Twist of Fate Wednesday 5th May 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Wednesday 5th May 2021 Update Zee World
Twist of Fate Wednesday 5 May 2021


Twist of Fate Wednesday 5th May 2021 Update Zee World: On Twist of Fate Wednesday 5 May 2021, Rhea getting up from the chair and tells them that she is fine. Aaliyah leaves from there secretly. Vikram tells Rhea that her Buji went to the office. Rhea says I have come here to meet her. She congrats Prachi. Prachi says thank you. Pragya says we shall leave from here. Rhea says I would have come, but I have an important work with Buji. Inspector asks Ranbir to sign as he gave him proof. Vikram thanks Pragya for letting Prachi join the office again. Pragya says it is her decision.

Pallavi says if I would have been in your place then you wouldn’t have allowed Ranbir to join the same office where bosses are like us, but you are not like us. Beeji calls Pallavi and tells them that siyappa happened. She sees Dushyant behind her and tells Pallavi that Maya’s bade Papa came with shagun and asking when she will come. She says he is insisting to get the marriage done tomorrow. Pallavi says we will come late and ends the call. She informs everything to Vikram and others. Ranbir comes and asks for marriage again.

Sarita behen gets restless and asks Shahana to make a call to Pragya, and asks when they will come. Shahana says I called just 5 mins back. Sarita behen says she wants to hug them. Prachi comes home. Sarita behen hugs her. Shahana asks about the thief and Sarita behen asks about Pragya. Prachi tells that Maa went to teach Diya to make Kada. She says the real thief was Sanju. Shahana says Sanju and tells about him to Sarita behen. Prachi says he is not alone, as a woman is the mastermind of this theft. Dushyant comes there and knocks on the door.

Prachi, Shahana and Sarita get stand up. Dushyant greets them and says all houses are the same here, very small. He asks can I come inside? Sarita behen says you have come already. He says you would have got Ranbir and Maya’s marriage invitation. He gets a call and asks the caller to come there. He then tells Sarita behen and others that tomorrow is Ranbir and Maya’s marriage and you all are uninvited and asks them not to come there to show their beautiful faces, says if you come then everyone’s mood will be spoiled.

Twist of Fate Wednesday 5th May 2021 Update Zee World: Rhea tells Ranbir that she will stop the marriage. Ranbir says you were not there and tells you that we had done all possible things to break this marriage, but can’t. He says Maya’s family is strong and influential. Rhea tells him that if they are strong so are we, she says we are also influential. We will refuse this marriage. Ranbir goes. Vikram says nothing can happen now. Rhea asks Aaliya to do something. Pallavi says we can’t do anything now. Vikram tells that Ranbir might be thinking that his father couldn’t do anything. Rhea says she will talk to Ranbir and goes. Beeji says Rhea doesn’t know what happened here. Aaliya recalls Dushyant threatening her.

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A FB is shown, Dushyant says that if anyone does any mistake then all Kohlis and Mehras will be punished. Aaliya says she will call Police. Dushyant asks her to call the office and threatens her. He says he knows that she has provoked Maya to commit suicide. Aaliya says I didn’t ask her to commit suicide, I had said that if I was on her place….Dushyant says if you do that again then eagles and crows might be eating your dead body. Fb ends. Aaliya thinks it is very difficult to stop the marriage as Dushyant as strong political connection. Beeji thinks only Prachi can stop this marriage and asks if they have invited Prachi’s family. Pallavi says yes. Aaliya thinks why is she showering love to Prachi and her family.

Dushyant asks Sarita behen, why is she fearful? Sarita behen says why will we, tells that they will go to the marriage as Ranbir’s family called them. Maya comes there with her mother and tells Dushyant that he didn’t make them understand better. Dushyant asks them to explain in ladies’ language.

Mrs. Chaubey says you are right and says she will not drag the conversation and will talk straight. She says you people will not come in marriage and asks them to make some excuse or something and tells that if they come there, then their respect will be in their hands. Maya threatens Prachi and says you might lose your legs (means life) if you interfere in my marriage. She says you used to say that you don’t love Ranbir, but it is clear on your face that you love him. She asks her not to come there for her love and asks Dushyant to make them understand well, don’t think that they are ladies. Mrs. Chaubey says they have understood well. Dushyant, Maya, and Mrs. Chaubey leave. Sarita behen says Dushyant is a criminal guy and tells that it is good that Pragya is not here. Shahana asks if we are not going to marry.

Ranbir comes to the terrace and thinks of Prachi. Inteha…..plays…..Rhea comes to Ranbir and says I don’t think that we are not connected like before. He asks what she wants to say. Rhea says someone else is on my place now, as I left home for some days. He asks what you want to say. Rhea asks did you tell anyone that you don’t want to marry. Ranbir says I am tired of telling this. Rhea asks him to tell her once and says even I will try to stop this marriage. Ranbir asks, what will you do? Rhea says I know with whom you shall marry and tells that she needs a favour in return for her favour. He asks what? Rhea says I will tell you later after the work is done.

Prachi thinks of Maya’s words and thinks she can’t see Ranbir getting married to Maya or any other girl. Ranbir tells that he can’t marry someone else, even if Prachi loves him or don’t love him. He tells that this feeling is killing him from within. Prachi thinks she has done so much for him when he was a friend, but now he is my…She says Maa had asked me not to lose the person who loves me. She tells that she will fight for him and says until I tell him my feelings, God can’t separate me from him. She says Ranbir taught me love, made me feel what is love, he didn’t explain to me, but I understood. You never let tears in her/his eyes, fight for her/his and supports her/him. She says now it is my turn to save him.

Rhea is in car, thinks Prachi will not come between us anymore and thinks whoever comes in between them she will finish them off, even if she is Maya.


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