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What is this if not love Joyprime, Thursday 12th October 2023 update

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TV series

What is this if not love on Joyprime Thursday 12th October 2023 update, Srikant comes to the dining area and see KK and Prabhakar. He asks Prabhakar if he is fine. Prabhakar says I am fine. Someone say that Siddhant came. Srikant says I didn’t call him. KK’s wife Neeta tells that Sinhas will have his breakfast here. KK says Neeta has allergic with all south people including me. Neeta says Prabhakar will think right. KK says prabhakar is my friend.

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Siddhant comes there. Srikant says I didn’t call you. Siddhant says I came to give medicine to my father. KK asks Siddhant to have food. Siddhant sits to have food. KK asks where he works and what is his success rate? Siddhant says he is working with Khurana’s and his success rate is 100 percent. Anushka comes and greets them. She asks Prabhakar how many cases he has fought till now. Prabhakar says may be

3000 cases. Siddhant leaves. KK tells Prabhakar that Siddhant shall work with Reddy’s and says he sees his reflection in him. Prabhakar says I don’t think he is ready still. KK asks Anushka’s suggestion. Anushka says if Prabhakar uncle thinks that he is not ready then he is not ready. Siddhant comes and hears them. He says he forgot his keys and takes it. Anushka looks on.
Karthik gives presentation and asks Anushka where is she lost. He says Riddhi talked to him and told how she failed KK’s plan to get Siddhant in their company. Anushka recalls tuitor telling her that trust is important in any relation. She tests Siddhant and falls. Siddhant holds her and asks what is wrong with her. fb ends. Siddhant thinks about Prabhakar and Anushka’s words. Anushka also thinks about him. He thinks he has the right to prove anyone’s thoughts wrong.

Next morning, Siddhant gets ready to go to office and lights lamp in the temple and pray. Prabhakar and his wife are surprised to see Siddhant in the inhouse temple. Siddhant finishes the puja and tells that Prabhakar that he needs lift. Prabhakar agrees. In the car, Prabhakar asks Siddhant, do you want to say anything. Siddhant tells poetry. Prabhakar asks him to be clear. Siddhanth says there is nothing and asks driver to stop the car. He gets down from the car and says I thought not to tell. He says you think that I don’t have experienced and that’s why can’t be trusted.

He says if you can’t do anything for me then don’t stop others. Prabhakar says you are junior and I have told that being a professional. He says I am an advisor of KK. Siddhant tells that why he wants to have a struggled life and says even KK is making their children life better. Prabhakar says KK offered you job as you are my son. Siddhant asks if he will not have any objection if he gets job on his capability, asks driver to take the car. he thinks he has to prove himself.

Siddhant talks to Srikant and tells that he will fight the case because of their relation with Reddy’s and says I am coming. Prabhakar recalls his conversation with Siddhant. Karthik comes there and says I was searching you and asks how did you lock my deal. Prabhakar says deal was to be done yesterday as you were partying, I lock the deal. Prabhakar asks him to value time. KK comes there and asks Karthik to respect time. He asks Prabhakar to make sure that the voting shall be in Srikant’s favor. Prabhakar says ok. KK asks Karthik not to disturb him.

Siddhant comes to the club. Anushka sees him and says what are you doing here as members are allowed. Srikant comes there and tells that he called Siddhant there. Siddhant says I will leave as only members are allowed. Srikant says you are my friend and help me in case. Siddhant asks Srikant to brief him about case. Srikant tells him, although he was caught with cocaine, but he didn’t have it and asks if he will win the case. Siddhant says he has no option to lose. He looks at Anu and is about to leave, but stops to play tennis with her. He recalls her thoughts. She calls him and tells that Srikant is innocent and asks him not to lose case or hurt him for his own advantage. Siddhant promises her that he will win the case, no matter if something happens to him.

Prabhakar comes home. Gayatri massages his head and asks about his conversation with siddhanth. Prabhakar says today he spoke to me. He tells her that people are practical today and you want to know why I am stopping Siddhant. He says everyone have an aim, but they have to pay the price for the same. He says I don’t know that if I want to live this life. He says I love him very much and want him to proudly walk on his own way. Gayatri promises him that Siddhant will become like he wants and says she got feeling of a wife today. Anushka and Siddhant think about each other. Title song plays. She thinks I can’t believe that he can do this with her.

Siddhant gets ready to fight the case and consumes cocaine to prove Srikant.’s innocence. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.