Twist of Fate Sunday 11 April 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Sunday 11 April 2021 Update Zee World
Twist of Fate Sunday 11 April 2021 Update Zee World


Twist of Fate Sunday 11 April 2021 Update Zee World: On Twist of Fate Sunday 11th April 2021 Update, Ranbir asking Rhea how they can break up when they were not in any relationship. Rhea says you want both. Ranbir explains to her that he came to camp for her and thought to sing a song for you and expose you, but Prachi heard him singing. He says on your birthday, I asked the waiter to call you, but he sent Prachi.

He says you are in my heart and mind, I am just yours and can’t cheat you. He asks her to accept him and asks did she see a cute couple like us. He says he wants to propose to her and looks at her. He says I love you…Tujhe chahne lage hum plays. He says I love you and is passionate about you like other things. Rhea says I saw you close to Prachi.

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She says if I accept your proposal then what you will do. Ranbir says he will sing a song and will do anything. Rhea says you have to trap Prachi in love to get my love. Prachi tells Shahana that she dislikes Ranbir and doesn’t like him. Shahana asks what kind of guy he likes. Prachi tells that she likes the simple, middle-class guy who gives time to his family. Shahana says your choice is boring. Ranbir asks Rhea if you are testing me and tells her that he can do anything for her. Rhea says she wants him to trap Prachi in love and asks him to make her fall in love with him.

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She says I want you to make her madly deeply fall in love with you and says in short I want her to fall in love with you and don’t want you to love her. He asks what is going on in her mind. Rhea says my dad is rude since Prachi came in my life and says sometimes I feel that she wants to snatch you from me. She says I want you to snatch her happiness. She asks him to act to love her and then break her heart badly so that it can never heal. She says I will not let Dad know this and he will think that Prachi is a gold digger.

Ranbir is shocked and says this is crazy. Rhea says if you want me then you have to break her heart. Ranbir says I will do this for you. Rhea says once you break her heart, I will give my heart to you.

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Twist of Fate Sunday 11 April 2021 Update Zee World: Abhi asks Meera if she is fine. Meera says yes. Abhi says you fell without drinking and says I drink much as I forget everything after drinking. He says the drink makes my painless. Meera says you are emotional when you get drunk. Abhi says I miss her every moment and confess my feelings when drunk being emotional. He says I miss her a lot. Meera asks why don’t you bring her back in your life. Pragya’s bracelet falls down from her hand. She picks it and recalls her moments with Abhi. Chadariya song plays.


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He says I will tell you everything about Pragya one day. Meera says you shall bring her back, I didn’t know that you love her so much, you and your family will be happy with Pragya’s return. She asks him not to suffer. He says it was their decision to separate and says when it is their relation, so how can the decision to bring her back can be taken alone by him.

He says I thought to bring her back after she left, but my ego said that she shall return. He says she came to my office one day, I was happy seeing her, but she had tears in her eyes. He says I came to know that even now she is hurt. He says I tried to stop her when something fell on me, she took me to the hospital but left before I gained consciousness. He cries. Meera wipes his tears. Ae Allah tune mohabbat banayi kyun hai plays….

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Ranbir is skeptical about breaking Prachi’s heart and says he never broke anyone’s heart before. Rhea says can’t you do this for me and says you will get my kiss if you do my work. Ranbir smiles. Rhea asks him to do her work fast.

Prachi brings khichdi for dadi. Dadi says Rhea’s mother used to bring the same khichdi and asks others to taste it. Shahana says it is taught by Prachi’s mum. Ranbir thinks he has to impress Prachi to get Rhea.

Sarita behen asks Pragya to keep herself busy and share her pain with her. Pragya says I will do the work. Sarita behen thinks about how to divert her mind and thinks of Abhi. Pragya cries.


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