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What is this if not love on Joyprime, Tuesday 17th October 2023 update

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TV series

What is this if not love on Joyprime Tuesday 17th October 2023 update, Sweety says you haven’t done right with me and says if anything had happened to you then I wouldn’t have seen my face in mirror. Siddhant hugs him and asks what did Doctor say? Sweety says Doctor said that cocaine will be in blood for 12-16 hours. Siddhant says we have to be away from Delhi till then. Sweety says what we will do 12 hours.

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They travel in the car and have food. Siddhant says we shall not stay at one place and have to travel. They come to the dhaba. Siddhant asks stars to sleep and says environment is romantic, and I am bachelor. Sweety says I am married, but now I am with you. Siddhant says you will be with your wife tomorrow. Sweety asks Siddhant what is Anushka’s matter. He says nothing. Anushka thinks about Siddhant and a song plays. A fb is shown, Anushka cries

seeing him in pain. Siddhant tells her that rich people are soft. She messages him and asks if he is fine. Siddhant tells Sweety that they were childhood friends and tells that Anushka don’t care about me. Sweety says you have risked your life and won case for Anu. Siddhant says everything is ended, now I have nothing to do with her. Anushka cries and worries for Siddhant.
Prabhakar reads the newspaper about Siddhant winning the case. He comes to his room and finds him not at home. He asks his wife. His wife tells that Siddhant told that he will have party with his friends. Prabhakar asks Purva then. Purva says he don’t tell me and asks him to ask Anushka.

Anushka comes there and says she thought to congrats Siddhant. Siddhant’s mother says we thought he is having party with you all. Anushka says no. Prabhakar says she is not with you. Anushka says I will leave now. She sees Siddhant coming. Siddhant walks inside. Anushka walks towards him. Siddhant says what is the matter? Your highness is at my house. She asks where was you? Siddhant says I was having party. Anushka says I know how you won the case and asks if his life is only his. Siddhant says then who have the right on my life. Anushka says if your family comes to know this then. Siddhant asks her to tell them. Anu thinks why do I care for him. Siddhant comes inside. Purva and his mum tell that Prabhakar is angry. Siddhant says he will take rest. He asks why did Anu come? Purva says she was going from here and asked about you.

KK throws party and tells his wife that he will inform everyone about his dream, he says he will be the richest businessman. Siddhant is getting ready. Purva asks are you going to party. Gayatri tells that Prabhakar didn’t tell me about party. Prabhakar calls Gayatri and ask something. Purva ties his tie. Prabhakar asks where you are going? Purva says to KK uncle’s party. Prabhakar says it is KK’s family party. Just then KK calls them and invites Gayatri and others to party. He asks Prabhakar to bring his family. Siddhant thinks he will get chance of shortcut which he will not refuse.

Gayatri asks Purva to bring something for her to drink. Purva collides with Karthik and he gets angry on her. Gayatri comes there. Karthik apologizes seeing her. KK tells Gayatri that today he is very happy to see you all and asks his children to touch her feet. Karthik, Srikant and Anushka touch her feet. KK says Prabhakar always talk about work. He says I will come to your house. Siddhant slowly says if Krishna comes to Sudhama’s house. Siddhant says I will come. Neeta says whenever I will go to play cards, then will message you. Gayatri says I don’t play cards. Neeta smiles. Anushka says even I don’t play. Someone informs about the bid announcement. Siddhant and Anushka talk about the case. She asks why did he do this and why? Siddhant says I have done to prove to my father that

I am prepared.
Goel tells that they will win. KK says they will win because of Prabhakar, but the deal goes to Goel. KK and Prabhakar get sad. Siddhant tells Anushka that it is a mess. KK goes to take the mic and says why there is so much silence. He says business is like a war, sometimes someone wins and someone loses, but celebration shall not be stopped. He claps for Goel and says cheers. He says I will send you bill. Goel says I will send you cheque. KK laughs.

Anushka says that’s why Appa, he wins as he knows how to lose. KK asks Prabhakar that party’s mood shall not be spoiled and says cheers. Anushka says I am so proud of you. KK says my daughter said that she is proud of me, I am very happy hearing this. Neeta goes to stage and calls upon Rahul Jain on stage. He sings yeh pyaar nahi toh kya hai….Prabhakar feels sorry. KK says if something wrong happened then something right happened today and asks Siddhant to join his company, and asks Anushka if she trusts him.

Anushka and Siddhant imagine themselves dancing as teenagers. Srikant and his wife dances. Karthik dances with Anushka. Siddhant looks at her. Karthik asks Anu to dance. She falls and Siddhant holds her. He says I was waiting to hold you and knew that you will fall. KK thanks Siddhant for holding her. Srikant says Siddhant’s timing is good. Neeta thanks Rahul Jain for singing the song. KK asks pianist to continue playing piano. He then thanks him and asks him to go. He sits and plays Piano. Neeta comes to him and says KK got affected. KK is sad with his defeat. Goel thanks karthik. Karthik says I hope you will work with Reddy’s. Goel says I remember and reminds of his promise. Karthik says Prabhakar will go away from our way.

Prabhakar thinks about Siddhant and gets restless. He comes to Siddhant’s room, but he is not there. Siddhant thinks about KK’s words. Prabhakar comes to balcony and sees Siddhant holding cigarette. Siddhant says I don’t drink though. Prabhakar asks him to say what he had in the court that day. Siddhant says we shall not talk about professional work at home.

Anushka asks Siddhant if he is excited to join them. Karthik tells Prabhakar that KK has understood that his decision went wrong and that’s why found his replacement, says Siddhant is your replacement. Siddhant hears him. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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