Twist Of Fate on zee world, Monday 30th August 2021 update

Pragya congratulates Abhi for his haldi and says your happiness is my happiness. She goes. Purab asks Abhi if Pragya di and he wants to unite? Abhi says if he wanted to unite with her, then why he would have agreed to marry Meera. He goes. Aaliya asks him not to let her bhai happy.

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Purab tells that he wants to unite Abhi and Pragya di. Aaliya says Bhai wants to marry Meera and asks him to stop uniting them. Purab thinks if Disha would have been with him then she would have helped him unite them. Ranbir goes behind Prachi and calls her name. Prachi asks him to stop following her and tells that she was just after his money.

Twist of Fate Wedneday 19th May 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Wedneday 19th May 2021 Update Zee World

Ranbir asks her if she is doing this on Rhea’s sayings and asks why is she doing this? Prachi turns and cries. She thinks of Pragya and tells that why will I hear Rhea. She says she don’t want to talk to him and says she don’t want to hit her head with the stone. She asks him why he is following her like a road side romeo. Ranbir says you used to talk badly about me, but I didn’t leave you before.

He says there is no conviction in your words and tells that her eyes can’t lie. Prachi asks him to get his eyes treated and asks him to agree, else she will raise her hand on him next time. Sarita behen calls Prachi and asks her to come. Prachi asks Ranbir to accept that there is nothing left between them and asks him to move on. Ranbir thinks I loved you from my heart and will not forget. Prachi gets teary eyes and sits in the car. She tells Sarita behen that they were talking and thinks she can bear anything for her mom and hopes Rhea fulfills her promise.

Rhea thinks to talk to Meera and thinks she will agree to refuse to marry Dad. She comes to Meera and says I want to talk to you. She says I know that you know me since childhood and will agree to my sayings. Meera asks her to say. Aaliya comes there and tells Rhea that her Dad agreed to her sayings which she asked him to do. Rhea gets happy.

Meera asks what she wants to ask Mr. Mehra. Aaliya says she wants him to wear the same Sherwani which she selected for her. Rhea asks where is the Dad. Aaliya says he is in the room. Rhea goes there. Aaliya comes there and asks if she thinks Bhai will agree to you. She calls her selfish girl. Rhea says yes, I am selfish. She says it is better than becoming a bad sister and bad buji. Aaliya raises her hand to slap her. Rhea asks her to slap her and asks her to listen to her carefully. She says your slap can’t change my decision. Aaliya says Bhai and Meera will marry tomorrow itself and you can’t do anything. Rhea says if Dad gets married then he will just my mom and not Meera aunty. Aaliya thinks to move Rhea from her way if her plan fails.

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Rhea comes to the room and looks for Abhi. Pragya recalls Abhi congratulating her. She cries. Sarita behen comes there. Pragya says something went in her eyes. She says you are hiding your pain and says he was marrying someone else, you will soon get habitual to stay far from him. Pragya says she will not go to marriage function tomorrow.

Sarita behen calls Dadi and tells that there is a problem. She tells that Pragya said that she will not go for marriage, because of her. Dadi asks her to take Prachi’s help and tells that Pragya needs to come for the marriage, as mahurat is at 3 pm. Prachi asks Shahana how can Ranbir be 100 percent sure? Shahana asks her to tell truth to him. Prachi says he will be hurt then also. Ranbir thinks to question Shahana and make everything fine. He looks at her pic and thinks to make everything fine.

Shahana thinks Maasi is more lucky as she has you, and I am very much lucky as I have both of you. Ranbir comes to Prachi’s house with Jai. She says we have to kidnap Shahana. Jai says if Police case happens, then his love story with Palak will end. They see Shahana and Sarita behen coming and kidnap Shahana. They take her to the car and then make her sit on the chair and ties her hands and legs. Ranbir says they have kidnap her and asks her to tell. Shahana says sarita behen will come searching me. Jai says we will kidnap her then. Sarita behen looks for Shahana. Ranbir gives promise to Shahana. Shahana says Prachi and you both are giving me promises. Ranbir says she gave you promise. He asks her to nod her head and asks if Prachi wants to do break up with him. Shahana nods no. Ranbir asks if Rhea is manipulating Prachi? Shahana nods yes. Ranbir says I know, thanks and hugs Shahana. Jai also hugs Shahana. Shahana says I will tell palak that you flirt with girls. Sarita behen is coming there. Shahana goes to Sarita behen and they start leaving. Ranbir thinks to show Rhea how it feels.

