Twist of Fate Tuesday 11th May 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Tuesday 11th May 2021 Update Zee World
Twist of Fate Tuesday 11th May 2021 Update Zee World


Twist of Fate Tuesday 11th May 2021 Update Zee World: On Twist of Fate Tuesday 11 May 2021, Ranbir asking Pragya how is Prachi? Pragya says she is bleeding much until blood is found, nothing can be said. The doctor tells them that they have to tell her family that she can slip into a coma, after giving her blood. Ranbir tells that he wanted her to ask the truck driver and that’s why waiting for her. He throws water on the truck driver. The truck driver gains consciousness.

Ranbir asks him to tell why did he do Prachi’s accident? The truck driver says leave me, I want to go. Ranbir grabs his collar and asks him to tell why did he do the accident and on whose sayings. The doctor tells them that there is good news, they got a blood donor and are giving her blood. Pragya thanks the doctor. Ranbir asks him to tell on whose sayings, he got the accident done.

Pragya asks Ranbir and Aryan to go and says she will talk to the truck driver. Pragya asks Nilesh not to be scared and tells them that she will talk normally. He says you are acting, he was showing anger. Pragya asks do you have any children? He says yes and tells that he has a 20 years old daughter. Pragya says even her Prachi is 20 years old and she feels that she is still a girl. She cries and tells that she doesn’t have anything rather than her daughter. She tells that she has a chain which she kept safely for 20 years and says I will give you this, tell me who has done this. She tells that Prachi has no enmity with anyone, she tells that sometimes innocence is dangerous. The truck driver tells that he can’t recollect anything.

Pragya says since Prachi came here from Hoshiarpur, bad things are happening to her. She tells that Prachi was about to leave the city, but…first, she got kidnapped, many people accused her of something, etc. She says my strength is broken and that’s why folding my hands before you and asks him to tell the truth. She hands over the chain in his hand and asks him to say the truth. She gives him the promise of his daughter. The truck driver tells that he loves his daughter so much and that’s why will tell her all the truth. She says this accident was planned and I was paid 2 lakhs for this accident.

He says I got more lakhs. He says I didn’t want to take this contract, I took it as I wanted money for my mother’s treatment. He tells that he knows everything, tells that his boss took the contract from the special client. He says he knows everything that happened with Prachi. Pragya asks, who is the special client? Nilesh says whatever happened with Prachi till now from the beginning is done by Rhea Mehra. Pragya says this is not true.

She recalls Rhea telling her that she doesn’t like Prachi. Nilesh asks Pragya to listen to the truth and tells that Prachi was caught in a drug case, and it was kept by Rhea, so the Police arrest her. He tells that when Prachi and Shahana became waitresses, Rhea accused her of theft. He says in Mr. Mehra’s party, Rhea questioned Prachi of her character. Rhea got her kidnapped and says whatever bad had done with Prachi is by Rhea herself. He asks her to check his phone if she doesn’t believe her. He asks her to check Rhea’s calls in a call list, see Prachi’s pic in the gallery which was sent by Rhea and tells them that he had gone to the hospital to take money from Rhea outside the hospital. Pragya checks Rhea’s number and is shocked. Nilesh says you said right that goodness becomes enemy and tells that it is very difficult for good people to stay here. Pragya leaves from there.

She recalls their moments and thinks how can Rhea, do this. She thinks when Rhea came home last night…A FB is shown, Rhea says sorry for hurting Pragya. Pragya asks her to come inside. Rhea says no, I am drunk. Pragya says so, I will not judge you and asks her not to drink much that she will get unwell. She says I will make you drink something with which you will be fine. She takes her inside. Rhea asks her if she shall keep the mug. Pragya says ok. She asks why did you drink so much drink? Rhea says I was disturbed, as Dad said that….he will bring whatever I ask for, but….FB ends.

