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Untangled on zeeone, Wednesday 21st December 2022 update

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TV series

Arjun tells Diya’s mother that I will ask Bablo what’s wrong. Her mother says Bablo has gone to his friend’s house. Arjun says it’s late, where did he go? Her mother says I don’t know. Diya comes there and asks why is he here? Arjun says where were you? He asks her to show her phone. Diya looks away. Arjun asks what’s going on? Where is Bablo? Diya says don’t worry, he is fine. Arjun says where were you?

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Diya says I went to meet my friend. Arjun says I came here because I felt guilty, I know you have a reason to remain silent, if you don’t want to play the match with me then you must be helpless so tell me. Diya says there is no issue, just leave. Arjun says I know there is a problem and I will find out, he leaves. Her mother asks what if he gets to know everything? Where did you go? Diya tells her how she met Bablo because he is sick. Her mother is worried and says what if they do something with him? Diya says he just has a fever. Her mother says we should go to the police. Diya says I couldn’t even find out where they have locked him up, he won’t hurt Bablo because I am listening to Karan. Diya thinks where must have Karan kept Bablo?

Madhuri tells Deepika that Diya didn’t even inform me before leaving, I am her mother so she should have shared if she is in any trouble. Arjun comes there and says she didn’t tell me anything either. I went there but they are hiding something from me. I think Diya doesn’t want to share her family problems with me. He says she doesn’t want to play the match with me. I will find another partner but I don’t know if I will feel motivated. The doctors bring Niharika there, Arjun asks what is she doing here? Deepika says she is very ill, Khush wanted to keep her in the hospital but she needs care, she tried to kill herself so that’s why I brought her back here, she needs us. Arjun says she is not our own, this woman can’t stay here. Niharika says he is right, I have a black heart, I have done a lot of sins, I should pay for my deeds. Arjun says don’t do drama, we don’t care about your crocodile tears. Niharika says I didn’t want to come here. Arjun says I don’t trust you, just leave. Niharika says yes, I will go from here. Please forgive me if you can. Madhuri is worried as Niharika tries to leave but faints there.

Scene 2
In the morning, Arjun is trying to practice and recalls Diya’s words that there are bigger problems than a match. Deepika comes there and says don’t be angry at Diya, she must have some helplessness. Arjun says then why is she hiding it from me? It’s beating me up. Deepika says I don’t know what Diya is hiding. She says Madhuri will go to talk to her. Arjun says no, she won’t tell anything. I will go there today. He asks about Niharika. Deepika says she is not fine. She is not mentally stable but Khush doesn’t want her to live here. You don’t worry and go to talk to Diya.

Diya is packing lunch and medicines for Bablo. She starts leaving the house.
Ajit calls Karan and says Diya is very smart so we shouldn’t make her meet Bablo. Karan says shut up, just do as I say. Diya comes there so Ajit checks her bags and doesn’t find anything wrong. Ajit says if you try to act smart then I will not spare your brother’s life. Diya blindfolds her and takes her to Bablo’s site.

Madhuri tells Deepika that I will go and talk to Diya, how could she leave without telling us anything? Deepika says but Arjun doesn’t want us to talk to her. Madhuri says let him try but I will talk to her. Niharika hears all that and thinks what’s up with Diya?

Diya meets Bablo and checks his fever, she asks Ajit to give him medicine on time. Ajit says don’t order us around, just leave now. Diya says can I please change his clothes? Ajit asks her to just leave. Bablo says when I will go back home? I want to leave. Diya tells Ajit that I will do as you say but please let him go. Ajit looks away and says I am just following Karan’s orders. Diya tells Bablo to trust her, she will free him soon. Bablo says bring Arjun next time and he will beat them all. Ajit tries to slap him but Diya pushes him away and says don’t you dare touch my brother. She asks Bablo to be strong.

Diya comes to Karan’s house. Kavita checks her before letting her in. Diya says I am doing as you said so let Bablo go. Karan says do as I say and then nothing will happen to your brother. Diya says I am not playing the match but Arjun won’t stop, he will find another player with him. Karan says you will stop Arjun from playing. he asks her to go to her mother and tell her that Bablo is fine, then you will go back to Arjun’s house. Find out who he is choosing as a partner and then stop him. Diya says I did as you said but don’t make him stoop more low in his eyes. Badminton is his dream. Karan says I want to break his dreams and I will use you. Diya says please don’t do this. Karan says then forget about your brother and father. Diya attacks him but he pushes her away and says you don’t have any proof so do as I say. Diya says what will I tell Arjun? Karan says you have to stop him from playing. If you don’t do it then I will get Arjun attacked, I can do anything so do as I say otherwise your family won’t be safe. Diya looks on.

