Ways To Overcome Superiority Complex

Superiority Complex

Superiority Complex

Most people pass through Superiority Complex and have fought through the battle of low self-esteem, a battle to be more and do more. However, there are some who are dealing with the feeling of being better than others.

A superiority complex is a behavior that suggests a person believes they’re superior to others. People with this complex, often have exaggerated opinions of themselves.

Overcoming feelings of inferiority serves as a motivation for us to create the life we want. In this context, a superiority complex is a result or reaction to a failure to achieve one’s goals or to live up to internal expectations.

A Superiority Complex equals a lack of Emotional Intelligence. Studies as researched by Daevon suggest that long-term success in your career is directly connected to a person’s emotional intelligence. The more the person is self-aware and the greater they can self-manage, the more successful will they become.

It has been concluded that the superiority complex developed because of the human race’s effort to resolve the feelings of inferiority. Feeling superior may be a coping mechanism for the ones who feel depressed or inferior to others.

Often, people with a superiority complex frequently have boastful attitudes toward people around them. But these are merely a way to cover up feelings of failure or shortcoming.

Below are some ways to overcome the superiority complex:


The first stage of overcoming the superiority complex is by accepting that you are flawed and recognizing the signs. Also, a deeply rooted inferiority complex could explain the outlandish behavior of the superiority complex, sometimes. You need to look out for these signs in you that may probably affect the way you relate with others.

It could be; arrogance, believing you are always right, lacking empathy, mood swings, anxiety, always making things about yourself and so much more. When you identify these things, you will control the effects and work on yourself.

Overcome superior tendencies

Change is never easy. When a person has a high opinion of themselves, this can be detrimental to relationships. This attitude can turn people off and actually cause the loss of friendships. Ironically, a person with a superiority complex will never admit that they are the reason friendships disappear.

Resist the urge to always be in charge or believe you know it all. Be open to listening and accepting of the opinion of others and never take part in gossip. Also, learn to acknowledge people’s strengths and weaknesses.

Do Not Judge Everyone

Just because you are good at something does not give you the right to judge and degrade other people. As much as you have your opinion, everybody does. However, you are not always required to voice your opinions; some things are better unsaid.

Have control on your feedback especially if you are not asked to voice them. Pause and think about the repercussions of your speech and the judgement you are about to pass. Also, remember no one is perfect.

Ask for help

Typically, a person suffering from a superiority complex may not need psychiatric help, unless the complex completely takes over their personality. The complex can be passed down through heritage; however, it can also result from interactions at, for example, school, place of employment, social functions.

Therefore, it is so important for one suffering from this complex, to maintain friendships, especially close friendships, with those they trust. When trying to battle the superiority complex, it helps to have someone that can help them stay focused on their goal.

Acting superior or displaying other characteristics of a superiority complex is usually a way to mask or hide feelings of inferiority. If you believe you have a superiority complex, treatment from a mental health expert can help.

It takes time to work through these feelings and behaviors. It also requires awareness to avoid them again in the future. Dealing with a superiority complex is possible. Learning to have more honest, open dialogue with other people and how to set and pursue more realistic goals can help.

Nothing good comes easy, if you notice you have a case of superiority complex, talk to a trusted friend that can help checkmate your actions and help you achieve your goals of change.

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