Why you need to switch to a new Pension Fund Administrator (PFA)

As much as having a pension plan is great, what makes your pension worth the while is the fund administrator that you choose. It is common for a lot of people to complain about their pension because they chose the wrong Pension Fund Administrator from the beginning. Sometimes this decision was made by your employer but you would be the one to bear the pain.

Pension Fund Administrator (PFA)

Pension Fund Administrator (PFA)

This wrong decision is very costly because your PFA manages your retirement savings i.e., they take investment decisions that determine how well your balance grows.

The future of your retirement

Not having a pension plan is bad enough but even when you do have a pension, the question is; does it work to support your financial needs during your golden years? If it does, how well? These are vital signs that you should not ignore if you want to get the most value from your pension.

Customer support

Your PFA is meant to support you whenever an issue arises. It can be if you change jobs or choose to work as a business owner. Your PFA would have to be aware of these changes to accommodate them.

These are simple issues that should be handled easily by the right PFA.

Having real-time online access to your retirement account is important.

It enables you to know if your employer remits your pension contributions in good time. It also shows you how much you have in your account.

To meet this demand, a Premium Pension mobile app is available to all Members. The user-friendly interface allows for quick access to your Retirement Savings Account, keeping you updated and supports full transparency.

In addition, monthly statements are also sent to members, and on request as you deem fit. There are no restrictions to your requests. Their dedicated customer support team make this possible. Experienced at helping members navigate through issues and providing informed guidance on pension plans, they are always eager to serve you.

At Premium Pension, you have a dedicated account officer always ready to attend to any concerns or issues you might have. This is an addition to the support of the entire customer service team.

Investment returns

Investment returns delivered by your PFA will greatly influence the value of your account balance at retirement.

One of the factors that impacts on investment is inflation as it affects real returns which is quite important for long term horizons.

How will this happen?

Premium Pension has an excellent record in delivering value on pension funds. Trusted by over 700,000 members, they put in the work to make sure all their Members are well prepared for their golden years.

Does your PFA deliver returns that will meet your responsibilities in the future?

Make a switch now to Premium Pension to enjoy the full benefits of your pension. Your golden years should truly be golden.

Simply visit or call 09 461 5700-4 to make the switch. A customer care representative will aid you in the transition.

Remember, the quality of your lifestyle during retirement should be as you plan it to be. just as it is now. Your PFA plays a great part in bringing that dream to a reality. Make the right switch today.

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