Why Mascot Kalu ‘ll win Aba North/South Reps bye-election –Prince Onuma

why mascot kalu ll win aba north south reps bye election prince onuma

From Okey Sampson, Umuahia

Prince Kalu Ireke Onuma is a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abia who has been on the campaign train of Mascot Uzor Kalu, the APC candidate for the March 27 House of Representatives bye-election for Aba North/South federal constituency.

In this interview, he gave insight on why APC will win the election.

What edge does APC have in the coming election?

APC will win. Our people are aware of what is happening at the centre through the Senate Chief Whip, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu. People are seeing what Abia North is benefitting currently as a result of being at the centre and I’m sure they’ll want to see the same thing in Aba North/Aba South Federal Constituency. It is an advantage over PDP and APGA because they’ve got absolutely nothing to offer to the people. Only APC can bring the dividends of democracy to the people.

Wouldn’t PDP as ruling party in Abia pose a problem for APC?

PDP controlling Umuahia cannot pose a problem to APC here. They also know that. The reason they can’t pose any problem is because they’re doing absolutely nothing in the state. Nobody is happy with them. Go round Abia especially Aba and see how unhappy people are. They can’t even pay salaries. There’s an exodus of members from PDP to APC in the state, you can check the list and see what I’m talking about.

Does your candidate have the capacity to win and represent Aba North/South?

He’s very educated and grounded in Aba unlike his opponents and everyone knows that. He has been Chief of Staff to T. A Orji and he did well. Why do you think he’s called Nwa-Aba? They call him Nwa-Aba because he’s a true Aba man. He knows everything about this city and the people here love him so much.

Some people are saying he shouldn’t contest since his elder brother is in the Senate?

No, Orji Uzor-Kalu contested in Abia North Senatorial Zone. This is Abia South. This is a different Senatorial Zone and it’s entirely a different ball game. If Mascot Uzor-Kalu is contesting in Abia North, we would have looked at that argument, but this is a different part of Abia. Moreover, he’s above 18 and has every right to contest election just like every other lawful citizen. It’s funny for PDP to play the card they’re playing. PDP has harmed this state a lot. They’re not doing anything. My wife is being owed 20 months arrears of salary and they want the people to continue to suffer.

What’s your advice to Aba People?

Let the people of Aba North and Aba South come out to support Mascot Uzor-Kalu. He’s the only link they’ll have to good representation

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