Rhea getting tensed and thinks how to stop this marriage. She gets Prachi’s call and says I know why you called me. Prachi says I called Aryan and he told me that they are getting ready for marriage. Rhea tells that she will be trying to stop the wedding. Prachi says I have done the break up with Ranbir. Rhea says you are just some seconds elder than me. Prachi asks her not to let Papa marry someone else. She offers her help. Rhea tells that she doesn’t need her help. She asks Prachi to stand by her decision after Dad and Mom’s marriage and says if you back off then I can break their marriage. She says she will get them married today and ends the call. She goes out of the room.

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Aaliya comes to Abhi and asks him to get ready for marriage, as mahurat is in the afternoon. She asks where is your Safa?. Mitali brings Safa. Aaliya says I will make you wear it. Abhi says I will wear it after wearing the clothes. Rhea sees Aaliya and Mitali in Abhi’s room and thinks to talk to Meera. She goes. Aaliya thinks she kept Meera all night in her room so that she doesn’t talk to Rhea. Aaliya chooses Sherwani for him.

Abhi thinks of Pragya choosing his Sherwani. Dadi thinks nobody cares for Abhi and thinks to talk to Sarita behen. Sarita behen asks Shahana to keep the vegetables in the fridge and paneer in the water. She comes to Pragya and says yesterday was Abhi’s haldi, you were quiet and asks her to do something before it gets too late. She asks from whom she is running away. Pragya goes to her room and cries. Sarita behen gets worried for Pragya and shares her worry with Prachi.

Abhi looks for her phone and goes with it. Mitali tells Aaliya that if Pragya returns and stops the wedding. Aaliya asks her not to speak anything wrong with a black tongue. Mitali checks her tongue and says it is not black. The beautician helps Meera gets ready and tells her that she is so beautiful and that’s why Abhi fell in love with her. Meera thinks of Abhi-Pragya’s love and says she will be happy if she gets some of his love. Rhea comes there and asks where was she last night? Meera says she was in Aaliya’s room, as she called her, and was feeling afraid. Rhea understands her plan. Meera asks her to tell what happened? Rhea asks her to tell if she loves her. Meera says of course so much. Rhea asks her to back off from the marriage with Dad. She says I don’t want this marriage to happen. Meera says no, I will marry Mr. Mehra as even I wanted to marry him.

Rhea says Dad agreed to marry you as I emotionally blackmailed him to marry you. Meera says he has proposed to me for marriage, how can I refuse? I want to marry him. She says you wanted me to marry him. Rhea says but she doesn’t want to. Meera says she will marry him. Rhea says in that case, I will never call you as my mother, and will never let you call me Rhea beta. Meera says as you say. Rhea says our relation is over. Mitali comes there and tells that Abhi went to the storeroom to get Sherwani for him. Meera says I don’t want to break your heart, but is helpless. She thinks Mr. Mehra will also not back off, only Pragya can stop this marriage.

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Pallavi tells Vikram that even today she is so fit that any dress suits her. Vikram says my eyes/sight couldn’t be away from you. She takes him to show the dress to Rhea. She says I want to make Ranbir see this, but don’t know. Ranbir comes home and thinks of Prachi. Dadi tells Vikram that they all will wear matching clothes.”read daily updates at” Pallavi shows the dress to Ranbir and tells him that she has kept it in front of the Goddess too. Ranbir asks can I take the dress with me. Pallavi agrees. Ranbir gets a call and goes. Pallavi says she will give the dress to Rhea. Rhea comes to the storeroom and calls Abhi. Mitali gets worried and thinks Abhi will get upset. Aaliya comes there and says Bhai will be happy to know that whatever I am doing is in his favor. She says I will just Rhea realizes Dad is not here and thinks Aaliya and Mitali tricked her.

Aaliya closes the door. Rhea sees her and thinks if Dad and Meera aunty gets married, then she will lose Ranbir forever. She cries. Shahana gets Aryan’s message and she tells Sarita behen that Aryan told Prachi is a bad sister. Shahana says how he can say that? She calls him, but he switches off his phone. Sarita behen says your misunderstanding is cleared that many people want to talk to you. Shahana goes. Sarita behen comes to Prachi and asks what is she making? Prachi says she is making Palak paneer sabzi. Prachi promotes Emami Immunity booster cooking oil, which makes the food tasty. Sarita behen says wow.

Abhi thinks Pragya didn’t call him even now. She thinks she might be angry still. He thinks when I am trying to make her angry, then she is not getting it. Pragya says why you want to see my anger and tells her that she wants to get freedom from him. She says I wish I would have asked you not to marry Meera. He says you didn’t stop me but counted my mistakes. Pragya says she will open her eyes after his marriage is done. Abhi says it is like you don’t have the courage to come to the marriage and says you have to come. I want you to see me becoming of someone else…

Pragya sees the box falling down. She picks Abhi’s pic and thinks she will not let him marry Meera, like she defeated Tanu in her plan. She will change his decision and neither my kumkum will separate from me nor your fuggi from you.


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