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Untangled on zeeone, Friday 23rd December 2022 update

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TV series

Madhuri is waiting for Love. Arjun and Diya come back and bring Love there. He looks away seeing the family there. Madhuri is elated to see him. She goes to him and slaps him hard. All look on. Madhuri says you thought your mother would hug you? I should have slapped you way before, she slaps him again and says this is for always mistreating your wife, hurting her.

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Karan applies color to Kavita and says I will deal with Arjun today using Niharika. Kavita says I am just worried if Niharika got the chemical or not. Karan says once they touch the chemical, their hands will burn and they won’t be able to play the match, Niharika has to follow me as she has no other choice.

Love falls down to his knees and cries to Madhuri, he says I can’t live without my family. I was blinded by greed but I lost my family. It was my duty to keep this family together but I cheated you all. I thought to live on roads and pay for my sins but Arjun brought me back. I can’t even ask forgiveness, I never supported my brother, always thought he was below me, I am ashamed of my sins and I shouldn’t live. Madhuri hugs him. Love pleads to forgive him. Madhuri asks him to stop crying, you were always my crybaby, it’s good that my Love is back, don’t ever leave me again. Love cries and hugs here. Madhuri asks Arjun to take Love to his father. Diya says someone else should talk to Love as well. Love comes to Deepika and says I never acknowledged your emotions but you are my biggest gift. What I did with you was unforgivable. Deepika says you have realized your mistakes is enough for me. I am sure everything will be fine now but we can’t have a relationship like before, I am not staying here as your wife but as a daughter, so we will live here as friends now. Love says I understand, I respect you a lot. I left my family but you took care of them as a daughter, I accept all your decisions but I will wait for the day when you forgive me. Arjun says enough with emotional words, let’s prepare for the holi.

Niharika comes to the kitchen and looks at the colors plate there. She asks Banno to give parsad to everyone. Banno says I can’t believe you changed this much. Niharika says time changes everyone, Banno goes to give parsad to everyone. Niharika takes out the chemical which Karan gave her and says I can’t put it in any plate right now. I have to make sure that it goes to Diya only. She turns to find Khush there, he asks what are you doing here? Niharika says only white color is important to me as I am God’s loyalist now. She leaves from there.

Kavita tells Karan that we are getting late for the holi. Karan says I am just waiting for Niharika’s call and then we will celebrate.

Arjun talks to Diya and thanks her for making Madhuri happy. You have brought happiness back in this family. Diya smiles at him. Arjun says you must do magic as you win hearts anywhere you go. He says when I met you the first time, I thought you were a special girl and now you have become my luck charm. He applies color to her and says this is our first holi together so I want to apply my color of love to you. Diya smiles at him and touches her cheek with him to transfer color on his face. Aashiqui aagyi plays as they both stare at each other.

Arjun is about to kiss her but Diya turns away being shy. Arjun hugs her from behind and says let’s go outside, everyone is waiting for us. Diya says I am just waiting for the day when we play the match and win against Karan.

Diya tells Arjun that I am just waiting for the day to win the match and make you proud.

All family members are celebrating holi. Madhuri blesses Arjun and Diya, she says it’s time to add more colors to the family. Arjun jokes that they will expand the family. Diya blushes.

Love comes to Niharika and says I am glad you have realized your mistakes too, this family is great to forgive us. We are lucky to have a family like this. We did so much bad with Arjun and Diya but they forgave us, we wouldn’t be in this house if not for them. Niharika says you are right. Love says I have heard that you are going closer to God but I want to tell you that you should try to mend your relationship with Khush, look at me, I can’t even bring Deepika back in my life.

Diya asks Madhuri where is Amitabh? She says he doesn’t like holi colors so he is hiding in his room. Diya says I will apply color to him today and he won’t scold me. Arjun says let’s see. Diya applies color to Deepika. Arjun calls Love there and asks him to cheer up. He applies color to him. Love wishes him holi. Deepika looks away. Love tries to apply color to her but Deepika leaves. Love sadly leaves. Arjun applies color to Deepika and asks why do you look sad? Did Love say anything? She says no but I know Love is not happy because our relationship has been broken. All family members are awkward around us, if I don’t have a relationship with Love then I should leave this house. Arjun says we all know he was at a mistake. Deepika says I don’t want to be a burden on this family. Arjun says don’t repeat that again, Maa will be hurt to hear all that. You are part of the family, we are friends so I don’t care what your relationship with Love is, don’t call yourself a burden. Deepika says sorry.

Diya comes to Khush and says let’s apply color to Niharika. Don’t be angry with her today. Khush says I want to be away from her, I don’t think she can ever change, don’t be fooled. She leaves. Diya comes to Niharika and says I trust you, you are part of the family and your love for us is pure, soon the family will realize it. She applies color to her, Niharika smiles and leaves. Arjun comes there and throws color at Diya. Diya runs behind him.

Scene 2
Arjun and Diya are celebrating holi. Niharika silently puts chemicals in the color plate and leaves. Diya touches the plate and screams. Niharika smirks.

The doctor bandages Diya’s hand. Arjun brings her back home and says Diya’s hand was burned with the color, there was a chemical mixed in the color. Madhuri says when will her hand heal? Arjun says it can take weeks or months. Madhuri says if there was a chemical in the colors then why are we all fine? Arjun says maybe that plate only had the chemical. Madhuri says someone must have brought the chemical in the house, Banno prepared the colors. She calls her and asks if you mixed something in the colors? Banno says I didn’t do anything. Arjun says it might be an accident. Love says no, someone must have done it deliberately. Madhuri says only Karan can benefit from this accident but he is not here.. she glares at Niharika and asks if she knows anything about it? Karan is your friend, right? Niharika says yes I know Karan but I haven’t talked to him, are you doubting me? Why would I hurt my family? Madhuri says you have done it before so I don’t trust you. Niharika looks away and says I didn’t do anything. Deepika asks her to tell the truth.

Madhuri says Khush was right, she was doing all this drama, I brought you back so it’s my fault. She asks Niharika to tell about her plan, she is about to slap her but Diya stops her. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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