Scene 2
Madhuri comes to Diya’s parent’s house. She asks if Diya is not around? Her mother says yes, she went out and Bablo went for tuitions. Madhuri tells her mother Meera that I wanted to ask if Diya is fine? Meera says yes. Madhuri says Diya has not picked up our calls so we were worried. Diya comes there and looks on. Madhuri says you are back. Diya says I will come back home tomorrow. Madhuri says you didn’t even inform us before coming here, I was worried. You can share your problems with us. Diya says there is no problem. Madhuri says I can see you are troubled. Diya says don’t worry, I am coming back home tomorrow. Madhuri says then why do you look stressed? Diya says I am sorry for not informing you before coming here. I was just worried about Meera so I came here in a hurry. Madhuri says why didn’t you pick up our calls? Diya says my phone was silent. Deepika says then why don’t you want to play the match with Arjun? Diya looks on.

Arjun picks another partner for his match. Khush comes there and says you should talk to Diya once more. Arjun says there is no reason in talking, I have found another partner. I don’t have another choice. Khush says just calm down, Madhuri went to talk to her so maybe Diya will come back. Arjun says she won’t come back. I have another partner Avantika. Khush says Karan won’t be silent, he might have sent this girl to sabotage your game. Arjun says you can wait but I am sure Diya won’t agree.

Diya tries to ignore Madhuri’s questions about not playing the match with Arjun. She says you have broken his dreams, you love him then why did you do this with him? Diya looks away.

Madhuri tells Diya that you broke Arjun’s dreams when you love him so why did you do it? Why did you say no to the match? Diya says I will go home with you and then we will talk. Madhuri says okay, let’s go home. Diya says I will go and pack my bags. Deepika goes to help her. Meera tells Madhuri that you have a right to be angry with Diya. Madhuri says Diya is like my daughter, I am not angry that she didn’t inform me before coming here, this is her house too but I am hurt that you didn’t share your troubles with us, we are a family so if you have any issue then let us know in future. Meera nods and thanks her. Diya comes back with Deepika. Madhuri says let’s go, she greets Meera. Diya nods at her mother and leaves with them. Meera prays for her kids.

Karan is on the call and says I am handling everyone at the academy as a mastermind. I will decide the outcome of all the matches there. Kavita comes there and says Arjun has removed Diya’s name as his partner. Karan says that’s good news.

Khush comes to his room and finds Niharika praying with candles lit up. He asks what is all this? Niharika remains silent and gives him diya. Khush says don’t irritate me. Niharika says I am looking for peace. Khush asks her to stop doing this drama. Niharika says I have no mission in life, I want to look for peace. Khush says I am going crazy with this drama of yours. Niharika says we all run behind material things but I don’t want that anymore.

Kavita tells Karan that Arjun has found another partner whose name is Avantika, we don’t know her so I have asked my men to find out about her. Karan says we will handle her but your trick worked against Diya. I am sure Diya won’t double-cross her.

Niharika tells Khush that I met a guru and he changed me, I want to be closer to God now. I don’t have any greed left in me, I won’t mind if you throw me out of the house. She leaves from there. Khush says she has gone mad.

Diya comes back home and says I will put my things in the room. Arjun comes there and says what room? Diya says our room. Arjun says there is no such room, you can take another room but I can’t share a room with you if you can’t share your troubles with me. Diya looks away. Madhuri asks Arjun to let her explain why she can’t play badminton. Arjun says she never wanted to play the match with me, she just want to act like a good wife and not as a good player, she just helped me to do a favor on me. She wanted a title of a good wife and good daughter-in-law. I am not going to share a room with her. Diya says fine, I will leave the house then. Niharika watches all that. Madhuri asks them to calm down. Khush asks them to start practicing from tomorrow. Diya says I can’t play the match, I don’t have confidence anymore. Arjun says I don’t need her anymore, I have found another partner whose name is Avantika. Niharika calls Karan and says Diya is back but she doesn’t want to play the match with Arjun. Karan says she will not agree. Niharika says what’s my job? I know you won’t give me money without giving me another job. Karan says just keep an eye on Arjun and Diya. Niharika says I had to do a lot to get in the house, Khush is still doubting me. Karan says just keep pretending to be a poor woman. Even if they find out that you are with me, they will just throw you out of the house.

Niharika says I will keep you updated, she ends the call. Kavita tells Karan that I have threatened Avantika to destroy her family so she won’t play with Arjun now. Karan smirks. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.