Young Dreams Sunday 21st March 2021 Update Zee World

Young Dreams Sunday 21st March 2021 Update
Young Dreams Sunday 21st March 2021 Update


Young Dreams Sunday 21st March 2021 Update Zee World: On Young Dreams Sunday 21 March 2021 Update Zee World, At the breakfast table, shayl notices Mayank and Seema quiet and tense. Gunjan offers him food but he stops him. Bauji begins to talk but shayl stops him. Gunjan says to Seema that she doesn’t understand when Guru ji isn’t angry with her, why are they. Seema asks teasingly how they can be angry with her. Gunjan says she just wanted the answer to a few questions, and then how can someone ignore such injustice.

A stone breaks the glass of the window, Mayank runs to find out what happened. They went to see outside, and calls who is there. None could be seen, the stone was wrapped in a paper, Bauji picks it up and reads it. It says ‘on who points the finger to our ‘Bhagti’ will be protested against. They were all worried to hear this. The stoning begins and one by one all the windows break. They all hide behind different walls. Mayank stops Gunjan who was determined to answer the darers. They all call to stop her but she doesn’t listen. Mayank runs to her but is hit by a stone.

They all come to help him. Seema cries seeing her son. There were a lot of people protesting outside that house and called them outside throwing continuous stones. They help Mayank to bed; shayl sees the injury and cleans the cut to put bandage on it. Seema blames Gunjan for all this, she says she asked her to keep quiet but she never listens. Chacha ji asks Seema to stop it, but she doesn’t agree. She says she should at least have thought about Mayank. Shayla stands up to defend Gunjan and says she doesn’t think Guru ji would teach his follower’s such things, it is them who are creating a mess.

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Seema thinks she should call Guruji and they will follow what he will tell her to. She dials the number. Rachna sees the mob from the window at KT’s house and thinks what this all is happening. She tries to call home but it is busy. She is worried. The phone cannot be connected. Mayank tells Gunjan to go to Guru ji and apologize. Gunjan argues why she should apologize, she says she will go out to talk to these people. She goes away and comes out opening the main door. Everyone at home tries to stop her. Rachna calls outside KT’s house.

The mob shouts that the disrespectful to our Guruji, dare to come out. Rachna calls from behind to stop them and asks what they are all doing. The door opens and Gunjan comes out. She asks them to say what they want. They say she will have to apologize to Guru ji, they say they will not leave until she says sorry. Shayla asks did their Guru ji taught them this. They argue that Guruji is everything to them and tells about their experiences.

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Young Dreams Sunday 21st March 2021 Update Zee World: Bauji comes and tells them she is saying what she saw. She didn’t need to disrespect him. They all say they should teach her to respect the elders and great people. They all shout, she will have to apologize. Mayank comes and says he asks for the apology on Gunjan’s behalf. Gunjan asks why he is apologizing. They start shouting again that they will protect the respect of Guru ji. Rachna struggles to go forward. A man holds rod to hit her but is stopped. KT stops him and asks do they have any shame to hit the girls. The man shouts what relation you have with her that you came in between. The mob shouts again, KT and Rachna look at each other. KT says relations are made and the biggest relation is human to human. KT says he is asking them all as a human to leave this place.

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He holds Rachna by shoulder and takes her through the mob protecting her. Rachna hugs Gunjan.The mob again shouts they will have to teach them the lesson. Guru ji comes there himself. He is greeted by the mob. Seema asks him for apology. Gunjan comes to ask him to see what he has taught. She says there is no difference left between your followers and the street boys. Mayank comes to stop her but she says let her speak. She says if they get blind in hid followership they must be guided to the right path by him. He is the guilty for all that is happening.

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The Guru ji shouts at the mob to stop. He goes to a wall and hits his head hard to it. They were all worried, a blood stain comes to the wall and he has an injury on his forehead. He comes back, everyone join hands. He says they all disrespected him by doing what they did today. He says the blood on his forehead is Mayank’s, because attacking him they attacked him actually. He says he will have to work for the sin they people did.


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