to a reason. Gunjan says they should at least respect them. Mayank says she put him into a serious mood with her talks. She says it’s only a matter of days before they officially become husband-wife and then nobody can stop them. She says today is the sangeet and she wants no drama. Mayank says the reason he is here is that he knows Gunjan is upset with what happened yesterday and he apologizes on Seema’s behalf and not to forget to smile with her dimples.

Gunjan says that nothing is going to change by him saying sorry. He says that well even when a hot girl was dancing in front of him yesterday he was still looking for Gunjan. Gunjan says don’t look but she likes to look at hot guys. Mayank says ok then he won’t let her out of the house after marriage and will hold her in his arms and hugs her tight. Someone knocks at the door and Gunjan gets scared and tells him to hide and he jokingly lies on the bed and says he’s gonna sleep and Gunjan tells him to hide behind the bed and fast. He says does he really has to and Gunjan panicky says yes. Gunjan opens the door and sees Rachana.

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Rachana says that the designer had sent the clothes and that Gunjan should try it and she will close the door. Gunjan says she can’t try it here and Rachana asks why and tells her to try it and asks Gunjan to pass the Handycam. Gunjan gives the videocam to Rachana and chases Rachana away. Rachana asks why is she like that and Gunjan says she is not wasting any time as Rachana said.

Young Dreams Tuesday 23rd March 2021 Update Zee World: Rachana and Chaya promote Connected Hum Tum. Gunjan tells Mayank to leave but first says to wait as she needs to check if the coast is clear. Gunjan opens the door and sees Bua and then closes the door. Mayank smiles and says what will she do now. Gunjan says it’s a problem the designer sent the clothes and she has to try them. Mayank says he has no problem and to treat this as her own house.

Gunjan says to close his eyes and he asks why. Mayank closes but says that if his eye closes then. Gunjan says if that happens then she has a cloth and takes it. Mayank says he is her future husband. Gunjan tells him to be quiet and asks him to turn and close his eyes. Gunjan ties the cloth around his eyes. Gunjan then ties his hands and she says so that he doesn’t open the blindfold. Mayank says he feels hurt that she doesn’t trust him.


Gunjan jokingly says that if she doesn’t trust him and that she is succumbed to marrying him and spins Mayank and runs off. Mayank tells her to untie him and that he can’t see. Shail tells the worker that if they are working at this pace nothing will be done by the wedding. The guy says they are doing it and she says that the terrace has not been decorated and she says that today is the sangeet and the guy tells her to give a bit of advance but she says not till the work is done. Mausi asks if Seema sees what she does and Seema asks what is it.

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Mausi says it’s the keys on Shail’s waist. Mausi tells her to look at it. Gopal asks for money and Shail says she will give it to him. Mausi says whoever holds the keys is said to be the owner and everything goes as that person pleases. Seema says she is not that lucky. Mausi tells her not to say that. Mausi says that she is also the daughter-in-law of the family and also Mayank’s mother then she also could have the keys with her. Mausi says that if Seema follows her ways then she will get the keys in no time and tells Seema the plan. Shail tells Dayal she will get him his tea. Dayal says if she works a lot then before the wedding she is sure to fall sick.

Seema says that is what she has been trying to tell Shail. Shail says nothing will happen to her as she is strong. She says the helper Jhumri isn’t even here and Dayal says not to worry and she will come. He tells her to rest and Seema agrees and says will get Dayal tea. Shail tells Dayal she will get him his tea. Mayank is telling Gunjan his hands and eyes are hurting. Gunjan opens the blindfold and tells him to tell what he thinks. Mayank sees Gunjan in the lehenga and says he will die anytime and that she looks pretty and beautiful and he says if anything nice happened in his life then it’s hima nd Gunjan being together.

Some things arrive and Prabhu offers to look at it but Shail insists on doing it. Rachana, Chaya and Gunjan’s friends are dancing. Shail sees them dancing and tells them she will show them how to dance. Rachana records her dancing. They then promote DID super moms. Gunjan and Mayank are also dancing in the room. Mayank is throwing flowers on Gunjan and they are happily dancing. Rachana gets a call from Vihaan and is about to pick it up when Chaya tells her to leave the phone and to practice dancing first. Mausi comes and says that the songs should be some nice wedding songs not the songs from movies like they like. Mayank lies on the bed and asks Gunjan to come near.

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Gunjan walks towards him ala catwalk style and comes closer to him and she grabs a pillow nearby and starts hitting him with the pillow laughing away and then Mayank also grabs a pillow and they both start having a pillow fight. Gunjan falls on Mayank and he pushes her hair away from her face. Gunjan tells him to go out of the room now. He checks and sees no one and leaves. Gunjan closes the door and smiles to herself. Mayank sees Gopal trying to appease Sangeetha and he smiles to himself. Gunjan’s friend tells Gunjan the song she will dance to. Shail scolds Jhumri for coming late and tells her there is lots of work to be done.

Shail serving tea to Dayal, Prabhu and all sitting. She looks tired. She sees Mausi pushing the plate of food aside and asks her what happen. Mausi tells her the food is full of salt. Shail goes to the cook and scolds him and raises her voice. She then starts coughing badly. Mayank asks if she is alright. Seema tells her to rest or she will fall sick. Shail says he will eat food with so much salt. They tell her not to worry. Seema and Sangeetha bring Shail to her room. She says she is fine but they tell her no to rest. She says a lot of work is to be done. Seema says it will all be done not to worry. Rachana says the car they rented they need to pay the driver. Seema tells Shail not to move as she will give the money. Shail agrees and gives her the keys.


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