Why Biafra Might Have The Largest Military In Africa

you will get terrible signal from us soon biafra group tells buhari govtFrom history, we have seen that how a country gets its independence tells on how it treats it’s future.

Israel got her independence through bloodshed and great sacrifice and today we can see her military.

China got her independence through bloodshed and great sacrifice as well, being humiliated and dehumanized by Imperial Japan and today we see how they’ve taken a stand never to allow a repeat of such again.

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If Biafra gets her independence through bloodshed and great sacrifice it will forever be in Biafrans mind making them super patriotic and will flood in mass into their military force.

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Owing to her large population of 25 million people, this gives her advantage to get a lot of citizens willing to stand to the defense of the land.

The only thing I see which some might term a disadvantage is lack of a naval force due to the fact that the tribes of SS have expressed that they will not be part of Biafra, not withstanding a lack of a navy is not a lack of a strong military force.

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Biafra could field nothing less than 500000 soldiers and above.

Nigeria could push Biafra to create one of the strongest military force in Africa

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