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Untangled on zeeone, Saturday 24th December 2022 update

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TV series

Untangled on zeeone Saturday 24th December 2022 update, Madhuri asks Niharika what’s your plan? She’s about to slap her. Diya stops her. She says maa we can’t accuse her without a proof. She can never harm anyone’s life. Love says she can stoop so low for her greed. Diya says she’s changed. she’s our family and with time people change. Like you did. She has changed too. Madhuri says she can only do drama. She’s fooling us all. Don’t trust her again.

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She’s a snake. She says Love call the police, they will make her say the truth. Diya says police won’t come to this house. I will leave this house too if she gets arrested. Madhuri says she wants to ruin your life. Arjun why are you silent? I won’t listen to anyone. I will call the police. Diya says accident was mine. I won’t complain. She says bhabhi let’s go the room. niharika and Diya leave. Madhuri says Arjun what is happening? Arjun says I am very confused myself. I don’t know what to do.

Madhuri says to Diya you will regret supporting her. Police will handle her and Karan. Diya says please don’t call the police. Madhuri takes Diya from there. She says she will never be happy. Niharika gets a call from Karan. He says well done. Now see how Arjun mansion falls this time. Niharika says now fulfill your promise. They will kick me out. Arrange everything for me. He says I will. Kavita says to Karan will you give her all that? He says no we will use her. We don’t care if they kick her out. She will never be loyal to us either. This is real holi now. Time to celebrate.

Madhuri says Diya we can’t keep forgiving Nihairka. She mixed chemical in colors. She could do worse. She’s behind all this. Depika says Karan doesn’t want Arjun to play. Diya says I am sorry Arjun your comeback couldn’t be done. He says nothing is more important than you. Madhuri says our house has been cursed. I don’t know what to do. Diya says God will fix everything. Depika says you should rest. Arjun takes Diya to her room.

Scene 2
Arjun makes Diya eat. Madhuri says Karan is doing all this. Karan is making her do it. Arjun says we can’t accuse her without proof. She says you couldn’t go back to badminton and Diya got a pain for life. Arjun says we’re all with her, we will get her treated. Badminton isn’t the end of the world.

Karan calls his father in law and says I did what you couldn’t. I ruined Arjun’s dream. he won’t make his comeback. I will get my power and position back. I don’t need you anymore. bye bye. He’s drunk. Kavita asks him to calm down. Karan says send Arjun audience invite for the match. Arjun says to Diya our war is left. Diya says we will win this time.

Scene 3
Depika says to Bany get the house cleaned. Banu says I feel very bad for Diya. She’s in so much pain. Will her hands never get okay? How long would it last? Depika says I don’t know. Niharika asks Banu for something. Depika says clean the house first. Niharika says make a sand stove for me. Deppika says don’t make the house dirty. Niharika says we can make it in the garden. I will cook for myself there. Bhabhi don’t worry, no one has to suffer because of me. I will eat to survive only. Are you still mad at me bhabhi? You think I can play with Diya’s life and try to kill her? You haven’t spoken to me. You’ve all accused me. You want me to leave this house. Diya stopped me otherwise I would have left. I can’t do this sin. Why are you silent? Madhuri says you will never change. I will kick you out of this house. What did I tell you? Niharika says not to show my face to anyone in this house. Madhuri says you won’t say anything Diya. Don’t ever show your face to anyone again. Diya says maa please. It’s been 7 days. Madhuri says did your hands get healed? Don’t say anything. We can’t forgive her. I can’t do that. She tried too kill you. She’s the culprit. Arjun says but there’s no proof. Madhuri says I am not blind. She’s being used by Karan. Arjun says maybe his men did it and they know we would accuse her. I get angry too when I see Diya in pain but it doesn’t solve anything. I want to get over this animosity even if I’ve to give up badminton.

Arjun brings his and Diya’s bags, he tells Madhuri that we are leaving from here to have some peace. Our dreams were destroyed, it has broken Diya completely that we can’t play. Madhuri says I am helpless to not do anything for you both. Diya says we are not sad anymore. Madhuri says I know you are trying to make me feel better. Diya says no, we have understood that happiness and sadness are in our hands only. We have changed our perspective on life. Arjun says we have a choice to move ahead in life without playing this match. Diya says we are moving away from badminton and we can spend time together. Arjun says badminton kept us busy so we didn’t get time to spend with each other. Diya says now badminton is not uniting us, we are united without any need for badminton. Arjun says we are going out for some days to be together. Deepika asks where are they going? Arjun says Diya likes the beach so we are going there. He requests to not say anything Niharika.

