Twist of Fate Wednesday 24th March 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Wednesday 24th March 2021 Update
Twist of Fate Wednesday 24th March 2021 Update


Twist of Fate Wednesday 24th March 2021 Update: On Twist of Fate Wednesday 24 March 2021 Update, The Episode starts with Abhi sitting in his car to go home. Pragya comes from other side and doesn’t see him. She comes and asks Inspector if he caught the thief. She tells Sarita Behen that she caught the thief. Thief says that man caught me. Inspector says we have caught you, I will get promotion. Sarita Behen gets worried for her. Pragya tells her that she won’t let theft happen in her house. Prachi, Shahana, Rhea, Ranbir and others are at the camp. Their lecturer explains to them about the game dumb charades rules. Aryan says he is the anchor and referee for this game and divides the classmates into two teams. A girl Preeti comes there.

Aryan whispers the film name in her ears. She asks which movie is this. Aryan says if team A don’t reply then points will be given to team B. Team A couldn’t identify the film name. Aryan asks Team B to guess and says it is difficult to guess. Prachi identifies the film name. Aryan says Prachi shall get points for making the team win. Shahana goes to enact. Aryan whispers the film name. Shahana argues with him. Aryan says it is film name. Rhea guesses wrong. Prachi guesses right. Aryan appreciates her.

Ranbir says nobody heard such film names. He says maybe it is popular in hoshiarpur. Lecturer says it is popular Hindi film, I wrote the chits. Ranbir says we shall play games with our age film. Prachi tells that she could easily guess. Ranbir tells Aryan that he will propose Rhea today while enacting. He tells that he will take Rhea’s favorite movie names and she will guess it rightly. He asks Aryan to make Rhea’s team win. Ranbir acts. Rhea asks if it is an English movie.

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Ranbir says it is your favorite movie. Rhea is still thinking. Prachi tells the three film names together. Aryan appreciates Prachi for her team’s victory. Rhea gets upset. The lecturer tells them that they will go cliff climbing and asks them to sleep. She goes. Ranbir asks his classmates to wait and says something is left. Aryan thinks he is going to propose Rhea.

Twist of Fate Wednesday 24th March 2021 Update: Meera talks to Pragya and ends the call. He tells Abhi that Anuradha told how she had beaten the thief. Abhi asks she had beaten the thief? He says she was not at home, I beat the thief and called Police. Meera says Anuradha told that she had beaten the thief. Abhi says she might be trying to impress you and asks her not to tell and says she is doing a childish thing. Pragya tells Sarita Behen that Mr. Mehra didn’t come here and told her that he is coming here. She says Mr. Mehra is a liar. Abhi tells Meera that Prachi’s mum is a liar. Meera laughs and says there is a misunderstanding.


Ranbir asks Rhea if she is going to sleep. Rhea says yes. Ranbir says I heard the Delhi and Mumbai girls don’t sleep all night. Rhea smiles. Ranbir sings song main suna hai…..He dances with Rhea and other friends. Prachi and Shahana also dance.

Ranbir is dancing with Rhea. Suddenly he sees Prachi about to fall and holds her striking RK pose. Rhea thinks Prachi has become everyone’s favorite, I am like not existing for anyone. She says this college, students, and Ranbir are mine and not of Prachi. She goes. Ranbir thinks Rhea left and he left a golden opportunity.

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In the morning, the Principal asks the students to get ready as they are going hill hiking. Rhea tells that the Principal told us that we can’t go there alone and tells that she has a plan. She asks Shaina and her other friend to click her pics there. They ask if she wants to look more beautiful etc. Rhea says she wants them to click pic when Prachi pushes her. Aryan says I thought you will propose Rhea yesterday. Ranbir says I want to propose Rhea when we are lonely. Aryan says someone wants to make the rejection special. He asks shall I come and click pictures. Ranbir says no.

Prachi talks to Pragya and tells them that they are going to the hillside. Shahana talks to Pragya and asks her to call them often. She asks about Sarita Behen. Pragya asks about Prachi and Rhea. Shahana says that girl is strange. Pragya asks them to forgive her and asks Shahana to do something to make them patch up. Rhea’s friend tells Prachi that the lecturer is calling her. Prachi goes.


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