What God Told Me About Nigeria’s Break-Up, Osun Election ― Bishop Adebomi

A cleric in charge of Covenant of Peace Redemption Power Ministry, Bishop Mike Adebomi, has revealed what God told him about the rumoured break-up of Nigeria, AMILOADED reports.

Bishop Adebomi

Bishop Adebomi

At the end of a 7-day revival that marked the end of the church’s 90 days annual fasting and prayer programme, Rt. Rev. Adebomi said though the plan of God is on ‘One Nigeria’ but with the untold hardship being experienced by Nigerians presently, God is about doing something drastic.

The cleric said, “Some days ago, two pastors in this country prophesized, one said Nigeria would break-up, while the other said it won’t, but I speak with my God on it, my God told me both are correct. In what way? The plan of God for Nigeria is One Nigeria but the plan of the wicked people in the position of authority is to control Nigeria with their evil intents and we have a very weak constitution; the one that does not support Christianity, that is why we have those that kill at will and nobody is arresting them and they keep arresting those that want to defend themselves.

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“As it is now, God himself will allow what we want not because He wants it. If Nigeria will not break, what will happen is that God will deal with those in higher and lower positions, the reason is that those at lower positions cannot speak out because they are seeking powers, some are waiting for 2023 before they speak out not minding what can happen before 2023.”

He continued, “We are in the midst of wicked people, but we have God that can deliver us, we may not have power, some may say do we want to die? But the scripture says whoever hates his life shall have it but whosoever loves his life shall lose it. We are losing souls in this country because we don’t want to speak out, those older than me cannot talk but I will talk.

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“I am not talking on behalf of PFN or CAN, what authority have I to talk? Balam’s horse had right to speak out, therefore, I, as one of the lesser prophets have a right where God has put me and I am speaking from God’s mouth that all those in the position of authority and has not allowed Nigeria to be free, their authority shall be withdrawn as from today.

“All those in position of authority but cannot give order, God will seize that authority from them. All those that have determined to waste Nigeria, that is holding them from speaking up shall be put to shame as from today”

On the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Osun State, the Bishop added that many surprises will spring up as God is ready to take charge of the state.

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According to him, “We are in Osun state where it is difficult for our government to give directives on crucial matters without taking permission from Lagos, unfortunately for us, those bragging of wrestling power from them just want to trade with our lives.

“Both at Lagos and Osogbo, those that have determined to trade with the fortune of Osun state shall be put to shame. God himself will disappoint them in 2022. I am not interested in whoever is contesting but Osun state shall be delivered from the hand of wicked people in 2022.

“God will intervene in our matters in Nigeria and pass through every segment of this country. Osun has been plunged into debt, God will give us a man after his heart that will deliver us from slavery and set us free”

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