Young Dreams Saturday 20th March 2021 Update Zee World

Young Dreams Saturday 20th March 2021 Update
Young Dreams Saturday 20th March 2021 Update


Young Dreams Saturday 20th March 2021 Update on zee world: On Young Dreams Saturday 20 March 2021 Update, The guards come towards the car and hold Rachna instead of Gunjan. Rajiv comes to the guards while KT fights them. Rachna falls down, KT sees Rajiv helping her up. The other guards come and say this is not the girl and leave apologizing. Rajiv holds Rachna into the car as she says she can’t walk. KT gives his stick back to him. Rajiv tells her to keep her head on his shoulder as she was crying. KT looks this into the rear-view mirror and says they must go back home.

Everyone is worried at home. Mayank says she must at least pick up the call. Chacha ji says they must now report in the police when she comes into the room. Shayl sees the marks on her arms; Mayank also shows concern asking is she alright. Seema asks where she was. Gunjan tells them all about the girl and what she saw in the jungle. She says Guru ji might not know what is happening in his ashram. Seema says why is she relating Guru ji with all this.

Shayl says Gunjan might be true, as she has seen this with her eyes. Seema gets annoyed saying Gunjan has a habit to poke her nose in every matter. Gunjan says she isn’t blaming Guru ji but there is something wrong in that ashram. They all argue upon Guru ji. Bauji scolds everyone and tells shayl to take her inside. seema reminds Mayank they have to go to ashram in the morning.

Rachna comes to Gunjan while she was in the terrace. Gunjan tells her all about tonight. She says Mayank is ignoring all his work behind this fallacy. Rachna says what she can prove by proving him wrong. Gunjan says the running of guards behind her cannot be a lie. Rachna says what a coincidence, she also met some guards. Gunjan asks was that car KT’s? She says she has an idea.

Young Dreams Saturday 20th March 2021 Update: Rachna makes the sketch of the man in the jungle. Gunjan skans the image and searches on the internet who this man actually is. He comes out to be a well-known magician. Rachna says she is a big magician. In the search on the internet about him, she reads and recognizes the trick that she found out. They watch videos about him. Gunjan says that this proof isn’t just enough.

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At ashram, people asked about their problems from Guru ji. He produced powder by rubbing his fingers, everyone saw in awe. The music begins to play and Guru ji gets up to dance. Gunjan recalls his training session in the jungle as he repeatedly each step and comes to see Mayank. He asks her why she came here, she tells him these all are magic tricks that every magician can do. Mayank asks is everyone here is mad, she shouts aloud ‘Can’t you see Mayank he is a magician’ Guru ji stops his dance and listens to her, smiling. He sits on his chair. Mayank holds her and takes her outside but she struggles and asks for a minute. She picks some gun powder balls in her hand and throws them in the air, smoke is produced.

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All the people there stand up to see this. Gunjan says all the miracles are just such tricks. Guru Ji’s men shout she must ask for an apology and be thrown out. The people there also begin to shout. Mayank and Seema are worried, the girls snatch Gunjan while Mayank stops them and requests Gunjan to ask for an apology. The girls hold her again but Guru ji calls them to stop.


Guru ji stops Gunjan from being thrown out and asks her to come to him. She goes near to him on stage. He says I am happy by what you say because you have understood me well and recognized me as a human. And it is not difficult to ask questions. He says he knows Gunjan’s heart is clear, he doesn’t ask anyone to follow him. And some magicians come to him because they have to earn money, but he serves people. Gunjan says she doesn’t want to prove him wrong; it is just that she wants to help him. The crowds begin to shout. Guru ji offers they must go in privacy to talk to her.


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Dadi finds KT in the workshop and asks he didn’t sleep the whole night. She further asks how the dinner went. KT says Rachna invited Rajiv too and all about the events of the night. Dadi catches him by the shoulders and says the chemistry he is seeing between Rachna and KT is only his thoughts.

Guru Ji asks what Gunjan wants to ask. She looks at Mayank but Guru ji permits her. She says something wrong is happening in the ashram, she tells him the story about yesterday. She says she doesn’t want to hurt Guru Ji’s reputation, but as she is done Guru ji says she did well to tell him, he will punish the one who forced anyone to do anything forcibly with any girl. He begins to rub his fingers and gives a gold-ring to Seema. Gunjan says she has one more thing to say, she doesn’t consider this a miracle as she has seen a magician doing the same tricks- his name being B.C Kale. Guru Ji’s face changes, he thinks the girl there in the jungle might be her. He says when there is real, there is a copy of it too. Here it is the fruit of his years of prayers and he shares it with his followers. His man comes to call him.

Dadi comes to the workshop and thinks Rachna is alone and is a good time to ask about Rajiv. She comes and appreciates the bridal dress she was designing. She asks how her prince of dreams is. Rachna smiles as she thinks about KT. KT comes in the doorway and smiles seeing her. She looks at him and says it must be someone you get linked to. Dadi looks in the doorway, it was Rajiv. He says that violin must blow to see him. Dadi thinks that KT was right.
Guru ji takes a milk bath. He thinks about Gunjan saying all that she did. He tells his followers to stop. A man comes to him and says she is the same girl who came to the jungle. He says what to do of her, many road accidents happen daily. Guru ji says that it is to kill someone by snatching all she has, she will ask for her death all day and night. He orders him to bring her mother-in-law alone.

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Rajiv asks Rachna does she design for men. She says she never did. He asks did he never design anything for KT too. She says he never asked her to. Rajiv says what if he asks her to do one. KT comes there and asks Rachna if work is being done here or just time pass. Rajiv says he was placing an order to Rachna. KT says all orders are placed to him here. KT further says Rachna doesn’t design male outfits. Rajiv apologizes he must not have disturbed Rachna’s work and leaves. KT looks at Rachna and says it is her mistake, you are not new here. She says sorry KT, she gave him a chance to complain for the first time and is sorry. KT says he even doesn’t want that and leaves for a meeting.

Young Dreams Saturday 20th March 2021 Update: Seema asks Guru ji for an apology. He says the doors of his ashram are always to Gunjan, though his followers didn’t like her attitude. Seema asks what he was going to tell about Mayank. He says Mayank is going through his golden times but someone is hindering his passage. It is someone who is close to him; Guru ji says he couldn’t see that person. He is afraid shouldn’t it get late. Seema requests him to remove all the hindrances. As she bows down, Guru ji looks at his man and smiles nodding.


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