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Untangled on zeeone, Sunday 25th December 2022 update

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TV series

Karan-Kavita and Arjun-Diya are chosen as the finalists. Khush hints at Arjun that he did the work.
The host says the final match will start in a bit, all are excited about it. The match starts, Khush glares at the referee. The match starts and Karan’s team is winning it. Diya gives them a tough time, they are close in terms of points.

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Arjun makes Karan lose some points. Khush hints at the referee to not cheat. Madhuri cheers for Arjun and asks him to win. The match starts again and Arjun-Diya are winning. Karan keeps waiting for the referee but he doesn’t cheat. Karan is angry as they are not winning. Arjun-Diya win the first set.

Kavita tells Karan that this referee won’t do anything. Karan comes to him and says just do what I say. The referee says I can’t help you otherwise he will viral the video of Kavita bribing me.

Karan asks who threatened you? The referee looks around but can’t find the man as Khush has changed his get-up. Arjun comes to Karan and says win fairly if you can. Karan says the match is not over. Kavita silently gives some powder to Karan. The 2nd start starts and Karan throws the powder in Arjun’s eyes. Diya asks Karan to show his hand, Karan shows it and he has nothing.

Karan says I didn’t do anything. Diya demands to play the CCTV footage. They play it but can’t see Karan throwing anything at Arjun. Arjun’s eyes are burning. Madhuri says how will you play? Arjun says I will play the match at any cost.

He takes his badminton though he can’t see. Arjun tries to play but can’t see anything. Karan-Kavita win the 2nd round. Diya says how will you play? Arjun says I won’t quit. The last round starts.

Arjun tells Diya that I can’t see but we will play the match. Diya thinks I know Karan did something but why couldn’t I find anything in his hands? She finds spice powder on Karan’s towel and thinks he wiped his hands after throwing spice powder at Arjun. She thinks I can expose Karan but I will make him loose on the court now.

The third round of the match starts, Diya starts well but Karan-Kavita are giving them a tough competition. Arjun takes a time-out. Diya says we have to win this match, put in your full effort. Your confidence has brought you back here but I want you to win today, this match is our dream and we will make it ours today. All people are here for you, they all want you to win. Don’t disappoint them. Arjun nods. Love asks him to win. Arjun-Diya start the round again.

The match is a close one. Arjun-Diya need only 1 point to win. Arjun recalls everything that Karan did with him. The match continues. Madhuri prays for them. Arjun wins the last point. Arjun-Diya win the match. They become the champions. Karan breakdowns after losing. All clap for Arjun. Arjun hugs Diya and smiles. They go to their family who is all happy. Madhuri blesses them. The reporters are praising Arjun. Arjun comes to Karan and says well-played. Diya says they are good players but they couldn’t win. She shows them the spice powder on the towel and says you should have focused on playing honestly but you are shameless. The reporter asks about the towel. Diya says Karan tried to throw spice powder on Arjun, he wanted to sabotage our game to win but still he couldn’t. He tried to temper with the game. The reporter asks Karan what he wants to say? Arjun says Karan wanted to cheat his way up but you lost to me today because of your thinking. Look at yourself and what you have become. You have lost a lot by doing all this. Just save whatever is left in your life.

All fans chant for Arjun-Diya. The reporters claim that Karan cheated in the game.

All family members come back home. Banno says you can’t enter the house and the orders were given by Amitabh. He comes there with aarti plate and says I will do Arjun-Diya’s aarti. Banno says Amitabh didn’t let me do any work today. Amitabh says I will do their aarti as their father. Diya smiles at him. Amitabh does their aarti and blesses them.

He tells Diya that I have done many mistakes but I have realized that you are behind Arjun’s victory. We had a bad phase but God sent you as a blessing for us. He says we will celebrate our son’s victory now. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.