Ways To Keep Your Heart In Good Working Condition

Having a healthy life is a criterion for a healthy, lasting, and vibrant life. The heart works to keep the body functioning well.

In repay, we ought to give it some love and care, and that entails eating well, exercising and reducing some factors that can increase the risk of stroke, heart attack and heart disease.

Every year, quite a number of people die of heart attack, and many more are at risk. In fact, more than a million of people aged 30-65 are at a higher risk of suffering an attack of the heart without even realizing it.

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However, heart disease is preventable. But you need to understand how your lifestyle impact on the most important organ in your body; the heart.

6 ways to keep your heart working

Here are ways to maintain the work of the heart:

1. Eat a healthy, balanced diet:

To keep your heart in a good state, aim for a healthy eating plan because the health of the body has a great impact on the health of the heart. Such healthy eating plan include a variety of balanced foods, vegetables and fruits, grains and legumes, reduced fat dairy, unprocessed meats, unsaturated fats.

Though the body should be provided with fats, both saturated, poly saturated and unsaturated fats.

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One fat we don’t need is trans fat; this is known for its effect at increasing the body’s risk of developing heart problem.

By cutting them from your diet, the blood flow throughout the body will improve. What are trans fats? They are fats produced from industries often used in packaged baked goods, snack foods, magazines and fried fast foods to add flavour.


2. Get enough sleep:

Sleep is very important at keeping the heart healthy. There is a higher risk of having cardiovascular disease no matter your age if you don’t sleep enough.

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Adults, say, over the age of 45 that sleep fewer than six hours per night are about twice likely to have stroke or heart attack as those who slept six to eight hours per night.

Sleeping too little causes disruption in health conditions and blood pressure and inflammation.


3. Be smoke-free:

Tobacco is one of the leading cause of heart attack, stroke and peripheral vascular disease.

Smoking is one of the leading cause of death in the world.

It isn’t easy to quit smoking, but it is a key change in lifestyle you can make to protect your heart as well as improving your health in a vital way.


4. Get regular exercise:

Having some physical exercise every day is a good way to protect your heart. Risk factors such as high blood pressure can be controlled by having regular exercise.

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It also helps you to reach a healthy weight. At least a moderate exercise of about 30 minutes such as brisk walking is essential for having the best heart.


5. Have regular check-ups:

Seeing a doctor for a heart health check is one of the important things to do. It involves getting the cholesterol and blood pressure checked.

Having a chat about your lifestyle risk factors is also a good idea as part of a routine check up.


6. Seek medical attention for any mental health issues:

There’s a link between mental health problems and the risk of heart disease.

If you experience depression, anxiety, stress or any other mental health issues, talking to a health personnel is an important step to getting treatment.


With the abovementioned tips,you can protect your heart from diseases and infection.Thanks for reading…

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