Karan arrives at the badminton academy. The reporter asks if he is playing the match because of his rivalry with Arjun? Karan says I have no animosity against him, I am just playing because I love badminton. I was a player before becoming a manager here, I am happy to come back and if Arjun arrives here then we will have a good match. The reporter says what to mean if he comes here today? Kavita says he means to say he is excited to play with Arjun. She takes him from there.

Khush comes to a storeroom and changes his appearance. The door knocks so he hides his props. Deepika comes there and asks what is he doing here? He says nothing. She asks where were you when Arjun was leaving with Diya? He says I was outside. Deepika says I feel bad for them. Khush says they are together so they will support each other, he leaves. Deepika says Khush was trying to hide something.

The match is starting. Karan arrives at the court to play the match. He scolds the manager and says your future is in my hands so follow my instructions. The manager says only Arjun can give you competition. He leaves. Kavita says just remain calm, Arjun and Diya won’t come so we will win for sure. Khush arrives there disguised as an old man.

The manager announces couples for the mix-doubles match. He announces Karan and Kavita as partners. He announces Arjun and Diya’s match but they are not there. The manager says I will count to 10 otherwise they will be disqualified. He is about to count till 10 but Arjun-Diya arrive there. Karan is shocked to see them. Kavita says she will play with her burned hand? The manager says Diya can’t play if her hand is injured. Karan says they can’t break the rules. Arjun laughs and says he is scared that she will make him lose with her burned hand. Karan says she can’t play with those hands. Arjun takes off her bandages and shows that her hand is totally fine. Karan is shocked.

Arjun shows Diya’s hand which is totally fine. Karan is shocked. Niharika comes there and smirks. Karan realizes that she double-timed him. The flashback shows how Niharika called Arjun and Diya before holi function and said I wanted to share something with you both. I lied to you as Karan sent me here to burn Diya’s hands so she can’t play the match. I have done bad with this family but I am not that cheap to destroy your life, I am not that cruel. Diya says just do as Karan said. Niharika says what? Arjun says you have to keep pretending that you are following Karan’s orders. Dont’ tell anyone about it as Karan might be spying on you. Diya says I will pretend like my hands are burned then Karan will calm down thinking we won’t play the match. We won’t tell the family about our plan. Niharika says I will do this acting and be with you both. Diya thanked her. The flashback ends. Niharika tells Karan that I did many mistakes, I cheated my family and my husband but they never punished me, they brought me back and forgave me. I have a family and a loving husband so why would I cheat them? I fooled you by planning with Arjun and Diya. They are here to make you lose now. Arjun asks Karan if he will play now? You know you will lose so decide for yourself.

The matches start. Karan-Kavita play a match with another team. They win the match. Arjun tells Diya that Karan is playing well so we might have to play him in the finals. Diya says don’t worry. Arjun-Diya start their match with another team. Diya asks Arjun to focus on playing from the left hand. Arjun doesn’t have confidence, Diya asks him to be confident.

Deepika is taking Madhuri to the badminton academy. Love comes there and asks what happened? Madhuri says Deepika is saying Arjun-Diya are playing the match but Diya’s hand was burned. Deepika says I think they were faking her injury to fool Karan. She tells them about the plan. Madhuri says Niharika was part of the plan? That’s good. Let’s go there. Love takes them to the academy.

Arjun and Diya start performing better in the match. Kavita tells Karan that Arjun is playing well with his hand. Karan says he will give a tough competition. Madhuri and Deepika arrive there. Arjun says I am sorry for not telling you before. Madhuri says you don’t need to say sorry. She looks at Niharika and says I am sorry for misunderstanding you, I said so much to you but you never said anything back. You protected Diya and you have won my heart. She hugs her and Niharika smiles. She says I am not habituated to this much love. She says Arjun and Diya are playing well. I am sure they will win the finals.

Kavita comes to the referee and gives him instructions to try to disqualify Arjun and Diya. I will give you the money after the match. She leaves. Khush recorded their video and shows it to the referee.

He says I can make it viral so don’t sabotage Arjun’s game. The referee says I needed money. Khush says I won’t let you destroy someone’s career with bribe money so be careful. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.