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Rhea comes to the hospital and says I was disturbed, even though Dad promised to unite me with Ranbir, but then I made a plan to kill Prachi. She thinks I met Prachi’s mum and tried to tell her, but she didn’t understand. Fb starts again, Rhea tells Pragya that she loves her a lot and can’t see her sad. She asks her not to feel sad. Pragya hugs her and says I love you more. She tells about her one more daughter who is with her Papa and tells that she loves her too. She tells that we don’t have any relation, but I love you so much. She says can you do a deal with me, return my daughter and I will return your mother. You become my daughter and I will become your mother. Fb ends. Pragya thinks I regarded her as my daughter and she tried to kill my daughter.


Twist of Fate Tuesday 11th May 2021 Update Zee World: Ranbir asks Pragya if the truck driver confessed. Pragya goes without answering her. Aryan says he might not have told her. Aaliya calls Rhea. Rhea tells that she is in hospital and doesn’t want to see Prachi’s face, because of Dad. Aaliya asks her to come back home if she has given her blood. Rhea says I didn’t give as Prachi got some donor. She says I don’t want to give anything to her, as she snatched dad and Ranbir from me. She asks what is the connection between them that their blood groups match. Aaliya says this is just a coincidence and asks her to call Abhi and tell them that she has given blood to Prachi. Rhea says why? Aaliya says something is going on in my mind, do this if you want to come in good books.

Rhea calls Abhi and tells them that she has given blood to Prachi. Abhi says good and asks her to make him talk to Prachi’s mum. Rhea says she is not here. Abhi asks her to get all the bills and pay, and asks her to give a credit card to Prachi’s mum. Rhea asks why? Abhi asks her to do it as he said. Dadi asks Abhi to go to the hospital and give a credit card to Prachi’s mother by himself. Abhi says ok, I am going. Rhea is in the hospital and thinks this place is depressing. She asks Nurse about Prachi.

The nurse says she is not responding to treatment and we don’t know what is happening with her. Rhea thinks this is happening because of Prachi’s karma, she wanted to take Ranbir away from me and now she herself going from him. She thinks once the driver comes, I will give her blood and leave. Sarita behen thanks someone for giving blood to Prachi and blesses the person. Pragya comes to the hospital and recalls Prachi trapped in the drugs case etc. She thinks of Nilesh’s words that whatever bad happened with Prachi is done by Rhea. Rhea comes infront of Pragya, but they don’t see each other.

Rhea collides with Shahana and tells them that everything is going to stop, in fact, her close relative is going to end. She asks her to find someone for her. Shahana says you are a black spot on your Papa. She says I have understood that you are telling this for Prachi and wants her to die. She says Mehra sir thought Prachi as family and you…Rhea says my foot. Shahana says he thinks of us as a family and you…

Rhea says our family has the habit to give charity to beggars and if they think that they are our family, then it is their problem. She says she has come here to give money and asks her not to think of becoming her family. She says people like you can see just your face, not the reality behind it. She says very soon, everything will end. She thinks when the driver will come with the card and asks Shahana to go. She says when the driver will come with my card, and when I pay to these beggars. Pragya comes to the ICU.

Sarita behen asks what happened? Pragya hugs her and cries. Sarita behen asks why are you crying? Pragya says the person who wanted to kill Prachi is Rhea….Sarita behen is shocked and says Mr. Mehra’s daughter.

She says this can’t be possible. Pragya says I was not believing the truck driver, but I saw her messages and Prachi’s pic in the truck driver’s phone. She says I couldn’t see the truth and asks Doctor can I see Prachi. The doctor says no and tells that he has called his senior doctor and says if she doesn’t get consciousness in 45 mins then she will slip into a coma. Pragya is shocked and cries. Shahana comes to Pragya and says Rhea said that our relationship is about to break with Mehra and Kohli’s family. She says when something happens to Prachi then everything will be finished. She says we are crying here and Rhea is happy. Pragya says she will see her.

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Ranbir comes to the truck driver and says who asked you to do Prachi’s accident. The truck driver asks him to leave him and tells him that Police will come and arrest him. He asks him to free him so that he can go to his village and save them. Ranbir asks, what was that person’s name? The truck driver frees himself and escapes through the window. Ranbir says let’s go out. Pragya walks towards Rhea in anger, recalling everything.


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