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Unfortunate Love ZeeWorld, Wednesday 21st December 2022 update

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TV series

Unfortunate Love On Zee world weather 21st December 2022 update, Rishi and Lakshmi seeing Malishka. Just then something goes in Lakshmi’s eye and she feels pain. Rishi asks if something went in your eye. He asks her to sit and looks at her eye. Lakshmi says it is still there. He blows on her eye. Rishi asks if she is feeling better. Lakshmi smiles. He says I will do it again and blows on her eye. Lakshmi laughs. Rishi also laughs. Kabhi na kehna alvida plays….Malishka sees them and gets upset. She goes. Rishi gets up and gets tensed.


Ayush talks to a girl and says you are sweet Payal. The girl says she is Mona. Shalu comes there and asks Ayush to give her phone. Ayush says she doesn’t let him talk to anyone. He diverts Mona and asks shalu to go. He then flirts with Mona.

Lakshmi tells rishi that she knows what is going on between Malishka and him. She says Malishka is angry with you, and feels that I have come between you both. Rishi asks what do you know? Lakshmi says Malishka doesn’t like me and feels that I have snatched you from her. Shalu tells Mona that she has her pic in his phone. Ayush says no. Mona gets upset and goes. Ayush asks why she is behind him and says he would have done setting with Mona, and would have married her and have children. Shalu says even you are behind me.

Rishi says it is not like that. Lakshmi says I came in your life recently, but Malishka was there in your life before. She says she told me angrily and I understood. She says I will leave you. Rishi says don’t leave me, what Mom and Dad will say? Lakshmi asks what are you saying? Rishi says you said that you will leave me. Lakshmi says you have misunderstood me, and says I will not leave you and says Malishka is feeling bad as she has got Rishi of her side, and says you are my husband and its ok, if you take care of me even a bit, and asks him to take care of Malishka and says she is still childish and is your childhood friend. She says you didn’t ask her even once when she was hurt on Diwali day. She says like children, who feels bad when their toys are snatched, Malishka also used to feel the same and has love in her eyes for you before, but now anger and arrogance.

Rishi says you are different and says why are you so good, to ask me to have relation with other girl. Lakshmi says no, I am bad. I have doubted on you and thought you was with someone on jewellery showroom inauguration. She says you are good. I used to wonder, why I am alive, then I met you and you gave me everything and I doubted on you, and that’s why I am bad. She feels bad. Rishi asks why you didn’t meet me before Lakshmi? They get emotional. Malishka looks at them, and then looks at Viraj who is standing at a distance. Lakshmi wipes Rishi’s tears. Rishi also wipes her tears. Lakshmi hugs Rishi. Malishka looks at them and wipes her tears. She goes to Viraj. Teri hogayi ya plays……

Malishka asks Viraj’s friends if she can steal him. Viraj says first ask me. Malishka says it is good that you don’t have a girlfriend else you would have left you. He says you are odd and unique.

Rishi says the persons meet whenever they are destined to meet. Lakshmi says even if I had met you before, then also wouldn’t have married you as I would have married someone in the village. Rishi says its good that you don’t meet me and says then I would have got angry and come back to Mumbai. Ayush says you lived in imagination. Malishka comes there with Viraj and asks Lakshmi how is she? lakshmi says she is fine, Rishi handled. Malishka says Rishi is the reason for all problems and solutions too. Malishka stands closer to Viraj and says lets dance. Rishi says you enjoy dancing with Viraj. Malishka says he is a great dancer and says I missed you so much, don’t know how I stayed without you. She hugs him. Dadu and an old lady look at them. Viraj is surprised. Ayush smiles. Rishi gets jealous.

Abhay collides with Shalu. Shalu apologizes to him and introduces himself. He says today’s kids don’t apologize and says my daughter don’t do this. Dadu comes there and says your daughter Malishka loves my grand son Viraj. Abhay says you are having a misunderstanding and says Malishka doesn’t love Viraj, but…..Shalu says if you tell the guy’s name, then I will ask my Di to enquire about the guy. Abhay says it is not needed. Dadu says old people have scanners in their eyes. Abhay asks what did you see between them? Dadu says no girl can hug anyone, without having feelings for them. Shalu says can I say? She says she feels that Malishka and Viraj love each other. Kiran hears them.

Malishka asks Rishi what is he looking at? Ayush says they were in Punjab. Lakshmi says sorry Malishka. Malishka says it is not your mistake. Lakshmi says I feel that it is my mistake. Shalu tells Abhay and Dadu that Viraj risked his life to save Malishka on Diwali day. She says Rishi jiju saved Lakshmi as he loves her. She says Viraj cared for her much.

Abhay says I am happy for her, if this is truth. They hear the song playing, Shawa Shawa….Dadu says it is my song and dances with the girls and Shalu. Everyone claps for Dadu. Ayush slips and falls on Shalu. Bole chudiya plays…..Shalu dances with Ayush on the song. Rishi holds Lakshmi’s waist.

Lakshmi gets shy. Malishka sees their closeness and gets jealous. Everyone claps for Shalu and Ayush. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.